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Posted on: October 20, 2009

Might as well stock up on blog posts while I have the time…

Sakura didn’t have an afternoon nap today so she went to bed fairly early and without any issues. She’s 12 weeks exactly today… I will probably curse myself by writing this but she SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT last night… she went to sleep a little later than usual because I wanted Ryohei to give her a bath when he got home at 6:30 instead of me doing it at 5:30 and she was in a decent mood… and we went to bed at 10:30pm and I didn’t wake up once until around 4ish!! She didn’t really wake up then, just had some boobies and slept until about 6:30… I was shocked. She usually needs a feed at around 12ish and between 2-3…

I have to say that as of right now she’s definitely a good sleeper. Gosh I hope it lasts – I really love that she consistently goes to bed between 6-7 which leaves quite a bit of time for me to make dinner/surf the web/talk to Ryohei.

He is taking Monday off next week so we can go and apply for her Japanese passport. Should be fun – not sure exactly what we will do after. He’s working some of Sunday and he didn’t get the 3 day weekend last week – so he’s looking forward to spending more time with Sakura err.. I mean us. He was so disappointed I put her to bed early today.. we want to push her bedtime up an hour so that he can do her bath since she sleeps SO early they really don’t have anytime together besides weekend.

In exactly a week and a half Sakura and I will be taking a plane down to Osaka to see all my old friends!! I’ll be seeing Sassymoo and Corinne and a bunch of other friends I haven’t seen for 6 months!! I can’t wait… they’ll all get to meet Sakura too! Ahh.. I miss Kansai – I hope I don’t get to homesick for it while I’m there…

It will be interesting to see how the plane ride goes… maybe a much shorter preview of December… can’t believe I’ll be going home so soon! Twice in a year – a first for me! I’m looking forward to spending Christmas in country where its actually done properly – no Kentucky Fried Chicken and Strawberry Shortcakes here! Sakura won’t know whats going on – but I haven’t spend a Christmas at home for about 5 years now so I’m really looking forward to it.. πŸ™‚


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Got to love a baby who sleeps all night.I have just the one who does that and she is 4…Eeeek;)I am living in hope….!

How exciting that you will celebrate Sakura’s first Christmas properly.It is a very special occasion and your timing is great.I had my first Christmas back home just last year and it was just magical being able to share it with my children.Enjoy:)

Ohh I hope the day comes soon where you have 2 that do it!!

You’ve made me so excited!!! I’m hoping to get a red velvety dress and do Christmas morning pictures like we used to do when i was little.

So you’ll be spending Christmas in the U.S.? I hope so! That’s so exciting!

Ooooh have fun in Osaka! Now I’M getting homesick for Mie-ken… 😦

ohhh nooo lol.
thats interesting tho – you miss japan?

im sure if we move back to the us i will as well…

i’m looking forward to christmas in the us mostly for the warm weather in southern california lol

jealous! πŸ˜‰ hope you have an uneventful flight to kobe!

thanks!!! kobe is awesome!
did you go there for your JET recontracting conference?

Congrats on her (and more importantly YOU) sleeping through the night. You must feel alot better with rest eh?

Wow, see that’s the concern I had..since Tetsu is usually home late. Generally, Missha has a long nap from 5-8ish (time to make and eat dinner) Then bath at 9 and sleeps when we do at 11-12 =) Otherwise Tetsu would never actually see her… Yay Japan! =/

Wow you’ll be in the states in no time with another great trip in between to enjoy and speed up time. Have fun!!!5 years?! I’ve had the last 2 xmas’s here and I’m already at my KFC limit. YAY US! It’s gonna be great to be home for not only xmas but the first time with baby ❀

KFC is pretty yummy – but I’m more of a roast turkey, mashed potatos, apple pie, christmas cookies girl… πŸ˜€

Its so interesting how babies all have a different schedule! Sounds like Missha is a night owl – what time does she usually wake up in the morning?

Wow, I can’t believe Sakura slept the through the night already!! YAY for her!! I bet it felt nice to get a decent amount of sleep. Hopefully it wasn’t a one off and she continues to enjoy her sleep.

Can’t wait to hear about your adventures down in Osaka/Kobe!! You are going to have a ball – I bet you are excited to finally be able to introduce Sakura (in person) to everyone πŸ™‚

I bet Sakura’s first Christmas is going to be magical!! Although she is really too young to understand, she will be able to look back at the photos when she is older!! Oh, only one more Christmas in Japan before I get to have my first Christmas at home in 6 years…

She slept until 4am last night as well but then she was UP. Which was NOT fun…

I’m sure this coming year will pass by quick once baby N gets here!! I can’t believe 3 months have passed since Sakura was born!!!

At least your mum will be around this year! Hopefully that will bring a bit of home to your Japan Christmas…

Wow! Looks like the long sleeps will be part of her routine! So glad to hear she’s doing well!

Woohoo for a REAL Christmas. Sacchan’s first Christmas was spent asleep with me… (she was only 11 days old) No Christmas presents.. nothing Christmas like coz we were all too busy with a newborn! loved last Christmas back home though… Don’t think I will have a real one for a long time to come!

Had to lol at KFC…


Aww yah poor December babies – you must have been pretty frazzled…

I think NEXT year at around 18 months she will enjoy it – but this year who knows…

I’m looking forward to when Sakura gets a bit older and can enjoy parties and stuff!! Are you doing to do one for Sakurako for her birthday this year?

Fuck the KFC, reminds me of that movie “The Santa Clause” the single dad takes his little tike to Denny’s… I spent a few Christmases here in Japan and it most definitely did not include KFC. It did include once a santa like fish cake…

It is still not the same as home or in any western part of the world. With the strawberry shortcake– save the cake, give me the damn cream. It is my fav time of year, so I will go to lengths at making it perfect.

i like cream/frosting the best on all my cakes too…

of course i usually make mine from a better crocker pack… speaking of which thats one of the things going on the “bring back list”

Grats on sleeping through the night! Even if it doesn’t repeat again for awhile, the first time it happens is really a big milestone, that’s great!! πŸ˜€

Maybe you could try keeping Sakura up a bit later a couple times a week and see how she handles it before making it a regular part of her routine. If she does ok like she did this one time, then it would be great because Ryohei could be there for the bedtime stuff. I used to get so depressed because I’d come home and DS would go to bed like an hour later, so it must be sad for Ryohei not to see her at all in the evenings.

Jealous of Christmas in the States … I haven’t had an x-mas back home since 2003! You’re going to have a blast!

I can’t wait!!
Sakura had a LONG afternoon nap and stayed up until 7 tonight so I think we probably will be able to bump up her bedtime if we want…

I can imagine it would be a bummer only to get an hour or so 😦 Ryohei doesn’t even get that most days which is why we are trying to work out a better schedule

Travelling with a baby baby is realatively easy! – compared to what it will be like in a year when she doesn’t want to be sitting still! When she packs a fuss you can just discretely shove boob in her mouth.

Wont even comment on your lovely baby sleeping through the night (damn bugger fuck).

and of course jealous about your and sakura’s first girls trip. Enjoy.

sorry GW!
she did wake up for the day at 4am though – wasn’t too impressed with that 😦

having gone through hell and back the first 6 weeks i’m greatful for the sleeping baby while i’ve got her!

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