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Posted on: October 1, 2009

I’ve been slowly losing my bloggy mojo lately. It seems like all my (very limited) free time seems to be directed towards other pursuits. I feel sort of bad about it – I feel like I should be recording more of what is going on so that in the future I can look back and see how I made it through. And should I be foolish enough to want another baby somewhat soon this could provide as excellent birth control.

Haha I’m kidding. Sakura has gotten significantly better although she’s having a very ANTI-NAP phase at the moment. I would be more than happy to let he stay awake but if she’s up for more than about 3 hours she turns in super angry Sakura which is like hell on wheels. She’s also decided that when she does decide to nap its usually going to be only 40min – hour. Which cuts down a lot of my afternoon relax time – which means only the bare minimum gets done.

We went to see Ryohei’s parents last weekend and we are going to his Grandmothers this weekend. I wish there was a bit more spacing between the Japanese female relatives who think they know whats best for my baby. I really really hate unsolicited advice and Japanese women over the age of 50 or so seem to be bountiful in it.

Ryohei has to work every day of the upcoming 3 day weekend which is going to suck. He’s been home 2-3 hours late every night this week and this should continue on for the next 2 or so as well… Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I just am filled with a slight sense of dread for the day to come. I love spending time with Sakura – don’t get me wrong – its just really really tiring to have no one else around to “split” the work with. So when I do see any friends (rarely) I am moooore than happy to have them play with her except she’s been going through a mommy mode lately (at 2 months wtf?!) where she seems to prefer being held by me and in a distant 2nd place Ryohei. He seems sad that he doesnt get the million watt smiles I do – but he’s been busy so much and she’s in bed by the time he gets home so they maybe have 30 minutes or so in the morning and weekends.. which aren’t really happening this month.

So same old story really…

Now that I’ve gotten Ryohei’s word on moving back to America in the nestant (near+distant) future I’m feeling a bit more inaka tolerent. Just a bit though – but since its not a forever thing anymore and someday I will actually be able to have a real career again etc I feel better. I would have died if we spend 30+ years here like Ryohei had originally planned.

I can’t wait for my trip back in December with Sakura although I’m nervous as heck about bringing a 4 month old on the plane!!

Anyways not really anything exciting to update with… its about 26 degrees now and seems this will be the last hot day of the year here… looking of daytime lows of about 14 and 15 the upcoming week. Yikes – still nervous about my first niigata winter.


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That’s great that you’ll be able to move back home. Is that a permanent move? Oh well, not long to go.

I think everyone needs a break from blogging now and again, maybe if you take a rest and recharge you can spend that bit of extra time for yourself. πŸ™‚

Eventually it will be a permanent move, at least thats what we are planning. But its still in the works and probably won’t be happening for a few years.

You’re still way better about your blog than I am! I’m such a negligent blogger. 😦

I feel you about meddling. Dunno if you read my thread about it, but we had a nagging Chinese woman screaming at us from the apartment next door because DS had a temper tantrum. She accused us of being bad parents and not knowing how to raise a kid and it was really upsetting! Why can’t people just mind their own business?

Sucks about the napping. Maybe she’ll get more into napping as the weather changes. DS always sleeps better in cold weather it seems, maybe because it feels nicer to be all snuggled up in blankets and such when it isn’t sweltering. Niigata winter sounds scary though — I was terrified of Beijing winter when we moved here but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, or at least, last year it wasn’t. Hopefully your first winter in the inaka will bring some pleasant surprises — at least all the snow will be pretty!

Looking forward to winter napping then!! I have no idea what to expect. I lived in Boston 4 years but we had central heating which made a huge difference.

Ryohei actually gets a “heating allowence” from Nov. – Feb. which scares me… I guess it must be pretty bad! But snow will be pretty and we can make snowmen and snow angels when Sakura is a bit older!

I understand about your blogging. I am trying to get more regular about it, but it’s only possible after the children have gone to bed πŸ™‚ It’s always great to read your blogs, and you seem to be blogging frequently enough to get a record for the future anyway!

I laughed when you said “relax time”, ahhhh, I remember that! Ha ha! This is mine πŸ™‚ When Luka naps in the day, I have about enough time to hang out the laundry and clean the bathroom, and that’s on a GOOD day. He has pretty much given up on naps, but if that makes him sleep through the night, then more power to him. And I agree with the napping better in colder weather too. Definitely makes a difference. Like hibernating, except not for so long.

I hear you on the meddling too. Although in my experience, that is not just a Japanese thing. Happens all over. Best place for it, in one ear and right through out of the other.

Sounds as if Sakura is a mommy’s girl. Which is draining, but nice really. You are her world, after all. Stick with the single-parenting (harsh way to put it, but it is pretty much that here during the week). I am lucky if Yusuke is home before the children are in bed. After a while, it really does become second nature to look after baby by yourself. It gets easier. I never thought I’d be able to bath together with one baby, but since Luka was little, my proudest moment was to shower and bathe with Luka and Hannah together, and now it’s actually enjoyable πŸ˜› You are doing a great job and I can’t wait to come and visit again to see some of those smiles!!

Nap time is great!! Although lately it seems like she won’t nap unless I’m there which means I usually take a nap too but when shes up, shes up and theres no time to do anything 😦

I’m not thrilled about the “single mothering” but you are right that it has gotten easier – not sure if its me getting used to it or sakura getting a bit older or a combination of both πŸ™‚

We need to get together sometime before I head back to America in Dec for Christmas. Maybe we can come down there this time? Or you can come here and we can split the ETC fees?

Opps baby is crying so will catch up on the rest of the comments later.

yay yay! Would love to come after pay day! And don’t be silly about the ETC. If we come on a weekend, it’s cheap anyway πŸ™‚ Or I could always sneak up on a Friday. I think it’s cheaper then too. When we went to the beach it was only 1000 yen and that was a Friday. Weird. Not really sure what the regulations are at all.

And of course you are welcome to come here and visit too. I wanted to say that I travelled with Hannah when she was 4 months old. She slept a lot. I travelled with her when she was a year old too. She didn’t sleep so much, but it wasn’t really terrible. Main thing is not to get stressed if she cries. There is nothing you can do about it, so the other passengers will have to just use earplugs πŸ˜‰ Before I went back with the two of them this time, I thought, ok, what’s the worst that can happen? And came up with them both crying for hours. Didn’t seem that bad. Of course, in reality, Hannah threw up for four hours, but it did make me feel as if I could cope with ANYTHING after that!! I’m sure you’ll both be fine.

Ditto on the daily naps – crap here too. Two X forty to one hour naps IF I’M LUCKY – more if we are out in the car or walking or if I am napping beside him. That said though twice today and once yesterday Ryu went down on his own – I put him down before I saw the tired signs but after a decent amount of up time that surely a nearly four month old would be tired – and what do you know. Ten minutes of crying and then sleep. Good progress!

Four month old on a plane – better than a toddler I guarantee. Not sure whether is better to request window seat so you can get your boobs out in private the whole flight or an isle seat so you can get up and pace back and forth with baby! Worst case scenario YOU don’t get any sleep – or food as rocking sleeping baby in arms when food trolley comes round – and have to off load Sakura onto a ‘can’t wait to hold my georgeous half Japanese daughter, neice, cousin, friend’s baby’ waiting relative or friend.

I think I’m luck i didn’t start blogging until last year. Any sooner and I may well still only have the one child!

Ohh.. Sakura and Ryu should be nap buddies. We’ve been having a lot of the same here and they make for an overtired baby at bedtime. Not what I signed up for!!!

Good to know that 4 months isn’t so bad. Next time we go to America Ryohei will come with me so I can pawn the 1 year and 4 month old Sakura on him at that time bwahaha.

Despite all the scary blogs I have my one baby and I still want another… but not until 2011 +

Bringing my baby on a plane would make me so nervous too! x(

I’m getting busier with schoolwork for now, so sometimes I have no energy to spill out my guts on blog posts. But just like you, I still want to make the effort to keep it up!

I’m excited about the fact that you’ll come to live in the States sometime in the near future! We should try to find each other and mingle! πŸ™‚ Hopefully we’ll be relatively close, not like – on different coasts. Haha.

I’m jealous of you being back in school! I’ve been reliving some of my university days in my head lately. Yes eventually we will be in the US! Most likely in California though πŸ™‚

In my experience taking a 4 month on a plane is nowhere near as bad as taking a one year old who wants to walk, is awake longer etc. It is likely to be your easiest trip back until she is about 5 or 6 so relax and enjoy it! My only advice would be to take a change of clothes for yourself… I always had plenty for the kids, but when Emily did a big poo all over my trousers in the plane I was more than a little sad that I didn’t think to bring any changes of clothes for me!

Ohh good advice!! I will remember that!
I can’t imagine going a long flight with a big poo all over you!! Gross – thanks so much for the warning.

lol at Jo Tomooka`s comment! We will be going through the same thing with our daughter in December as well..so a 1 year old is not so easy..thanks for the heads up..:)

Nap time with baby was pretty hard in the beginning, I felt the same, like I couldn`t get anything done. We got Alex used to falling asleep in the Snugli (like an upright version of a sling but more secure)..so I went around with this weight on my front while hanging our the washing, vacuuming, etc for about 4 months.
But I did love napping together so don`t beat yourself up about not getting things done..pretty soon you`ll wish you had that time again (the good bits ;)) to nap freely with your bub.

We have one nap that is always together in the morning which is actually pretty enjoyable except she’d like to end it after an hour or so and I’m always hoping for a bit more sleep!!

You must be excited to go back in Dec!! I know I am!!! Sakura isn’t going to remember much but it will be my first Christmas in the USA for over 3 years!

I would much rather take a 4 month old on the plane than a one year old as others have said- Goma-chan will be almost one when I travel back to Australia for Christmas next year (likely our first trip home) and I am nervous as hell already since if he is anything like my brother and I then he will be walking already and into EVERYTHING.

Blogging Mojo comes in waves whether you are a mother or not- although lack of blogging once you a mother is all within good reason. Unlike me, I am just lazy :S

Sucks about R`s work schedule this month. I really thought because he was govt. worker that he would be around more too but I guess since he is a first year employee it is not the case- Shun is home late most nights but so far has not had any weekend work since we came back to Japan which has been nice. Hopefully it continues even if he still doesn`t come home until after 9.

Hope Sakura starts napping again soon πŸ™‚

Since we are planning to go back for chrismas 2010 as well I will get the pleasure of taking a 1 year old at that time!! But thankfully Ryohei should be with me at least one way? Or maybe not since I might stay longer than he does.

I know Shun comes home late – but thats good that he doesnt have any weekend work. The first month and a half was hell either way but now I can last 5 or so days on my own but with no support on the weekends I am absolutely exhausted.

Hard to believe I’m saying this – but it is actually getting a lot easier esp. now that I’m getting Sakura’s schedule down!

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