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Posted on: September 24, 2009

well the silver week holidays are over and we are moving on into october… hard to believe

first wanted to shout out to heather for a wonderful stay at her house earlier this week. not only were we treated to a delicious homemade pizza oven pizzas and brazillian sausages – but she and her daughters took us on a tour of downtown matsumoto!! we had a wonderful time and thanks so much for helping me with the baby. also really loved the board game that all us “adults” played!! so thank you so much for having us and i hope we can visit again when sakura is a bit older and more “fun.” i think heather’s daughters – amy in particular were disappointed in sakuras lack of being able to play but they loved “petting” her and calling her “pretty baby” – made me giggle!!

ryohei is back to crap work again… there is a bunch of stuff going on early oct through my birthday in mid october so pretty much wont be seeing him til late at night and maybe one weekend day a week… hes not working til midnight every night but at least when he was salarymaning it up in tokyo i would have been close to all my tokyo living friends…

sakura will be 2 months soon and shes been going through another grumpy patch the last couple days which has not been fun. at least we have her bedtime routine down somewhat. on a good night from bath to asleep it takes about an hour on a bad night… 3 + (sigh) shes also taken to WAKING UP MORE AT NIGHT. up until this week she was getting up once for a feed and then would sleep until 5:30-6ish… now shes waking up 2-3 times a night. GAH. shes also sucking on her hands constantly even when i’ve just fed her so im guessing its more of a comfort thing than a hungry one?! all this guess work sucks – i cant wait to have baby 2 and be a pro at all this stuff. poor firstborns they really do get all the experimentation (am a firstborn myself)

this month had a lot of “activities” but next month i dont. however im planning to go to osaka/kobe beginning of nov. and shizuoka to see nay end of nov. and then its only a week or 2 until my christmas visit to the us!!!

also al waiting to see if the magic 3 month mark (oct. 28) is what it is cracked up to be with less crying and a more “social” and “portable” baby. interestingly enough 10/28 is ryohei and my 3rd annivesary as well.

also.. can someone explain the whole “baby cant see until they are 3 months old thing” i ran in to one of the grannies in my neighborhood who upon hearing sakura was 2 months said – i guess it will be another month until she can see then. um… sakura can track or a face now – im pretty sure she can see… where do the japanese come up with this crapola?! someone save me from the inaka and all the backwaterness that goes on here esp. when childraising is involved :/


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Thats weird that Japanese think babies are born blind … I mean, I know they don’t have excellent sharp vision right when they come out, but they can see! When DS was Sakuras age he would start smiling when we’d come into the room and peer into his crib.

Babies will go through phases with their sleep, with DS it seemed like about every 3 months or so he’d change up his routine a bit. I think it has to do with a lot of things — growth spurts, teething, changing biorhythms. I don’t think his sleeping patterns really got somewhat stable until he was about a year old. So Sakura will probably go through periods where she’s waking up more, or even sleeping through the night, but it might not be a permanent thing for awhile. I remember a few times being all “yay he’s sleeping through the night!” only to have him stop doing that about a month or so later! He does finally really sleep through the night now though.

I remember you posting last year how much you usually like October, so I hope October is a good month for you guys, despite Ryohei’s crazy work schedule. 🙂

seeee!! i need to some mama friends lol. thanks for the heads up on the changing babies… i figured my one time a night getting up was too good to last.

wow – you remembered i like october?! haha i’m flattered – i do like it what with my birthday and our anniversary and all!! this year will be a bit lonely though unless you count spending the day with sakura 😉

Eyaah! You’re visiting the U.S. near Christmas? That’s so great. ^_^

Where are you going to be the States? I wish we could meet and chat, and I currently live in Pennsylvania with no car of my own, so it probably won’t work out. But it’s fun to think of it, anyway!

i’m from southern california – so no where near PA unfortunately 😦

but that would have been cool and fun if we were in the same area. how are things going with your move and all?!

im going to have to pick your brain about the greencard stuff one of these days as my genkai for staying in japan seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

when we were at the usa embassy for sakuras passport i was like hmm.. we’ll be back here for a visa for ryohei one of these days lol

Glad to hear you had fun in Nagano with Heather and her family. Saw the pictures on facebook- the one of Sakura with Amy & Meg was so cute!!! I am sure next time the see her she will be in a more “playful” mood! The petting and pretty baby stuff made me giggle too.

I am going to ask my MIL next time I see her if she thinks babies can see? Weird. No-one has ever mentioned it but I am guessing that is because I am not yet lugging around a baby. Don`t they say from birth they can see objects 8-12 inches away from their face and that by 3 months any cross-eyedness they have had should be gone and that they can see pretty much anything? Maybe that is what they are talking about- ie, that from 3 months they can see almost perfectly if not perfectly.

I thought having Sakura waking up only once a night was too much of a good thing- others talk about 4 times a night etc and I was so jealous that Sakura only woke up once around 2pm or 3pm. Maybe she will settle back into that routine soon though? Here is hoping! I guess bubs are always switching up their own schedules. Makes it a bit hard for the parents though, hey?!

If Goma-chan is born on his due date then Shun & I will have been together 5 years when he turns one month old- i doubt either of us will remember it is our anniversary- Shun already asked me the other day what day we got married again too, so doubt he is going to remember the wedding one either. LOL. Crazy to think about!!! It does not seem like that long at all. Does it seem like 3 years to you????

Shame Ryohei`s work schedule for October is so sucky…hopefully it won`t be TOO bad.

hahaha… yah sakura was still on her “one a night” wakings when we were visiting. it was since we went to nagano that she changed.

i REALLY THINK that they think that babies cant see – like that they are blindish until 3 months or so. i’ve never heard it outside of niigata though. so maybe it is just uneducated inaka thing which wouldnt surprise me. being inaka there are soooo many older people so i’ve heard it from a ton of people and it really pisses me off… i wouldnt be surprised if city people are a bit more educated/in touch with reality

wow! 5 years?! thats awesome… shun forgot your anniversary date lol!? uh oh. youll probably both be so tired/exhausted 1 month into having goma-chan though lol. 3-4 weeks was the WORST for me (and then it got progressively better!!) but your mum will be there so maybe you will get a couple hours to yourselves to celebrate

it totally does not feel like 3 years to me… it feels like longer and shorter at the same time… 3 years ago this time my life was completely different and i had NO IDEA things would end up like this. im interested to see what the next 3 will bring as well 😀

Random lurker delurking here. From what I understand, babies can see when they are born, but they can’t focus properly and have poor visual acuity until they are 2 or 3 months old. As they learn to focus better and visual acuity improves, they start recognising faces—starting with mum as that’s the face they see most often! I think that’s what the grannies are on about—not that she can’t see at all. She really is gorgeous, BTW!

thanks for the comment!!
maybe that is what they mean then? i’ve never asked for more details on it. just sort of nodded my head and “hai hai”ed it.

thanks for the compliment!!! i think shes beautiful too – but i’m her mom so i’m baised i think 😉

I can’t believe all the travel you’re doing with baby- brave mama! So awesome. I was petrified to take our little guy on a weekend trip for fear he wouldn’t sleep in a strange place, but he did all right. How are you managing it- are you cosleeping? That makes travel so much easier, I think. (I wouldn’t know, though- our little guy thinks cosleeping is a hilarious joke, argh.)

Too weird about the Japanese thinking babies can’t see until a certain point. Um. Right.

Oh, and sad times on the shift in Sakura’s sleep pattern! Maybe she’s going through a growth spurt and will settle back down afterward. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! It’s true, though, like people above said- these babies are constantly changing their patterns, so don’t get too comfortable with anything, really. But that goes for the hard parts as well as the easy parts. If a baby’s sleep suddenly turns AWFUL, it’s just as likely to change in a few more weeks anyway, so no worries.

hahah… i think the reason we are “traveling” so much is because its so boring here!! i don’t have any friends in the area so in order to see others its usually a daytrip affair!!!

shes still on the waking a couple times a night pattern but we’ve been having a great 2-3 hour nap together in the morning!

i can’t believe how big your little guy is getting. i cant wait to get them together this christmas!!! imagine all the fun pictures we can take 😉

Yeah! We had such a great time and Meg and Amy are still raving about you all. Amy told me why Sakura can’t play and run yet- everyone’s always holding her so her feet don’t touch the ground and she can’t run. Ahhh logic….

I have heard of the can’t see thing too. My Fukushima MIL told me mobiles were a waste of time as babies can’t see. When I probed her on this she really thought they couldn’t make out anything at all. Very odd…

Hope the sleeping thing gets sorted again soon!

Again with the weird Japanese theories that babies are blind, wait till she’s teething and they tell you it doesn’t hurt her 😉
I’ve learnt to give a surprised expression and say “Oh really!?” While thinking in my head ‘You twat, of course he can see, you think he’s smiling and gurgling at a booby fantasy in his head??’

I love October too, don’t know why I’m going to Australia for almost the whole month… 🙂

I think things will definitely get easier after the 3 month mark, I’m finding Ash getting easier everyday.

I hope Ryohei can try and spend some more time with you guys, it would be a shame for him to miss Sakura growing up (while sending you mental in the process being a single parent!!)

Can’t beleive howquickly this year is going, but am very excited to see you at the end of next month!

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