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Halfway done

Posted on: October 3, 2009

With the weekend…. nooooo.

Seriously noooooo. There quality of life on weekends (aka having Ryohei around to help out) and weekdays is so different. Although I am absolutely exhausted after a 5:30 am wake up call from my little “angel” and going to bed soon I think – today has been fairly good.

We went to Ryohei’s grandmothers today and as per the course Sakura sort of freaked out. This might sound weird… but she doesn’t seem to like old people. Maybe its just their actions towards her or something but whenever her great-grandma or any other nosy old lady at the supermarket or starbucks etc.. approches her she starts to freak out. Not so much with younger people, she seemed to like my SIL a fair bit and she tolerated a few younger people holding her. My baby has a built in Ba-chan sensor… its interesting.

Anyways – SIL and MIL showed up with baby Iroha who seems to have taken over where Sakura left up and was crying most of the time they were there. Just like Sakura was a month ago… Sakura calmed down by the point they showed up and was smiling and somewhat in a good mood so I told SIL the crying all the time with no stopping will eventually pass. Sakura’s crying has also changed – I can tolerate it a lot better than when she was only a few weeks old… there is something incredibly desperate about a newborns cry and now at 2 months she just sounds pissed off when shes angry but not like shes going to die.. (which was what it seemed like in the beginning)

Anyways after escaping from the deep dark inaka with GMIL, MIL, and SIL (too many female Japanese relatives… cry) we went shopping at a huge super market one town away from Nagaoka and (small victory) I found Nutella there!! I had been casually looking for it during my shopping in Nagaoka and couldn’t find it so I was very excited to see it! Small victories. I am going to try my hand at making a lasagna tomorrow as well from a recipe that Lulu and Nay left me when they came up after Sakura was just born. I’ve NEVER made lasagna before so hopefully it will turn out well!!

Tomorrow we dont have any plans except cleaning and lazing around the house. It’ll be my last free time with Ryohei for about two weeks since he will be working over time the next two weeks including all three days of the three day weekend. I think I am going to be exhausted as it means pretty much no help with Sakura except for maybe 30 mins in the morning before he leaves…

Hopefully towards the end of the month we will have a bit more family time. Oh and just so I remember… Sakura pooped on Ryohei in the bath today. It was really funny.. we had just started bathing her when we saw these little bubbles popping up and then this explosion of yellow floating around the tub. It was pretty gross – I tried getting her out but she screamed bloody murder so she we just went along with the bath. She was sitting on Ryoheis lap so she pooped all in this tummy hair… I think he was incredibly disturbed but I couldn’t help laughing.

Anyways signing off with a picture of Sakura and Iroha from this afternoon… it almost likes like they are having a conversation but Sakura looks pissed!!



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The photo is hilarious. Sakura does NOT want to be lying there next to the one month old huh?

I told Shun the bath story and he said in English “yucky” – I think, like you though, that it is just funny. Poor Ryohei though, hehe! But hey, it was one less diaper to change.

We went to the in-laws today as well and I did not want to kill anyone and actually had an okay time- shun went to help his dad with a computer thing and I went along for the ride when I found out dinner was on offer because I love not having to cook. Strangely enough I think the fact that I don`t have to LIVE there is making the frequent trips there much better- I could go every fortnight or so and be fine with that I think. Maybe as the baby gets closer to been born I am starting to realize that been close to some family is not so bad (would prefer if it was my own though)

Nutella! YAY! What about hamburger buns…did you find some? Did you need a care package from Chiba/Tokyo of anything? I suppose having the Jupiter in the station though means you can get most foreign stuff that you want. Let me know anyway.

Hopefully tomorrow is a great day! Enjoy the weekend while it lasts!

Hahah…maybe the fussy baby is coming from Ryohei`s family`s side. Perhaps the babies are absolutely brilliant and realize that they don`t really want to be with grandma or great-grandma.

I`ll have to tell the poop story to T when I talk to him next so that he can look forward to such instances. As least you were already in the bathroom making a bit easier to clean up.

lasagna isn`t really hard so long as you have the 3 main ingredients: the pasta, tomato sauce, and cheese. Anything extra is nice but can be made without. Once you make your first one you`ll wonder why you never made them before. Good luck!!

The poo story is just hilarious – poor Ryohei though!! I bet you were glad it was him not you 🙂

How did your lasagna go? I hope it worked out. The recipe is the one mum has been using since she first got married which she passed along to me and Kylee. In my opinion, it is the best lasagna ever 🙂

I wonder if Sakura would act the same way around old western people?? It’s interesting to think about!!

I love that photo, it’s a classic!

With the lasagne, I was really hesitant about making it for the first time, but when you make it you’ll realise how simple it really is. 🙂 It’s become something of a regular in our house now.

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