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Posted on: October 18, 2009

Yay how nice was it to actually have family time this weekend!

We did a lot of going out and even managed to “celebrate” my b-day a little bit. Well we went out for 100 yen sushi and ended up eating almost 3000 yen worth! Sakura was a really really good girl until the last 10 minutes or so we were there when she got tired/hungry and had a massive meltdown. I could feel the daggers from all the other patrons so we got out.

My birthday present was a TV! (lol) We haven’t had one since we moved to Nagaoka and my Japanese has been getting worse without one. Since I spend most of my day in “english” now with Sakura my Japanese has sort of gotten sloppy plus I enjoy a few Japanese programs. We were almost going to get a 32 inch flat LCD tv but we decided it was too over budget for now and got a 5000 yen 14 inch analog tv instead lol. We might get the bigger one when we have a bit more in the bank to spend on that kind of thing. The 14 incher is fine for now and should be until Japan switches to completely digital broadcast in July ’11 – my little girl will be almost 2 then! Wow.

Today we went out for ramen and then went shopping at this huge shopping center (the one that sells Nutella – which I stocked up on btw) I can get the rest of the stuff at the bigger Nagaoka market but not the Nutella and since its a bit of a drive it was better just to stock up on it lol. While we were there we saw the Melty Kiss winter only chocolates were out!!! So exciting! I love Melty Kiss, I used to buy it when I lived in the states as well from the Japanese market.We also got a laundry rack for hanging clothes inside since its already starting to get COLD here. It should start snowing around this time next month – not really sure if I am looking forward to that.

In other news, Ryoheis mom emailed him and told him she had rented a kimono for Iroha to do her Omiya Maeri today and asked if we wanted to have one for Sakura. I figured take advantage of the free fancy kimono and good picture op and told him to say yes so we will have her (LATE) shrine visit next Sunday. I can’t wait to see her in the kimono!! Last week I printed out over 100 pictures from her birth until recent to put in the albums I had recieved. It was crazy to see how much she had changed in just 12 weeks… thats right she will be 12 weeks on Tuesday which means no longer a newborn. A legit baby!

She hasn’t started laughing yet but I hope she will in the next week or two.. she does make very high pitched squeals and kick and “swim” when shes excited though.

Speaking of… need some sempai mama advice. I think Ryohei is fairly sad that she doesn’t really react to him. She definitely prefers me – which is not surprising considering I deliver her food and am the one to hangout/play with her for all her waking hours. About when do babies start recognizing and “enjoying” their Daddy? I try to make sure Ryohei and her have time together but he gets really disappointed when she won’t react for him like she does to me and says stuff like “she prefers you anyways…” and goes back to his computer or whatever while poor Sakuras just lying there on her blanky 😦 I think if she was a bit more responsive to him he would play with her more… so just wondering if you guys have any advice or when she’ll start being more sociable with him…

Recent Sakura –> DVC00107


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Sounds like a lovely weekend! And a new TV woohoo! Not that we use our TV much because I barely watch any Japanese tv unless Shun turns it on. I should though- and he started watching a new drama last week which was on Friday at 10pm called “ohitori-sama” which I quite liked so hopefully we can continue watching it together (check it out this Friday!) – it will be great for Sakura when she is a little older and wants to watch “inai inai baa” or something like that. We still have an analog tv too but it is still a good tv so we are waiting til closer to the deadline to upgrade! Shun wanted to when we moved but there were other things we needed first and I am glad I insisted considering he hardly ever uses it!

Oh I didn`t realize that Sakura hadn`t done her Omiya Maeri yet! But of course we would of seen pictures if she had. How exciting! I am going to try and do Goma-chan`s while my mum is still here so that she can experience a Japanese tradition. My MIL has said she will take care of the preparations-whatever they are. I can not wait to see her in the kimono- it was lovely of your in-laws to offer.

No advice on the “daddy” thing- hopefully some of the other sempai mummies can help you out. I am sure that it is mostly because like you said, you spend the most time with her but it must be hard for him to see her react so happily to you and not show much interest in him. Maybe take a video of him to play to her during the day when he is not there so she can still *see* him more often. Even if it is of him reading her a story in Japanese or just having a chat!

Yay, glad you got to do something to celebrate your birthday! πŸ™‚
And the picture of Sakura is super-cute!

Connected again and finally getting a chance to catch up! So happy the Sakura is doing well and is as cute as ever. Sounds like you had a good weekend, family time is always nice πŸ™‚

Hmmm, Yusuke never really knew what to say to younger babies. So I got him to tell the story of momotaro. Baby loooooved it. Maybe get him to tell some kind of story with lots of facial expressions? I would say when she can laugh, Ryohei might get a little more enjoyment out of making her laugh, etc.

And tummy raspberries πŸ˜‰

I’m glad you got to do something for your birthday. It’s easy to assume that other people are upset when your baby is crying but mostly people are just interested or else they feel bad for you since they’ve probably been there before. Don’t assume the worst!

About babies connecting with their Daddy, it’s true that they feel more connected to mom since we’re with them more. My husband just kept trying different things until he hit on something that Emi really enjoyed (tummy raspberries are an awesome suggestion). Emi laughed for him first and when she saw him coming she would just squeal. But in the beginning he was trying to do the same thing as me and she was just bored with that. Also he made up a song to sing to her, too. Tell Ryohei not to give up, he’ll find the right thing for them to do together eventually.

Oooh 100 yen sushi can be great (well depending on the place anyways), I haven`t been for quite awhile now. I know once I get back to Tokyo I will need to stock up on Costco supplies so perhaps then…

We also still have an analog TV also, at the moment we don`t watch it enough (well T is always watching it when he`s home but thats not all that much) to justify buying a new one at the moment, we`ll also be waiting awhile to buy one but out apartment already has the digital receiver attached so not sure if that means it will still work or not.

No advice on daddy time besides what you already mentioned, just try to get Ryohei to get more involved somehow. Perhaps he can take her for a daddy and me walk or something in the mornings before work (although this depends on the when he has to be at work)

Sounds like you had a lovely day out on Saturday!! We never go sushi shops because to be honest there is only a couple of different types I will eat and they get boring very quickly!!

As for stocking up on Nutella, I have to do the same thing for most of my ‘import’ type foods because the shopping centre that sells them just isn’t close enough to go all the time. Thank goodness there is one close to both of us where we CAN get what we want – even if it is only occasionally…

It must be nice to have a TV in the house again!! Sometimes I just like to turn the TV on even if I don’t watch anything- because I am normally watching DVD’s on my computer so turning on the TV can be a rare occurence, lol!! If you find any interesting Japanese drama’s please let me know. It is one of things on my 101 things list…

I don’t have much advice on the daddy situation although I do love the idea of tummy rasberries. I don’t think I have ever met a baby who doesn’t like them!!

Sushi… TV… Melty Kiss!?!?!?! JEALOUS! btw.. any tv is a good tv! I was meant to buy a big fancy flat screen but used the money for responsible things.. like my husband’s bills! T_T

Glad I have a big fat analog one though, Sacchan has run into it and tried pushing it over countless amounts of times… I imagine if I had of bought the flat screen, it would be dead already!

Omiya Maeri..?? We never did it. So glad you get the opportunity to! Riki and his parents pretty much dismiss any Japanese tradition thinking I won’t want to take part (absolute bull plop because I LOVE that about Japan.. all the traditions are cool!) I’m currently trying to persuade Riki to save for the dolls for girl’s day… him and MIL don’t think they are necessary! pfft!

As for baby being interested in Papa… It took sakurako a while to really bond. Riki was a little distant, he had no idea what to do with her, and well she had no interest in the boof headed man that never really helped out with diaper changes… All different now though. She absolutely adores Riki, (and he adores her as much… but tries to hide it :P) and only listens to him! I feel like the odd one out sometimes because she will sit down and hug him and play with him… but she won’t do that with me anymore! gah! mommies can never win!

melty kiss is out? Hmmm will have to start my Rummy hunt then…. Only thing that keeps me sane/ in Japan/ from migrating to Okinawa each winter is the winter chocolates…

Daddy time… hmmmm… K did all the baths and a lot of ombu-himoing of both girls. He doesn’t really do coochy coo and all that ‘playing’ with the baby stuff but momotaro we did too! That and urashima-taro (which I personally think is a horrible book but…) I think ombuing probably really works as they get used to the smell and feel of daddy.

Have a fabulous omiyamaeri- great photo opportunity and with a free kimono…

Happy 12 weeks old Sakura! She looks quite the cutie in the picture (love the shirt!) and so alert. I think J had trouble working out what to do with K when she was tiny too, until she got more interactive and entertaining, then they worked out their groove. It was definately frustrating for me though at the time – it felt like he was ignoring her. I guess little babies are hard to interact for anyone, except mummy. I sometimes find it hard knowing how to play with friend’s little babies too.

Snowing in a month – gah! Don’t envy you there. Will there be full on snow cover on the ground and metre(s) high snow walls around where you live? I imagine that would be difficult to live with. Good luck for the winter!!!

First off, happy belated birthday!! Yay for the gift of a TV. πŸ˜€

About daddy bonding, Ryohei could try to develop his own little games with Sakura, like a certain way to bounce her, or blowing raspberries, or nibbling on he toes or whatever would make her smile. Something that only he does with her, and not anyone else. It’s hard that he can’t spend much time with her on the weekdays!

Coming in late here … I had a bit of what Ryohei is feeling with D, and still do sometimes, because I’m the one working outside the house and DH is his primary caregiver. There are times when he definitely prefers his dad, and even though logically you know why, it still sort of hurts your feelings a bit.

I think what you could do though is set aside a part of Sakura’s schedule for Ryohei. Even if it can only be weekends because of his work schedule, for example, have weekend baths be daddy’s job, and make it into something fun that the two of them share. Give Ryohei and Sakura some rituals that are just theirs and theirs alone, and have them spend time alone together without you in the same room (like dad takes Sakura for a walk on Sunday mornings so that mom can have a lie in or something), so that Ryohei has to deal with her when she gets fussy or cranky and doesn’t just automatically leave all the soothing up to you.

Tell him to give it some time too, she’s still so little! They’ll forge a bond and I’m sure in time she’ll grow to cherish her daddy time.

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