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A day like any other

Posted on: October 15, 2009

Today is my birthday but it felt like any other day unfortunately 😦 Actually worse than most other days… Sakura was up for a bit last night for the first time in a while which meant less sleep then I’m used to and then she didn’t nap a lot this afternoon and had a huge sobbing breakdown on the way home from th supermarket aroun 5:30 pm.

Needless to say I got her to sleep by 7 and am now “relaxing.” Ryohei brought me some flowers… not bought – brought. He had some business meeting today and they were extra left over Lilys. They smell nice but that was it. Such an uneventful day… I’ve heard that once you become a parent your own birthday sort of just becomes a non-event. So true… not sure how I feel about that.

I did treat myself to a Starbucks though! My beloved creme brulee is gone now but in just a few short weeks the Holiday Season drinks will start – I’m hoping the Gingerbread Latte will be back… I could consume those everyday and not get tired but of course my poor wallet and poor “get my body back” regime.

Sakura will be 3 months soon and now that things are more or less in some sort of routine I’m considering options for making a bit of money since that would be very helpful. I’m considering sending out some resumes to freelance translation agencies again but may wait until we get back from our vacation in Dec. Sakura will be 6 months end of January and I’ll feel more comfortable having her spend a half-day or two a week in the local kindy so I can get some work done. There are two that take non full time kids about a 5 minute from our house and both of them are fairly reasonable.

I’ll also be going to collect my “unemployment insurance” from Hello Work come January.. I was thinking of just going to “look and collect” but I may seriously consider something if I can find it although we’ll see if theres anything out there that would be a decent fit.

So for a Sakura update – she’s growing up so fast! Her neck is almost stable and I think in another couple weeks it will be completely there. She’s been drooling and “foaming at the mouth” recently. I can see where her two bottom front teeth are going to come in. They haven’t started poking through yet but there is a depression in her gums where they will be coming out.

She still is a relatively sensitive baby and we have a few crying jags daily especially towards the mid-afternoon and onwards. She seems to get bored easily and always wants some sort of activity or going ons to occupy her. It can be pretty exhausting… not that I would want a baby that just lays there staring off into space but when I’m trying to get stuff done and she’s getting bored and starts screaming her head off it can be quite trying.

At least her nighttime sleeping for the most part is good. She usually nurses until she is drowsy and then I can leave her to fall asleep and she’ll stay that way for the next 6-8 hours. Then nighttime feed between 2-3 and asleep until 6ish. Its really nice because I can get a lot of stuff done at night which is part of the reason if I took on a bit of freelance translation work I think it would be ok…

Ryohei has been so busy the last month.. I think that he must have worked at least 2-3 hours overtime everynight and then most of the weekends. He had his last busy day today but has a drinking party tomorrow and won’t be coming home so it will be just Sakura and me. The last time she was 6 weeks and we had a horrible 5 hour crying jag which ended in me just having to let her cry until she was tired… so praying that it won’t be a repeat performance. I put her to bed every night alone anyways but at least Ryohei is around in theory. Parenting overnight on my own still makes me nervous.

Things have been ok with us lately… with Ryohei being so late recently we haven’t really gotten to talk much or be together… and the last couple weekends he’s either been working or we’ve been with his relatives so we haven’t had much just the nuclear family time. I feel a bit distant right now – my life just feels like Sakura and me all the time. Since she goes to sleep so early she only sees him for about 30 minutes in the morning 😦 Oh well he should be getting home at a more reasonable hour starting next week but since Sakura goes to bed so early she won’t get to spend any time with him at night until she can stay up later. She literally HAS to been in bed by 6:30 – 7 or she goes insane… at least I know WHY I was having so many issues earlier in her life. She is just not a night owl and we were keeping her up too late.

Anyways I guess thats it… life sort of feels like its passing me by. I’m looking forward to going to Osaka at the end of the month to break up the monotomy of it all.


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Hey – Happy Birthday Sarah! Glad you got a starbucks in to celebrate.

and oooh – gingerbread latte: now that IS something to look forward to!

I am a huge dork for knowing this.. but they should be out sometime around Nov. 6 or 7th… at least they have been the last 2 years.

YES I MEMORIZED THE DATE… I’m a bit of a SB otaku

Happy Birthday! i’m sorry to hear you’re spending it alone, but at least you got some starbucks!! It’s good to treat yourself sometimes!

Hope Ryohei doesn’t have too many more meets and can be with you guys again really soon. πŸ™‚

Thanks! Its ok – hopefully we will do something this weekend… he told me to pick out a place to go but I’ve been lazy and haven’t gotten around to it yet.

He should be less busy in the coming month – after that I’ll be back to America for Christmasn!

Happy birthday!
I have to say I am really envious you are going to Osaka at the end of the month! I’m also envious you have a baby that goes to sleep at 7!!! Sara is definitely a night owl, she takes after her mother I guess.
My birthday was pretty uneventful too. I find that a lot of things are that way now. Whenever I go home I usually buy a TON of clothes for myself, but I barely bought anything for me, and enough clothes for 3 babies to wear for the next year or so, without ever having to wear the same thing twice. I just wasn’t into shopping for me this time around. It was a VERY strange, very new phenomenon.
Hopefully you and Ryohei will get some coupley time soon. With Sakura in bed so early, as long as he doesn’t work any overtime, it could be party time for mommy and daddy any night of the week really. Want me to have a talk with his boss? Hope the last 20 minutes of your birthday are fabulous!

Yah I guess I lucked out on the early sleeper front!! Hopefully it stays that way – I am pretty spoiled.

I can’t wait to go to Osaka… since its quite the trip (3man airplane fare) I can only really do it once a year or so but it will be great to see all my old friends and visit my old work and stuff!

I know what you mean about baby clothes – most of my stuff was gifts or hand me downs but they are sooo cute. She is out growing a lot of the newborn stuff now so its on to new 3-6 month stuff!! fun fun fun!!

My birthday has been pretty uneventful since I finished highschool- I think as you get older it just happens that way. At least when I am in Australia my family make a bit of a big deal out of it and we always have a “family” dinner. Shun thought it was amazing that we would all meet up on the actual day of our birthday in most cases since his family does nothing like that (although since we all have dinner together once a month there is always a bday cake if it has been my birthday or SILs birthday but not usually if it has been their son`s…weird)

Glad you got starbucks! Yummo! I hope they bring back the gingerbread latte over Christmas- I was not a fan but I know it will make you happy! I just like the idea that Christmas is getting closer.

Ryohei`s work schedule sounds worse than Shun`s- thanfully it is only temporary. I am worried that Shun will NEVER get to see the baby during the week due to his work since I am hoping that goma-chan will be like Sakura and go to sleep reasonably early (ie, 7pm down for the night type thing) and Shun is NEVER home before then. At least soon Ryohei will have weekends free again meaning you can have some more family time. I know that Ryohei must be feeling it too as I am sure he is missing his “family” time with his two favourite girls.

I can not believe she is almost 3 months. Time is flying by! I can not wait to see her again in December when you guys stop in on your way home from America- she will be 5 months. How crazy! I wonder if her teeth will have come in by then? Man I need to read up, I have no idea when babies first teeth come through but I get the feeling it is between 5-7 months though right?

I think teeth come in between 4-6 months… at least the first ones. I’ll be picking up teething supplies in America since its only “itchy” here and there are not pain relievers or anything. Poor kids…

I feel sad that Sakura doesn’t get that much Ryohei time right now but she does on the weekends and as she gets older and starts staying up later hopefully she’ll be able to see him more. She does seem to recognize but shes much more attached to me… she responds to my voice and smiles a lot more. I think it made him a little sad but thats just how it is when you work so much. Eventually it’ll work out I think.

Happy B’day for yesterday!

Happy Birthday!! (again)
Yea, as the years go on the celebrations get less and less. I got a bouquet of roses for mine which despite being beautiful I had to straight out ask for them because I knew I wouldn’t be getting any special treatment =P I feel your pain. On the plus side… once the girlies get a little older they’ll (hopefully) want to celebrate… make a cake and some crafty present that will leave us in tears and piles of sentimental objects =)

Is the creme brulee really gone!? I just had one on Monday…. nooooo… was it really the last?! Glad you got to get Starbucks though, which in my book is about as good as winning a gold medal. Can’t wait for xmas drinks too!! Really hoping they bring back peppermint latte…

I have nothing to say about work schedules. Tetsu’s varies from really great to really crappy so… Just roll with it is all you can do.

*hugs* Have a great post-birth day!

Yay!! I can totally tell why homemade cards and gifts are so appreciated… if Sakura made me something (besides poopy diapers) it would melt my little heart!

Ohh so your a peppermint latte girl? Those are so bad but I’m def. on team gingerbread!

Happy birthday!

Hi Sarah, happy birthday !!!!!! just thought i’d drop a comment that might be a little usefull !! (maybe) my daughter was one that got bored easily as well, and now that sakura is nearly holding her head by herself, perhaps try what we call in australia a jolly jumper ( i hope the link works)


I found maddison was much more content using this, because moving around in this, they can bounce and spin around and no view is ever the same ! rather than having to lie on her back or belly all the time, plus being upright, sakura could also chew on those finger biscuits ( can’t remember the name of them, my baby is now 6 lol)

Hope this could possibly help, just a shame it involves spending money

I had one of those when I was a baby!
I wonder if they sell those in Japan or if I will have to “import” one. I’ll be going back to America in 6 weeks so maybe I can find one there.

Have to leave a comment to say happy (probably belated by now) birthday!
(Sorry, random person commenting.. i commented once before, probably under a different name though, but i wouldn’t expect you to remember)
But anyway sorry it wasn’t anything special for you. 😦 i think that just sort of happens.. my 21st was really the last eventful one for me.
Here’s a weird Birthday video that has been circulating my friends for a while.. i don’t know, it made me laugh at least! —>

that guy is crazy but funny…

thanks for the “present” lol. yah birthdays really tend to go downhill after the fun and crazy late teens/early twenties…

but at least i have the babies birthday to look forward to now!

Yes, i’m sure it’ll be lots of fun throwing little birthday bashes for Sakura. πŸ™‚ i certainly enjoy watching my niece and nephew enjoy their birthdays.

Awww, sorry to hear you had a grizzly babe to contend with on your birthday. I hope your birthdays are not all uneventful now you are a Mum! I think it’s just hard when you are still nursing to be able to cope with much outside motherhood, but I hope when Sakura gets a little bigger, you will be able to at least go out for a meal πŸ™‚

I’m with you on the early bedtime. Hannah was like that at first. I think a lot of newborns take a little time to settle into some sort of routine (for parents too!). I always preferred the early to bed routine. I think it’s best all round, although means that you can’t really go out after dark, ha ha! But it is great to have some time that is truly adult time. I know a lot of parents here prefer to be able to go out at night with the kiddies, but like you, I would rather have a happy well-rested baby than go out with a grizzly one.

When are you back to the U.S.? I’m not sure that we will be able to come up and see you this month, what with moving and all :((( When will you come back? I want to see you guys!!

going back 2nd week of dec. so maybe we can work something out for nov? when are you moving in? maybe we can come down and see you in the new house? i’m sure Sakura would appreciate Luka and Hannah now – she gets so bored with just me around… she likes noise and excitement and I know they have it in spades!

We move in on 26th October, so November sounds good! Would love to see you either in our place or yours, so whichever works out best for you.

And yep, we’ve got the noise and excitement covered here!

Happy Belated Birthday. They definately get less eventful with kids – especially if you have the fantastic good fortune of having one on your actual birthday. Thanks Shou.

I looked for the gingerbread latte today in hope that they had fucked their dates up and it was out already. No such luck.

The Jolly Jumper is GREAT. Ryu will be getting his first go in a month or so I think. Shou and Marina loved it – and so did mummy as would give me about forty minutes in one go – especially if you put a mirror in front of them!!

Definately worth the investment. Likewise Nay – get your mum to bring one over.

Sounds like Sakura is sleeping so well at night. Better than any of my three have that young. i can’t imagine myself after six hours of uninterupted no kiddy time. You’ve hit the jackpot there.

Have a good weekend.

maybe its a bit of a karmic rebound for the horrible birth experience. to be honest i just keep waiting for the day when its ends… but i heard that good sleepers tend to stay that way?

6 hours of no baby time is nice but i MISS her after 2 or 3… weird isn’t it?

Happy Birthday! I was super bummed my last birthday because DH cut his foot on a huge bit of glass and we ended up spending it at the hospital getting stitches instead of going out and doing anything fun! But it is true, as you get older the birthdays sort of lose a bit of their luster, although you’ll have fun in the future planning Sakura’s birthday parties, so that sort of makes up for it. D is still not quite at the age where he really gets the whole birthday thing yet, but by next year he should be into it. For now his birthdays are more for us than for him!

I hope Ryohei gets a break from all of the work soon. I’m sure it is hard on him too not seeing Sakura and you so much, although being a guy he might not show it so much. Hopefully you guys can do something fun this weekend as a family!

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

What are you interested in posting from my blog? Just curious!

Sorry, I didn’t reply to this post sooner, I have been a really bad commenter on any blog for the last week and a bit!!

Like Lulu said, I have found that my birthdays really don’t mean much anymore. The older you get the less interesting birthdays become. To be honest, I really don’t think it will change much once Baby N is born – especially as Naoki isn’t the romantic type!! LOL!

Glad to hear that Ryohei’s busy period has finished and you will have more time to spend together starting tomorrow, right?! YAY!!!

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