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Posted on: October 28, 2009

Today Sakura is 3 months old!! She officially graduates from being a newborn into an infant! Woo hoo – we made it!! On latest check she is about 5.8kg and 62(!)cm and is a fairly long and skinny baby! She still has those long legs that Dr. Awful kept telling me about when she was on the inside. Her neck is really stable now – about 90% I think in about 2-3 weeks she’ll have pretty much full control of it.

She still babbles a lot and “complains” and chats its very cute!! She doesn’t really like to be held unless its Mom or Dad and she doesn’t really like us doing it that much. She would rather lie there and stare up at you… so she’s not a super cuddly baby although shes very cute! She also still craves stuff going on around her and loves to go out in the stroller or sling. She actually fell asleep in the stroller today and its to big to get into the genkan of our house so I just let her sleep in it out there next to the back sliding door…it was a nice day and I was less than a meter away from her so I figured it was ok and she had a longer nap than if I had tried to take her inside! Actually she missed her afternoon nap yesterday and it was like WW3 had started so she really needs to get in at least 3 or 4 a day. She sleeps quite a bit… if she goes for about 2 hours without a nap she is so cranky.

I got another plugged duct and experience horrible boobie pain again. I thought that after my milk supply had regulated I wouldn’t have anymore issues but the last 2 days I had a nasty hard breast and pain 😦 Seems to have taken care of itself though as things feel better now.

We had Sakura’s Omiyamaeri last weekend with her grandparents! Heres a sample picture for all those not on facebook!



In other news – its Ryohei and my 3rd Anniversary as a couple! He’s not going to be around tonight because he has a drinking party… great timing, eh? But thats ok since I knew in advance and with the baby and no babysitters near by its not like we can really do anything right now.. maybe next year.


I guess thats it for now!


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happy three month birthday!!

Happy three months! I can not believe how fast that has flown by.

Love the photos πŸ™‚

Happy three months and three years:)

happy three months, three years and ooooohhh my that last pic is priceless- she has such a whole-face smile going on! Meg slept through her entire miamaeri and would not be woken. Grrrr!


Gorgeous pictures!

I managed to bribe a Starbucks employee in Motomchi into telling me the Christmas line up…I do this every year because I cannot wait.
Word on the street is that there will be no Peppermint Mochas, but Gingerbread Lattes and Cherry Mochas make a return. And this new custard thing that sounds disgusting from the description I got.

ohhh thanks for sharing that info!! well i’m pleased as punch since I’m a gingerbread latte fan but too bad for those who liked the peppermint mochas (khea?)

NoooOOOOOOooo…maybe they’ll have them in Canada. Yea, they will. I know it. *stwiddles thumbs in worry*

Congrats to Sakura!
And happy anniversary to you and Ryohei!

congratulations! Love Sakura`s grin in the second picture..
Good to hear things are going well.

That last picture is adorable – well, they both are, but I’m a sucker for little scrunched up noses. You all look wonderful, happy anniversary!

Happy 3 months Sakura!! And 3 years for you and Ryohei – wow, congrats!!

I love the photos – Sakura looks gorgeous as usual. I think her face has changed a lot since last time I saw her!! It is amazing how quickly they change, isn’t it! Maybe you don’t notice it as much though because it’s a gradual thing for you?

I love that family picture. Sakura and Ryohei are both looking pretty hardcore, and then there you are, looking all nice and pretty, lol.

Congrats on 3 months for Sakura, and happy 3 years together-versarry for you and Ryohei! .

Happy 3 months Sakura! I love the photos and the one of you and her is especially adorable.

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I have been a reader of yours for a long time and have been meaning to delurk. Was a bit shy so started off with fellow Aussies first πŸ™‚

The sweet potato and pumpkin soup recipe I make is super easy so I would be happy to share it with you. How should I send it to you?

appy anniversaries! Ryu will be five months on the 7th. Crazy. So fast. He is laughing outloud a lot, sits up well in his bumbo and is rolling over from his back to his front.

That photo of the three of you is nice. Sakura looks just like you.

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