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Posted on: September 20, 2009

sakura is now alseep.. for how long i dont know?! its a surprise… usually when i get her down for the night shes out for at least 4 hours until her nightime feed but she napped really late today.

i am at the end of my 4 days of single mother parenting with no ryohei around until wee hours of the morning. surprisingly it went better than i thought. i guess sakura and i have both grown.. not saying i enjoy the daily crying jags from 4pm plus. no not at all… but since im now using gas stopping medicines the crying is a bit less leading me to believe that sakuras gas is her main issue besides the normal late evening fussiness. still like i said – not a picnic.

days are better now. we have our good days and bad days. sakura def. has a 100 watt smile which she now turns on after a good nap or a good feed instead of just a random 5 minutes a day.


tomorrow we are off to nagano!!!! yay im so excited to meet heather and her fam. another check off the bloggers im dying to meet checklist – 3 this month actually since i met melanie and cassie from fuchu during our tokyo visit.

speaking of – sakuras passport is already here. they said at least 3 weeks but it took less than one! i actually had an emotional moment when i saw it – my daughter is an american now. AND i was relieved that with her passport any emergancy trips home from here on out are possible – yay!

also – i found out today my mom put our cat down yesterday. ive been dreading that news for the past couple years since she was 14 years old. i got her when i was 12 and she was like my little sister esp. when my parents were going through their divorce and i felt like i had no one in my house to talk to. she used to cuddle up on my lap when i was crying because of a fight with my mom or a break up or something else and whenever i would come home from university on christmas or summer break she would always come sleep with me – scratching on my door in the middle of the night to be let in. im so sad that when i go back in december she wont be there. 😦 i was looking forward to showing sakura my kitty and now shes in kitty heaven. i didnt cry when i found out but i am really sad… seeing my cat is a big part of going home and its going to be strange not to have her run up and greet me like she always did even after months and months apart…



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Sorry to hear about your cat 😦 May she RIP in kitty heaven.

Glad things are getting easier with Sakura- didn`t everyone tell you it would happen. And wow, it is happening and it is before she is 3 months too. WOO!

Hope you have lots of fun in Nagano. So very jealous- wish I could make it too but perhaps I can make the next meet up. I wish I would win lotto….

Sorry to hear about your cat. It’s always sad to hear of a best friend dying.

Sakura looks so much like you! I’m glad you have her gas sussed out, hopefully you can get a break from the crying abit. I’m sure it will be nice for the two of you to get away and have a change of scenery! πŸ™‚

Sorry to hear about your cat. I have been in Japan for all three of our ‘family’ pets being put down. Is very hard.

Yay for smiling babies!! And thank god Sakura is liking the gas meddy! Congratulations on getting through your first four days on your own. Will be nice to go to Nagano though and as kelly said, have a change of scenery.

Wow on the speedyness of the passport!! I really do need to get onto Ryu’s. I was on to it with Shou’s. Can be top of my list if we survive silver week!

I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. My cat of 11 years had to be put down while i was in Japan the first time and it was so difficult, especially knowing that she wasn’t going to be there when I went back… They really do become part of the family, don’t they!! *hugs*

It’s great news that Sakura is starting to get a little easier!! And now that is she smiling a little more it must be easier to forgive her when she’s being a grump πŸ™‚

I hope you have a wonderful time in Nagano with Heather. I am so jealous… if only it was easier for me to get to I would be there in a flash!!

Sorry to hear about your cat. 😦

It is great that you guys are finding your groove though. Her smile is SO beautiful. I think “good days and bad days” describe every week I have had as a parent! LOL! Just when I think it is going well, Joey will throw me a behavioural curve ball! The smiles make it all worth it though. xx

i’m so sorry about your cat. my cat is named illahee, which may give you insight on my feelings on cats!!

so happy to see sakura smiling!! that’s great! many happy days from now on!

Well done for getting through the single-parent stint!
Our 17 year-old cat died last year so I know how sad you must be! I’m so sorry!

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