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posting while i can

Posted on: September 8, 2009

sakura is down for her morning nap which means im going to sneak in a post before i have mine. this is where all my time is going… i try and sleep when she naps (between getting other chores done and eating) and when shes awake i am pretty much on fulltime mom duty except when the bouncer gets to babysit for 10-15 mins or so. sakura FINALLY enjoys the bouncer. she used to cry everytime but now she actually enjoys the toys and the music and will sit there quietly or talking to herself for a little bit which allows me to get a few things done like oh… going to the bathroom.

ryohei has been helpful since his return. he took her when she woke up at 5:30 yesterday morning and she fell asleep with him downstairs while i got a few more winks up here. actually… last night was one of the first nights in a while she was down to sleep in less than an hour. i was very impressed… i used some of the “happiest baby on the block” techiniques. first i loaded her with boobies then swaddled her in a muslin blanket… she HATES the thicker cottony ones i think they make her too hot. then shushed and swang her and she was out in a few minutes. wow.. if this works again tonight then i am going to be so happy.

shes always been a decent sleeper once she sleeps and since ive mastered the art of slipping my boob in her mouth while shes still asleep or half asleep to “fill ‘er up” in the middle of the night i’ve been getting 6-7 hours of sleep a night. not my preferred 9-10 but i dont see that one coming for a while.

we are going to get her passport photo taken today… hoping it will go ok. i am planning to take her when she wakes up from this nap as hopefully she will be in a decent mood and not scream at the poor camera man. i got our to tokyo and back shinkansen tickets and am counting down the days until we leave. friday morning cant come soon enough… now that we are getting a daytime routinue down i def. find myself getting a bit bored with the baby. and wish i had people to see and talk with while going out with her. i made my way to the “chibi ko hiroba” that is about a 25 minute or so walk from here yesterday. it was not bad but not really something a tiny baby can enjoy. maybe when she starts crawling she will enjoy the toys and other kids there. it was still nice though and i talked to another mom there – she gave me tissues when sakura spit up on me after her feed (thanks)

i also went to the international center to see what was around there but it didn’t seem very “happening” there just arent many foreign people in niigata/nagaoka… well not western ones. i speak english with sakura but have no one else really to converse with in english in front of her. so jealous of all those with a decent amount of english speaking friends around them. i wish we could move to somewhere else in kanto where i could get in on all these lunch dates and stuff that so many of the kanto bloggers get to do together. im super jealous… but oh well. just hope that in 5 years ryohei really can get his tokyo transfer so i have 2 years or so to live in the city once more… 😦

sakura is 6 weeks today… apparently for colicy type babies this is around when the crying etc peaks so we shall see how it goes. another growth spurt should be coming soon too.. probably right while im in tokyo so that should be fun. the last one had my nipples and boobs in shreads so i suppose i can only look forward to more of the same?

anyways this month should go by fast what with going to tokyo/chiba this weekend and nagano the next. the faster this month is over the fast we are into 2-3 month baby territory where i’ve been told by many many people that things will get better.

btw creme brulee frappachino is awesome… i’ve had them twice in a week. bad for my post baby weightloss and bad for my wallet but so delicious it some how makes it right.. besides it about a 40 minute walk there and back to the starbucks so at least some of the calories are getting used up… right…? right???


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Yay for Sakura going down quickly last night- WOO!!!!!!!! Hope it continues.

I tried the creme brulee coffee and I didn`t like it so much but I had the hot one- I think the iced one would be much better so might need to try that one sometime.

I think it is great that you are trying to get out for a little bit each day, even if it is just to the starbucks or local attraction. I think it helps keep you sane- once goma-chan comes I will walk to the local coffee shop when I can just to have some “outside” time or to the park next door (even though a newborn is not going to like it much hey?!? Especially in January. SAMUIII- might need to readjust that plan)

Bring on Friday I say- not long to go now. I have so much cleaning etc to do before you guys get here and I am putting it off- it will probably all get done on Thursday. So excited to see you, Ryo & Sakura. Will you all come by shinkansen now? It is a long weekend too (for you anyway) so the time between when you get back and then go to Nagano will go so quickly and September will be over before you know it.

Goodluck with the passport photo! Oh and glad to hear she is liking the bouncer now- I have one here she can try out when she comes (rainforest one) that was Nana`s- I got to remember to get batteries for it before then though.

thanks. hopefully the picture turns out well
i am picking it up tomorrow. the ba-chan who runs the store was enamored with sakura lol

sakura seemed to like the attention and was pulling out all the stops with smiles and cute noises

i am just hoping it turns out well since the american consulate is notoriously picky about photos… dont want it all to be for naught you know 🙂

Yay! Less than an hour? That’s fantastic! Good job Mummy 😉 She certainly has you doing your research and on the trial and error route! But it feels sooooo good when something works, doesn’t it.

6-7 hours?!?!?! You lucky lucky thing! I am still only on for 4 hours maximum with Luka. Oh wait, do you mean total, or unbroken? Hell, even total would be nice, he he!

I am with you on the countryside. It can be really isolated 😦 That indoor play place is really good for making friends. I know I go on about it all the time, but having a driving license makes the world a lot lot bigger. I know it’s probably tough for you to get out to do that, but I am guessing you would be able to do it in Japanese right? If you have the money, it’s a really worthwhile investment, and only takes a month or so total!

I also hear you on the going to the bathroom…bah…Luka and Hannah BOTH accompany me, and Luka rips of bits of loo roll and puts them in the loo while I am sitting on it…TMI?

I haven’t tried the creme brulee frappucino. Looks really sweet, is it? I am on a coffee ban (at least bought ones) while we try to desperately save money for building our house. I think you can totally justify the coffee, especially with the walking. Although, can I tentatively say that if I have a lot of coffee (i.e. more than two cups a day), Luka is bright and breezy all night. Even though the caffeine coming through BM is minimal, adults can get rid of the caffeine in about 3 hours, but babies keep it for up to 80. Just something to think about 😉 I’m really sure that two cups a day is fine.

Hope it all works out smoothly tonight as well!

the 6-7 hours is broken
i usually get a chunk of 4 and then up for a feed then another 2-3 after that

yah i try not to drink the coffee too much need to cut back to one a week for all the reasons mentioned above

i totally want to get my licence altho thanks to dear ryohei crashing the car before sakura was born we are out yet another 20man yen so once again repaying that debt takes priority over me driving…. sigh anyways not like we could afford another car on top of that.

how was lukas sleeping when he was about sakuras age? has he always been waking up a lot… i cant imagine what it would be like to have a full nights sleep.. i dont think ive had one since becoming pregnant

6-7 hours sounds like bliss. That is slightly more than I get most nights at the moment as there is always so much to do! LOL! (Well, if you count blogging and watching TV as things to do- everyone needs down-time desho?)

Sounds like you are about to go over the hump and everything will start to improve from here on in. So glad things are starting to calm down and that she went to bed more easily last night! YAY for babies when they start to co-operate!

I would say the 40 minutes walking + lots of BF-ing balances out the creme brulee frappuccino in no time. I need to see if they have that here as it sounds yummy…

haha i might have more sleeptime in general if it wasnt for internet/blogging etc… a lot of my afternoon napping time is used up this way lol

hoping this is over the hump altho were having a bit of a throw back today and im about to procede with cooking dinner with screaming baby in the bjorn lol

hope you can get your hands on the cb frap as it is delicious!!!!!!

Getting out of the house really breaks up the day a bit, even if the baby is too little to really “enjoy” the outings. When you’re alone with the baby the time can sort of drag on and it is hard to figure out what to do. I get kind of stir crazy staying in the house anyhow, but now that D is a toddler taking him out is a lot harder than it was when he was little — he runs! 😀

We had a really easy time getting D’s passport, but I don’t know if Beijing is easier than Tokyo or not. I was all worried about it, especially since they have that rule about having to prove you lived continuously in the States for at least 5 years after age 14. I wasn’t sure how to prove that really and spent a lot of time organizing documents, but in the end they just took my word for it. As for the photo, here in Beijing there’s a photo place that specializes in passport photos right across the street from the embassy. The photo we brought the first time wasn’t correct, it was the wrong size or the wrong background or something, but I just had DH pop out while I waited and got a new picture. I guess it happens a lot, because if you imagine how many people apply for visas, passports, greencards and whatnot at the embassy every day, that’s a lot of pictures! Hopefully if something happens with the photo it won’t mean a whole nother trip to Tokyo and it will be easily fixed.

i totally agree about getting out. i think when it starts getting really snowy in the winter i might get cabin fever… i hope we will still be able to get out there

hopefully the picture we got will work… i wish they would just have photo studio at the embassy. that would be awesome. i am afriad to go all the way to tokyo and not have an acceptable picture. but pretty sure the one we took is ok?

So excited to meet you on Saturday =) Sakura seems to be getting used to being out and about well so growth spurt or not it should go smoothly! Missha on the other hand… will be her first “long” outing so.. *fingers crossed*

Did the photos turn out well~? I hope so! Are you getting her just an American Passport for now, or a Japanese as well? I guess you need both?

Anyways, enjoy your sleep!!

i think the picture is ok. we got 2 sets of the same picture one for the american passport and one for the japanese one. we are getting the american one first because we want her to have a middle name on her american documents and to that that reflected on the japanese passport we need the american one done first

confusing huh

im sure missha will do great on sat. and if not im sure all her aunties will give you a hand holding her and keeping her occupied lol

Ah good. Yea I’m hoping if I get the Canadian passport first with “Missha” they will write it that way instead of “Misha” on the Japanese one too? Wish it was more straightforward gaaaah

Hope so… hehe Gotta love aunties! ❤

6-7 hours total?? Something I haven’t had for three years! Ditto on the swaddling – Ryu only likes the ultra thin super stretchy blanket. I can wrap it around under the arms properly and it keeps him snug – as in arms can’t escape. He is able to getout of the thicker blanket swaddle a lot easier!

Happy Tokyo countdown. So nice to have something to look forward too. Will make the next couple of days go faster.

sakura would always kick out of the thick ones… interesting

oh poor gw i can imagine 3 kids equals much less sleep… but since ryu is the last one maybe you will be on the up and up from here on

and then in 13 years when you have 3 teenagers you will be dragging them all up for school – fun fun

How did Sakura’s photo session go? Hopefully she cooperated long enough to get a decent photo that will be accepted. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to get a passport photo taken for a baby – they are so strict!!

Glad to hear that Sakura is enjoying her bouncer now. It must be nice to have some extra free time on your hands.

I think you are amazing for surving on only 6-7 hours sleep a day… I am sleeping for at least 10 hours (or more to be honest) and I still feel so exhausted!! Probably too much sleep, ne! LOL

Only 3 more days till we are all in Tokyo!! I can’t wait! I am really looking forward to Starbucks on Saturday as well – I haven’t been since I was in Tokyo last time!!

she was actually very good for the photo session
we went after she had a nap and a feed which is her most genki time

i think you get used to the 6-7 hours… sometimes more if i get an afternoon nap in but lately i havent

i cant wait til tokyo as well… i need some adult conversation that its not japanese

Hi there!
I also used a lot of the ideas in the Happiest Baby on the Block book and found they really worked – especially “white noise” – really recommend it!
And its true, it does get a lot better once they hit 3 months. Suddenly you start getting some real interaction. Before that, they just seem like little animals really (IMO).
9-10 hours!!! I never slept that much before kids! But 6-7 hours is fantastic!

yes the white noise works wonders here as well.
i got some natural white noise mp3s and usually have the ocean waves one on repeat all night and through her naps

its already the top mp3 on my itunes playlist lol!!!

i loooove sleep – i doubt i will be getting 9 – 10 hours until sakura and any siblings to come are out of the house though

You’re rocking the sleep thing. Fingers crossed it lasts! I thought Meg was out to get me for a while as she’s act like my new ‘you will sleep now’ plan was working for 2 nights then night three she’d refuse point blank. Repeat with every sleep hint in the book!

And the creme brulee? Hmmm, I tried the hot and it was way too sweet. I’ll have to choose a warm day and try the frappacino- can’t believe it was frap weather in Niigata??

uh oh… night 3 is tonight… we will see if it continues. it certainly took longer last night but still no crying thank god.

i havent tried the warm one… it was about 25 degrees yesterday anything above 20 is frapachino weather for me lololol. so ill be able to try them out for another couple weeks i hope.

cant believe winter will be here soon… ive heard it should start getting really cold by around this time next month yikes

Glad to hear all is going well, I meant send you this link a while ago but of course forgot.

Here it is: http://www.alphamom.com/postpartum-mom/

It`s a really interesting read and covers loads of issues.

ps..wish we had a starbucks near our house, actually in our prefecture..I don`t think there is one at all in Shikoku.

i will give that link a check!!!!
always like to be informed

no starbucks… im such an addict i think i would die. i was going crazy the 3 months in super inaka – and now that we live in walking distance i have to curb my craving to go several times a week

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