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Posted on: October 19, 2009

I have a question to ask.. another baby related one. I’m just curious I’ve only had experience with just the one. But Sakura seems to always need constant entertainment. If I don’t take her out AT LEAST once a day she gets so angry but once we are out she is usually happy. Same thing with playing… she tolerates being only held for a little bit but if I’m not showing her toys or talking with her she gets really fussy.

Is this part of her personality or are all babies like this? Does this mean shes going to be super active? She’s pretty active already she kicks and swings her arms like she’s practicing to be in the Olympics!

Since I’ve only been around her I’m not sure what is part of babyness and what is Sakura’s personality.. I’d love to know more about “her.”So far this is what I do know…

She likes to be naked. (If I take off her clothes and diaper she gets really giddy – we are worried for her future)

She likes her bath.

She likes when I blow raspberries and stick my tongue out.

She hates pacifiers and WILL NOT take one.

She likes to be the center of attention, she makes a lot of “complaining” noises if I’m talking to someone besides her like Ryohei or on Skype.

She LOVES to go outside and will look around at everything until she falls asleep.

She tolerates people talking to her and looking (ok who am I kidding –Β  poking) at her 😦 at her but doesn’t really like being held by strangers.

She has a hilarious angry face.. ok thats not a personality trait but its really cute. My FIL said her mouth likes like the Japanese hiragana “he” = へ

Recently I’ll be feeding her and she’ll pull off and just grin at me.. its hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing.

That being said she still cries quite a bit – I’d say at least an hour or two a day of crying some of it inconsolable UNLESS I go out… which is going to be hard when winter really comes.

Anyways thats what shes like at 3 months.. I’m hoping to get to know her a bit better in the next couple of months…


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Ryu is ditto on the naked thing – so best they never get naked together. The couple of times I have tried a dummy it was a no go.

He is happy to / will

1. fall asleep easily in the carseat or pram
2. has started falling asleep in bed on his own
3. is pretty smiley a lot of the time
4. has started full on laughing
5. doesn’t usually mind being held by strangers
6. calms down every time with mummy but daddy and granny K run a close second.
7. the feeding and pulling off and grinning thing – same. very cute.
8. be plonked infront of baby einstein (twenty minutes) usually twice a day – once in morning and once in the evening.
9. plonked in his bumbo and put on the bench to watch me get dinner ready.
10. usually stops grizzling as soon as Shou and Marina start making more noise – as long as not in his face, which happens quite often!

I tend to be able to get most things done that I set out to in a day. Generally he is a happy baby. I think.

Ryu doesn’t seem to be too interested in toys yet – even if its an ambulance being driven over his face by Shou. Sigh.

He does like tickles and peek a boo though.

They sound pretty similar! I can’t wait until Sakura starts laughing – she’s been pretty on with all the verbal/social milestones so hopefully sometime in the coming month. She isn’t anywhere near rolling over though πŸ™‚

I wish I had built in entertainment for her like Ryu does! I’m sure he doesn’t exactly appreciate the ambulance right now but in a few months…?

Ahhhh the going outside baby. Yup. Had me one of them. Mine are still pretty active and won’t sit down and watch tv so probably not what you were wanting to hear…. but it does get easier once she is a little older and you can put her on a mat with some toys. Mine both preferred stuff pilfered out of the kitchen to actual toy toys for a long while but if racing to the toy box to get my whisk is the price of 20 minutes me time I say it’s worth it!

Do you live near a jidokan? They are heated all winter and were my absolute saviour with little kids…

The grins are so heart melting aren’t they?

The shimin center has a baby room! However its about a 25 minute walk from here so I’m not sure if that cancels out the usefulness of it… I can check and see if there is one closer to us but I’m afraid not having a car in the winter is pretty much going to limit me to VERY short trips outside 😦 Bummer!

Sakura seems to like “fabric” right now. She’s just discovered both hands and likes to clasp them together and grab grab grab. Grab clothes, grab blankets, grab rattles… its interesting to see the progress!

There are plus and minus aspects of every baby’s personality. Sakura will probably be a social butterfly when she grows up and be able to interact with adults really easily which will be fun and handy in Japan since children are expected to greet any adult who comes their way (annoying with a shy kid). That’s why she wants you to be talking to her and entertaining her all the time. It’ll get better once she’s able to do more of that for herself.

In the next couple months it would probably be a good idea to let her learn how to entertain herself otherwise you’re going to be really busy when she turns one. Even if she freaks out or seems angry she’s just using what skills she possesses to get what she wants. She will get over it but you need to help her out!!!

I hope she’s not too shy so that would be nice if she’s a social butterfly type. How does one go about getting a baby to entertain themselves? That being said she’s being pretty calm in the bouncer right now… it depends on the time of day as well. She’s more “self sufficient” in the morning but in the afternoon + she gets very fussy/needs attention… could be part of the whole “witching hour” thing…

Hi Sara! Sorry for this random comment!

I have made my blog more protected against just anyone online being able to come across it and read it. So I am sending out invitations to read it again, through email. If you cannot access my blog, please email me your email address and I will send you an invite!

Thank you! ❀

ok! thanks for letting me know

I hope Sakura outgrows her dislike of being picked up by strangers by the time you come to Shizuoka in November. I will be so dissapointed if she doesn’t like me 😦 LOL

You are lucky that Sakura loves bath time – it makes bathing the baby so much easier when they aren’t screaming their head off at you!! I think that was my favourite part of our trip to Tokyo – bathing Sakura with you!!

The grinning at you while you are feeding her sounds so cute!!! Especially with that gorgeous smile she is sporting these days πŸ™‚

Don’t worry I’m sure she will love you!! She really settled for you while we were staying with Laura in Chiba. To be HONEST I don’t know why but she seems to prefer “English” speakers.. I don’t think she can tell the difference between the languages but she doesn’t fuss if people who speak English hold her…

So I think she’ll be fine – I can imagine she’ll be even more fun in a month!! Yay I can’t wait.

Hmmm…wonder if it is a personality thing or a situation thing..with us and Alex, she HATED being picked up if it wasnt me or hubby right from the beginning.
That said, it`s continued on (she`s 10 months now) and basically she chooses who is allowed to pick her up! Me and her dad of course, other men, a definate no. Other women, depends on her mood!
When she was Sakura`s age, she needed a lot of attention, I think it`s partly being an only child (no other kids around to keep her occupied) and also the fact that stimulation is less because it`s almost a one parent deal..Outside was great..even at that age..we would take her for LONG walks..rug her up and she would fall asleep on the way..now its a standing routine through the day..morning walk that turns into nap time..bring her inside and she`ll sleep up to two hours. same in the afternoon.
Nakedness and bathtime, most babies seem to love that πŸ™‚

The grinning while feeding sounds gorgeous πŸ™‚

Thats interesting as well about the first child thing – I’m sure if she had a big brother or sister it would mean less “entertaining” duties for me.

Sakura likes men more than women actually… she tolerates Ryohei’s brother, Dad, and male friends a LOT more than his mother and grandmother. (Although she is ok with SIL – but SIL smells like breastmilk too…)

I don’t mind taking walks – I actually enjoy it! I’m just worried about it when it gets super cold.. of course I’ll be in sunny southern california for most of Dec. so I really have to only worry about Jan and Feb… but two months is a long time!

I’d say that’s all pretty normal stuff πŸ™‚ I loved the grinning mid-feeding thing too, so cute! Bit annoying if you are pushed for time though, ha ha!

As far as the entertaining thing, yes, the jidoukans are excellent for when it’s just too cold/hot/rainy. Although, I found with both of mine that the winter air did wonders for their night sleeps. Used to wear them and keep them warm and they would sleep outside and then have a really deep sleep later on. Ah, winter πŸ™‚

I’ll have to see if there is one near here then!

Thankfully I have very few “commitments” so things are pretty yukkuri around here all the time.

So many people have mentioned the wonderful effects of the winter air on sleeping – she slept really well last night so maybe there is something to it after all!

Oh she sounds so cute! I think it is great when kids start to show their personality and discover new things!!!

The smiling during feeding thing is funny- it`s like “hey mum, sucking on your boob is fun hey”

Once she can sit better by herself maybe she will be better at entertaining herself….

Can you take her pram inside? (After discussing this with Shun he has said yes but I had to beg- i mean what if baby fell asleep in it?) – maybe put her in the pram in a sitting position or in the bumbo and put toys on her or next to her. Sure you might need to stop and pick some up for her but she might be able to entertain herself a little better if she is sitting…giving you some time to not physically entertain her. I had to laugh that Ryu likes to watch his mum get dinner ready in the bumbo!

Oh and baby einstein! Love it! I have two dvd`s for Goma-chan.

Find out if there is any kind of free shuttle buses in Niigata during the winter that might take you near the play area that is 25 minutes away or anywhere else- that way you might need to walk outside for the 25 minutes although if you did wait til middle of the day it might be at its warmest (albeit stil freezing but hey, it might be okay)

ps: If she likes fabric, give her the tag blanket. If it starts to fall apart (highly likely with my sewing skills) let me know and I will sew up another one for her.

She likes the tag blanket a lot actually!! Before it was mostly the colors but now shes starting to be interested in the textures of the cloth and the ribbons as well. She’s no Incredible Hulk so I doubt she’s going to destroy it anytime soon LOL

Her head is just getting stable enough for the bumbo chair.. maybe in another 2-3 weeks she will be able to sit there without getting a droopy neck and her head lolling to one side.

Just crossing my fingers that she will entertain herself more and more although she was pretty good in the bouncer today…

Dylan also LOVES going out and has since he was little. When he’s in a bad mood a surefire way to make him happy is to take him outside. He’s also been very social from an early age — starting when he was about Sakura’s age he would smile at strangers, on the bus, in the park, anywhere. Even now, at almost 2, when we’re out he’ll look around and see if he can catch someone’s eye and grab their attention! Oh, he also loves his bath too, he’s loved it since day one. Now there are days when he demands 2 baths a day or else he pitches a fit. Since bathing is a good habit I don’t discourage him, lol.

I think being able to entertain themselves comes a bit later usually, but what we do is make sure that DS has lots of toys and we’ll read or watch TV or get on the computer while he’s playing. At Sakura’s age though there isn’t a whole lot she can do independently, so she’s going to be frustrated without the stimulation. Once she can sit up, starts working on crawling, and gets mobile, then you should see her independent play skills starting to grow. These days DS can really play for hours on his own. He’ll come over to us with a toy or a book if he wants us to play with him, but mostly he’s really good at keeping himself entertained.

I sort of can’t wait until she gets to that stage where she can play on her own.. the constant demand is SO hard especially when I am trying to get stuff done. She’s an adorable baby though so once she grows up a bit more I’m sure I will miss it. I DONT miss the newborn stage though – that took about 10 years off my life πŸ™‚

Thats so cute about the bath!! At least he will be a very clean little guy! Sakura has just started smiling in the bath, I noticed she used to enjoy it but never smiled – well this week bath smiles started! Its so cute ❀

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