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A sympathetic ear

Posted on: October 22, 2009

Yay I made a friend!

I met A-san yesterday at our “foreign interest” oyako club. She’s the same age as me and has a cutie pie son who is about a year older than Sakura. What is TOTALLY random though is that her husband and Ryohei went to the same kindy and same elementary school together until Ryohei moved in the 4th year.

We had no idea – but since they were both from the same area we though maybe they would have heard of eachother but were surprised they were actually good friends and apparently both joined the kendo club together.

A-san was born and raised in Tokyo and told me that moving her was like moving to foreign country compared to what she was used to. THANK GOD its not just me… I was quite happy to find a kindred spirit as pretty much everyone else I’ve met here has been born and raised in the inaka and don’t realize there is more to life beyond the rice paddies.

Ryohei and her husband haven’t seen each other for about 15 years but I think next month all 6 of us are going to get together for a play date. Ryohei doesn’t have any friends in the area either so I’m hoping that he will re-kindle his friendship with his old friend so that he has someone around to do manly things like eat ramen and play videogames with. A-san seems very nice and in a year or so when Sakura is a bit older she has a handsome onii-san to play with (this little boy is REALLY cute)

Speaking of my little blossom – I will never brag about her sleep again. Three days in a row of waking up around 4am is NOT fun.. she won’t go back to sleep until 5:30 or 6 which is awful… I have been so exhausted… if it gets to 5:30 and she won’t sleep I pawn her off on to Ryohei but before then I just suck it up and nurse her or hold her until she falls asleep again. She also WOULD NOT sleep tonight… so yup I cursed my good luck. Maybe its just a passing phase – I think she’s headed into her 3 month growth spurt cause my chikubi haven’t felt this raw and sore for a while.


x-posted from my facebook but its my new fave pic!



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hey Sara,
Great news about making a new friend. Things always seem a lot brighter when you have good mates to share stuff with. Hope it all works out.

As for the 4am wake ups..have you tried putting Sakura down for the night a bit later? that way she might wake a bit later than 4am for the day..(if you haven`t already tried)..might not work but may be worth a try..

YAY for new friends! That is great Sarah that you have found someone so close by and how amazing that your husbands know each other from childhood.

No hints on the 4am wake-ups. Hope it is a better night tonight though!

Hurray for friends! Makes life so much more fun. And weird co-incidence, isn’t it? We are always running into people that Yusuke went to school with who have children around the same ages. Small world out in the country, he he.

Aww, sucks that Sakura is awake in the night. Luka is still doing that…any chance that she is teething? I always get sore when Luka is cutting a new tooth and not from the actually tooth. Thinks he just clamps down a bit more, or feeds in a different way.

YAY, I am so glad you have found a friend in your area. I am sure it will make a huge difference to your quality of life in Niigata!! And wow, what a coicidence that Ryohei was friends with her husband!! That’s a pretty cool story that you will be able to tell Sakura when she gets older 🙂

Sorry to hear that Sakura isn’t sleeping as well as she has been. Hopefully it is just a passing phase!

Such a beautiful piccie! She looks like a little doll!
woohooo, iinaka friends must be like striking gold! Good for you, I hope you guys can see each other regularly and bitch about the rice paddies together!

Thats a great pic. She’s so adorable.

Great news making a new friend. Sounds like you guys can relate on the inaka front, and extra bonus points for a built in friend for Ryohei!

That picture is so freaking cute!

I’m so glad to hear that you’re making friends in the area! And friends who understand! That’s really great news!

Sorry I have no advice on getting Sakura to sleep longer as I could use some myself (;_;) But I just keep telling myself that it’s not forever and someday in the not-too-distant future, I hope, I will get to enjoy an uninterrupted night’s sleep again.

Sorry, finally catching up on blog world.
That’s awesome you found a new friend! I never thought it, but it makes sense that even a Japanese moving from city to inaka would feel the same. I’m sure I’d feel that way at home moving out of the city too. =)

Hope this proves to be a cherishable friendship for you!!! I love how connected everyone in a small town is lol


So happy that you met a new friend!! I have to get my butt in gear and do that now that I am back in Canada. That is such a cute picture of Sakura, she sure is growing. Hope that the sleep department gets better soon.

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