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My 10 week old princess

Posted on: October 5, 2009

Allow me to rave a bit here. Things with the baby are getting much much better?! Wow – who would have thought?! Even this time last month I was barely hanging on to my last thread of sanity and worrying just what the hell i had gotten myself in to. (I still have those moments though!)

Sakura has really blossomed (punny I know) in the last couple weeks. She’s a lot more happy and a lot more fun to be around now. She slept an unpredidented 8+ hours in a stretch last night… whoa.. I don’t want to expect that as the norm since her usual is 5 hours and then 2 or 3 hours until she wakes up but wow. I was impressed – my little girl is growing up!

She’s also very vocal although only really to me. When we “chat” I get squacks, squeaks, loud calls, and excited vowel sound coos. It is soooo cute. I love talking with her, its the absolute highlight of my day. She does coo a bit for Ryohei but seems a bit more “discerning” towards other people at this point. We set up a baby mobile for her that Sassymoo sent up a couple months ago and she is facinated by it. We bought a rug for our wood floored living room so she lies on a blanket on the rug and will watch it for 15-20 minutes (which gives me time to check the net and eat something simple like toast or soup)

Napping is still hit or miss – today she’s taken two long naps but the whole weekend she was up every 30-40 minutes. Her night sleeping is getting a lot better though although she has to go to bed early. She gets major fussiness between 4:30-5 and we have her bath and bed by 6 usually. In an astonishing surprise.. shes actually falling to sleep on her own now. As long as I pump her up with enough boobies to make her happy she will lie there on her futon and fall asleep on her own. Before it would take hours of rocking but for the last 3 days (not long I know) she has been ok with lying there drowsy until she falls asleep. Now from what I’ve heard babies love to switch things up on you so I’m not taking it as a permanent change…

Just wanted to talk a bit about the happier things in life. Who would have thought that having a baby was actually fun.. the first 6-8 weeks were differently not in my book but I’ve even looked at Sakura’s newborn picture recently and thought how someday in the next year or two I’d like to have another (most likely my last one.)

Ryohei is pulling overtime until next weeks Friday and my birthday is next weeks Thursday so maybe will do something fun to celebrate on the Saturday of that week (17th) since that will be the next “family” day we get. Ryohei was really helpful this weekend although we did get in a fight about where to put the bag of diapers. Stupid I know.. I wanted them on the side of the sofa for quick access he wanted them behind so it would look less messy. (I won eventually but it took a good hour or two of us not talking) BUT I don’t want to complain about Ryohei because he was very helpful… he did 3 loads of laundry and hung 2 of them, swiffered the floor and vacuumed the living room, made yakisoba for lunch, and cleaned the dinner dishes!! Sorry ladiesΒ  – he’s mine!!

Anyways I’m very happy and have some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for dessert tonight! Now that Sakura is getting easier I’ve def. started focusing on the massive amounts of weight I have gained since last year. Its not coming off as fast as I’d like which is probably my fault since I’ve been eating a lot of not so great for you food lately. I need to find some sort of balance and keep up Sakura and my daily walks while its still decent weather. In fact when she wakes up that is just what we will do!


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Wow Sara that’s really excellent to hear, what a change from your earlier posts. It’s good to know there’s a brighter side emerging! Have fun on your walk.

Sara that is awesome! I mean really awesome. You must be so relieved and excited. You should also be proud because you really worked hard to figure out what works best for Sakura and all of that hard work is finally paying off. Congratulations.

i’m so glad to hear that things are looking up! i love it when your baby moves into the ‘talking’ stage. sooooo cute!!

My god woman, for all the fussing Sakura did she is sure sleeping like a gem now. JEALOUS. I would make those letters bigger if I knew how!! 8 hours in a row!! I haven’t had that for nearly four years. I think in fact my body would think it was dead if it didn’t move for that long. 5 hours?? Ditto.

Although after your comment this morning Ryu and I also got nice long morning nap – eventhough I was lying beside him the whole time.

Yay for Sakura growing up and being nice to mummy.

yay for obliging babies! That`s great news and so lovely that you are starting to enjoy your time with her..(and hopefully feeling more confident about things). So when do we get to see/hear some gurgling and cooing then? πŸ˜‰

He he.. do us Senpai-mamas who said it would definitely get better around now get to say “We told you so?” πŸ˜‰ SO glad that things are improving and that you are feeling sunnier about life!

We went home to the UK when Joey was 10 weeks old and I remember really enjoying that stage of his life. It all feels like such a long time ago now, he is such a little man these days. Enjoy the snuggly stage, it goes away FAR too quickly!!

Yeaaaaaahhhh!!!! You sound so happy an that makes me so happy! This is the post to look back on when you need a little pick me up now and again. Really great news! You are so much more *together* than you even realize. Really.

Babies start getting fun at this stage, and it only really gets better from here, at least until you hit the toddler years, then the head-banging frustration starts again (but even toddlers are still really cute, so we let them get away with it!). I’m glad you’re enjoying Sakura more and feeling much more upbeat about life in general!

I had to LOL at the fight about where to put the diapers though, because I’m sure we’ve all been there. I’m sure it seemed of vital importance at the time! πŸ˜€

That’s such great news! And fantastic that she will fall asleep on her own. I succumbed to the feeding to sleep thing and Luka is ONLY just happy enough to be in his cot when he is awake. It’s a good habit to get into, well done!

I am with gaijinwife on the sleeping…iiiii na!

Ah, silly little arguments about silly little things. I think we all do that too. Especially around the house, which I consider MY domain! Ha ha!

As for baby #2, don’t do it! It might be a boy, and then you can kiss goodbye to sleep for at least a year and a half, ha ha ha!

Seriously though, I am thrilled for you.

Yay!!! I’m so glad things have gotten easier! It’s amazing how that happens, isn’t it? That’s so cool about Sakura falling asleep on her own. You are totally living the dream! πŸ˜€

I am so glad to hear that life with Sakura has finally gotten easier!! I am sure you are now able to enjoy her company a lot more πŸ™‚

Glad to hear everything is going well, and you’re getting more sleep! πŸ™‚

Oh how exciting! (and relieving, I’m sure!)
After how hard a first couple months you had, I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying her so much now =)


You -NEED- to post of video of her “talking” I bet it’s adorable!!!

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