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Flying time

Posted on: September 28, 2009

My baby is officially 2 months today?! Wow… that least month went by realllllly fast.

Thing have definetly improved in the last month so I guess I now believe all you who said to just bare with it. There was a significant improvement from about 6+ weeks and although we still have some very cranky days Sakura’s gassy problems are way down and we have a bed time routinue that works and actually lets Ryohei and I have a little time together at night!!!

I’m looking forward to month 3 since I heard that from that time onwards the personality switch really gets flipped on.

Heres my little princess on her 2 month anniversary!



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2months! OMEDETOU~~~
So glad that things are improving… she sure seems to be smiling alot and that can’t be anything but a good thing eh? Time goes by so fast… they’ll be running around yelling for ice cream in no time!

2 months today, 2 months today! So exciting!

I am glad to hear that things are getting easier so to speak and really glad to hear about the bedtime routine you have going on- it gives me hope for the future with my little one!!!

Congratulations on making it to 2 months as a mummy- you are doing a fab job and as Khea said she is so smiley and happy you must be doing something right!

Congrats on 2 months! Parenting definitely gets a lot more rewarding as they get older and the personality starts to show (and it sounds like Sakura has a lot of it!).

I love her pants by the way, so cute!

Yay! So glad she can fit into the outfit now! Although I should really have thought of the seasons changing for the T!!!

Enjoy this first year. There is nothing like it. You will be wishing the months away for the next big steps, and then you will be wishing them all back again!

So glad things are getting settled for you all 🙂

Wow- two months has definitely flown by!

Glad things are starting to settle down and you are finding your groove a bit more. I think that with every stage of parenting you feel like there is a phase that you need to “get through”. There always seems to be a new challenge we need to face as they grow and change!

The first year- when a day lasts forever and a month flies by!

Congratulations to the three of you on two months!

Sakura’s smile are just getting cuter and cuter so you must be doing something right!

wow, two months already! that’s great! and love the picture, she is so adorable!!

Congrats on 2 months!! I can’t believe how fast time has been flying by. Wish I was there to see more of Sakura growing up… but at least I get to see her smiley face in the pictures you post 🙂

Yay for 2 months! She has a beautiful smile. I love that Gap outfit.

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