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Posted on: September 18, 2009

with baby update – kind of.

I have to admit I feel semi-guilty as Sakura sits in her bouncer while mama has more contrabrand internet time. Well she seems content for now… but shell get fussy soon enough.

Ok she just did which means this is going to be a short post.

Sakura is now 7.5 weeks… she smiles quite a bit and has a huge grin and she is starting to making cooing noises. Just now she said Fin-yaaaaa.

Over an hour later…

OK back online – that fussy spell led to boobies which led to screaming after boobies had been depleated which led to holding the baby which led to her falling asleep on me which led to me waiting 30 minutes until I put her down – altho she is moaning now which means wakefulness is on its way

Oh wait its here… shes got her eyes open..

Ok well I dont want another screaming session to start so of i go again.

guess this is the end of the post


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Ooohhh life with kids, hey? It goes in waves of better and worse and better again but I have to say I still don’t get a lot of me time when the girls are around… unless I ombu them! ;P

Ha ha, love it! Seems as soon as we sit down to do something, baby wants attention! Don’t know about Sakura, but Luka often wakes up with the sound of typing. Weird.

hehe I know the feeling! Just as I started typing this comment Ash went quiet which always means trouble and i discovered him destroying the tissue box and shoving tissues in his mouth! Life sure is different hey!

Haha! Your post gave me a good laugh, not at you, but with you. You’re obviously doing great as a mother since you know your daughter and her moods so well already. I do hope you get to post the rest of the update soon though, as I was looking forward to reading your update 🙂

Having no free time to yourself must take a lot to get used to! Having a baby really changes your life, hey!! I don’t think I will even begin to understand by how much till I have my own baby taking up 24 hours a day of my time!

Hope you get time to write that update because I too am looking forward to reading it

It’s sods law that as soon as you sit down at the PC,the baby starts doing something to stop you.I do my blogging/mailing etc when my lot are down for the night(not that DD2 is ever down for more than 3 hours in a row still) or early mornings…5.30am is so so peaceful;)

Hope you manage your update later on.Looking forward to it!

I know you were probably disappointed in your lack of free time to write a post but it made me laugh…

I can`t believe she is 7.5 weeks already- time is going by so fast!

7.5 weeks have really flown by. 🙂 Like all the others here, your post made the smile. The time management skills required by motherhood (especially mothering a newborn) would look great on any CV!! Hope you have a good weekend!

Well, at least it is Friday, yeah? Will Ryohei be home this weekend, and you can update/play on the internet for awhile? Life with a baby is like that … when they get older they can amuse themselves for longer periods, but “amusing themselves” almost always means getting up to some sort of mischief, so I am not really sure which is better, the demanding infant stage or the always on your toes older baby stage!

So great that Sakura is smiling and cooing. Isn’t cooing like, the cutest. noise. ever?

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