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Posted on: October 8, 2009

Oohhh its getting cold. I think the start of winter is upon us.. wtf its only October.

Today was the typhoon that wasn’t. Niigata was right on the typhoon’s path but I think the most “typhoon-ish” thing that happened was a few plants in the field behind our house being uprooted. Highly anti-climactic but heard that a couple of people were killed (not around here) so my thoughts go out to their families.

Typhoon was annoying becuase it meant I was trapped inside with Sakura the whole day. Bored 2 month old stuck inside all day does not equal good times for Mommy. Although that being said she was pretty good and maybe the one who missed our walk more was me. She can “play” independently for up to 10-15 minutes or so now. Its amazing to see how much she’s developed. I’m hoping she’ll start laughing soon – maybe another couple weeks?

She took a good long nap in the afternoon so I caught up on some TV (loving a lot of the new series this fall – Glee, Modern Family, FlashForward to name a few along with my long time series) I love the internet and the good people who make it possible to watch a show thats just been aired in America within only an hour or two of its broadcast.

I learned that Ryohei doesn’t have work Saturday and has work FROM 6:30PM on Sunday. So not as bad as I intially expected. We are spending the night at his parents on Sunday though. We have seen at least his mom every Saturday for the last 3 weeks now… So after this trip I feel that I should have at least a couple weeks of not having to see them. The reason we are going is because my SIL is staying there with Iroha and asked for me to come and spend some time with them – and I’m a pushover and I thought Ryohei would be working(!!) so I said yes. So I’m sure all day Sunday Ryohei will be thrilled to have the day with his manga again.

Next week he’s going to still be busy… and next week is my birthday. Number 26. So I will be closer to 30 than 20… Twenty-five was a nice number – not sure I am liking it as I move into my LATE twenties. (ok thats not for a couple years yet)

Almost bedtime for Ryohei and I. Sakura has been out since 6:30pm per usual. At least she’s fairly consistant and I know that for the most part from 7pm on I’m free of baby duty until somewhere in the middle of the night. Oh sleep deprivation when will you not be with me?


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You know I just have to laugh at SIL asking you to stay with the ILs too, looks like she has the same feelings you do about them.

Ohhh cue more cute pics of Sakura and Iroha?

The typhoon was worst here at 3 am. Yup, woke us up and made a lot of noise, uprooted the tomato greenhouse, poured rain on everything then moved on. Still, if the biggest thing you have to bitch about from a typhoon is sleep deprivation that’s not bad, right?

I can totally relate to your feelings about the weather – I can’t believe how quick it has cooled down!! Although for me, winter is the best time of the year. It will be interesting to read about your first winter in Niigata though. I am sure it’s going to bring about a few challenges 🙂

We didn’t really get hit by the typhoon either. I mean the wind and rain on Wednesday night was pretty impressive but really?! It was nothing like they were trying to make out it was going to be…

YAY that Ryohei doesn’t have to work as much as you originally thought!!! I hope you can enjoy your stay at the inlaws… I have to admit I am thinking it’s about time Naoki and I make the trip up to visit his parents. I realised we haven’t been there since I found out I was pregnant….

Ah…I think once a fortnight at the most is more acceptable than EVERY weekend 🙂 That’s pretty much how often we see the MIL. Although I found last weekend was great, because Yusuke took the children over there, so I could get on with some housework. So I got TWO hours alone, AND didn’t have to spend time at MILs ;P I am at the stage where I would rather not know what MIL is saying or giving to the children to drink/eat…and besides, Hannah is at the stage where she tells me everything too 🙂

Great that Sakura is sleeping so regularly now! As for the sleep deprivation..hard to tell. Luka is still up at least once in the night 😦 But Hannah was sleeping through at his age. If only I’d realised how lucky I was!!

It will be interesting to see how Niigata winter treats you- I am not sure how I would go with it since I never grew up with snow and still can count the amount of times I have seen snow on my two hands so if it was EVERYDAY I would probably freak out and my head would explode.

Can`t believe Sakura is in such a good sleep pattern at such an early age- especially after the issues you had originally with getting her down. Hopefully she continues to be a great sleeper leaving you and Ryohei for some time together in the evenings.

Had to laugh that SIL wants you to come to ILs as well since she is going- shame you can`t bitch about them together in English and have nobody understand. Looking forward to more cute pictures of Iroha and Sakura though- so lucky to have a cousin so close in age.

Good news that Ryohei doesn`t have work this weekend until Sunday night- I guess that means you will have a bit of family time which will be nice. Enjoy the weekend.

I missed the first two episodes of Glee, but it looks interesting, is it worth watching? If so, I think I’ll go rent it. 🙂

26 is not too bad!! 🙂

It is getting a bit colder here too, boo winter!

I am glad Ryohei doesn’t have to work until Sunday. Funny your SIL specifically requested you come down and visit, but it is good you are developing a nice relationship with her and Sakura has a little girl cousin so close in age.

Grats on the sleep! I always look forward to bedtime each night. Not that I don’t love spending time with my son, but it is a relief to have some adult time. 6:30 is pretty good, hopefully you and Ryohei can really spend some quality time together that way.

Sounds like Sakura is settling in there! Good to hear you can enjoy more of being a mommy.. with a sleepy baby 😀

As I just said on Corinne’s blog… I noticed yesterday that a side panel (like a rendered wall thing) of Riki’s house completely came off in the typhoon.. what’s funny is NO ONE noticed but me… and not until yesterday when i took my dog out to play in the yard… :s

I guess everyone is lucky that it wasn’t so bad.. but we still got a bit of damage here and there. lucky for me i cleaned up my balcony.

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