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2 years

Posted on: October 12, 2009

It has been two years since I started blogging!! Wow I can’t believe it.. its been a long time coming and my life is SO different than it was 2 years ago when I had just started my job in Kobe. Ryohei was still in Tokyo working and we were doing long distance – obviously no existance of Sakura… I had NO idea that 2 years from then I would be married (ok sort of thought that), with a baby, and in Niigata! It should be interesting to see what the next two years bring 😀

Just got back from the inlaws which was interesting… I’ll get on writing it tommorrow. Just wanted to celebrate this important day!


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Posted on: October 8, 2009

Oohhh its getting cold. I think the start of winter is upon us.. wtf its only October.

Today was the typhoon that wasn’t. Niigata was right on the typhoon’s path but I think the most “typhoon-ish” thing that happened was a few plants in the field behind our house being uprooted. Highly anti-climactic but heard that a couple of people were killed (not around here) so my thoughts go out to their families.

Typhoon was annoying becuase it meant I was trapped inside with Sakura the whole day. Bored 2 month old stuck inside all day does not equal good times for Mommy. Although that being said she was pretty good and maybe the one who missed our walk more was me. She can “play” independently for up to 10-15 minutes or so now. Its amazing to see how much she’s developed. I’m hoping she’ll start laughing soon – maybe another couple weeks?

She took a good long nap in the afternoon so I caught up on some TV (loving a lot of the new series this fall – Glee, Modern Family, FlashForward to name a few along with my long time series) I love the internet and the good people who make it possible to watch a show thats just been aired in America within only an hour or two of its broadcast.

I learned that Ryohei doesn’t have work Saturday and has work FROM 6:30PM on Sunday. So not as bad as I intially expected. We are spending the night at his parents on Sunday though. We have seen at least his mom every Saturday for the last 3 weeks now… So after this trip I feel that I should have at least a couple weeks of not having to see them. The reason we are going is because my SIL is staying there with Iroha and asked for me to come and spend some time with them – and I’m a pushover and I thought Ryohei would be working(!!) so I said yes. So I’m sure all day Sunday Ryohei will be thrilled to have the day with his manga again.

Next week he’s going to still be busy… and next week is my birthday. Number 26. So I will be closer to 30 than 20… Twenty-five was a nice number – not sure I am liking it as I move into my LATE twenties. (ok thats not for a couple years yet)

Almost bedtime for Ryohei and I. Sakura has been out since 6:30pm per usual. At least she’s fairly consistant and I know that for the most part from 7pm on I’m free of baby duty until somewhere in the middle of the night. Oh sleep deprivation when will you not be with me?

Allow me to rave a bit here. Things with the baby are getting much much better?! Wow – who would have thought?! Even this time last month I was barely hanging on to my last thread of sanity and worrying just what the hell i had gotten myself in to. (I still have those moments though!)

Sakura has really blossomed (punny I know) in the last couple weeks. She’s a lot more happy and a lot more fun to be around now. She slept an unpredidented 8+ hours in a stretch last night… whoa.. I don’t want to expect that as the norm since her usual is 5 hours and then 2 or 3 hours until she wakes up but wow. I was impressed – my little girl is growing up!

She’s also very vocal although only really to me. When we “chat” I get squacks, squeaks, loud calls, and excited vowel sound coos. It is soooo cute. I love talking with her, its the absolute highlight of my day. She does coo a bit for Ryohei but seems a bit more “discerning” towards other people at this point. We set up a baby mobile for her that Sassymoo sent up a couple months ago and she is facinated by it. We bought a rug for our wood floored living room so she lies on a blanket on the rug and will watch it for 15-20 minutes (which gives me time to check the net and eat something simple like toast or soup)

Napping is still hit or miss – today she’s taken two long naps but the whole weekend she was up every 30-40 minutes. Her night sleeping is getting a lot better though although she has to go to bed early. She gets major fussiness between 4:30-5 and we have her bath and bed by 6 usually. In an astonishing surprise.. shes actually falling to sleep on her own now. As long as I pump her up with enough boobies to make her happy she will lie there on her futon and fall asleep on her own. Before it would take hours of rocking but for the last 3 days (not long I know) she has been ok with lying there drowsy until she falls asleep. Now from what I’ve heard babies love to switch things up on you so I’m not taking it as a permanent change…

Just wanted to talk a bit about the happier things in life. Who would have thought that having a baby was actually fun.. the first 6-8 weeks were differently not in my book but I’ve even looked at Sakura’s newborn picture recently and thought how someday in the next year or two I’d like to have another (most likely my last one.)

Ryohei is pulling overtime until next weeks Friday and my birthday is next weeks Thursday so maybe will do something fun to celebrate on the Saturday of that week (17th) since that will be the next “family” day we get. Ryohei was really helpful this weekend although we did get in a fight about where to put the bag of diapers. Stupid I know.. I wanted them on the side of the sofa for quick access he wanted them behind so it would look less messy. (I won eventually but it took a good hour or two of us not talking) BUT I don’t want to complain about Ryohei because he was very helpful… he did 3 loads of laundry and hung 2 of them, swiffered the floor and vacuumed the living room, made yakisoba for lunch, and cleaned the dinner dishes!! Sorry ladies  – he’s mine!!

Anyways I’m very happy and have some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for dessert tonight! Now that Sakura is getting easier I’ve def. started focusing on the massive amounts of weight I have gained since last year. Its not coming off as fast as I’d like which is probably my fault since I’ve been eating a lot of not so great for you food lately. I need to find some sort of balance and keep up Sakura and my daily walks while its still decent weather. In fact when she wakes up that is just what we will do!

With the weekend…. nooooo.

Seriously noooooo. There quality of life on weekends (aka having Ryohei around to help out) and weekdays is so different. Although I am absolutely exhausted after a 5:30 am wake up call from my little “angel” and going to bed soon I think – today has been fairly good.

We went to Ryohei’s grandmothers today and as per the course Sakura sort of freaked out. This might sound weird… but she doesn’t seem to like old people. Maybe its just their actions towards her or something but whenever her great-grandma or any other nosy old lady at the supermarket or starbucks etc.. approches her she starts to freak out. Not so much with younger people, she seemed to like my SIL a fair bit and she tolerated a few younger people holding her. My baby has a built in Ba-chan sensor… its interesting.

Anyways – SIL and MIL showed up with baby Iroha who seems to have taken over where Sakura left up and was crying most of the time they were there. Just like Sakura was a month ago… Sakura calmed down by the point they showed up and was smiling and somewhat in a good mood so I told SIL the crying all the time with no stopping will eventually pass. Sakura’s crying has also changed – I can tolerate it a lot better than when she was only a few weeks old… there is something incredibly desperate about a newborns cry and now at 2 months she just sounds pissed off when shes angry but not like shes going to die.. (which was what it seemed like in the beginning)

Anyways after escaping from the deep dark inaka with GMIL, MIL, and SIL (too many female Japanese relatives… cry) we went shopping at a huge super market one town away from Nagaoka and (small victory) I found Nutella there!! I had been casually looking for it during my shopping in Nagaoka and couldn’t find it so I was very excited to see it! Small victories. I am going to try my hand at making a lasagna tomorrow as well from a recipe that Lulu and Nay left me when they came up after Sakura was just born. I’ve NEVER made lasagna before so hopefully it will turn out well!!

Tomorrow we dont have any plans except cleaning and lazing around the house. It’ll be my last free time with Ryohei for about two weeks since he will be working over time the next two weeks including all three days of the three day weekend. I think I am going to be exhausted as it means pretty much no help with Sakura except for maybe 30 mins in the morning before he leaves…

Hopefully towards the end of the month we will have a bit more family time. Oh and just so I remember… Sakura pooped on Ryohei in the bath today. It was really funny.. we had just started bathing her when we saw these little bubbles popping up and then this explosion of yellow floating around the tub. It was pretty gross – I tried getting her out but she screamed bloody murder so she we just went along with the bath. She was sitting on Ryoheis lap so she pooped all in this tummy hair… I think he was incredibly disturbed but I couldn’t help laughing.

Anyways signing off with a picture of Sakura and Iroha from this afternoon… it almost likes like they are having a conversation but Sakura looks pissed!!


I’ve been slowly losing my bloggy mojo lately. It seems like all my (very limited) free time seems to be directed towards other pursuits. I feel sort of bad about it – I feel like I should be recording more of what is going on so that in the future I can look back and see how I made it through. And should I be foolish enough to want another baby somewhat soon this could provide as excellent birth control.

Haha I’m kidding. Sakura has gotten significantly better although she’s having a very ANTI-NAP phase at the moment. I would be more than happy to let he stay awake but if she’s up for more than about 3 hours she turns in super angry Sakura which is like hell on wheels. She’s also decided that when she does decide to nap its usually going to be only 40min – hour. Which cuts down a lot of my afternoon relax time – which means only the bare minimum gets done.

We went to see Ryohei’s parents last weekend and we are going to his Grandmothers this weekend. I wish there was a bit more spacing between the Japanese female relatives who think they know whats best for my baby. I really really hate unsolicited advice and Japanese women over the age of 50 or so seem to be bountiful in it.

Ryohei has to work every day of the upcoming 3 day weekend which is going to suck. He’s been home 2-3 hours late every night this week and this should continue on for the next 2 or so as well… Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I just am filled with a slight sense of dread for the day to come. I love spending time with Sakura – don’t get me wrong – its just really really tiring to have no one else around to “split” the work with. So when I do see any friends (rarely) I am moooore than happy to have them play with her except she’s been going through a mommy mode lately (at 2 months wtf?!) where she seems to prefer being held by me and in a distant 2nd place Ryohei. He seems sad that he doesnt get the million watt smiles I do – but he’s been busy so much and she’s in bed by the time he gets home so they maybe have 30 minutes or so in the morning and weekends.. which aren’t really happening this month.

So same old story really…

Now that I’ve gotten Ryohei’s word on moving back to America in the nestant (near+distant) future I’m feeling a bit more inaka tolerent. Just a bit though – but since its not a forever thing anymore and someday I will actually be able to have a real career again etc I feel better. I would have died if we spend 30+ years here like Ryohei had originally planned.

I can’t wait for my trip back in December with Sakura although I’m nervous as heck about bringing a 4 month old on the plane!!

Anyways not really anything exciting to update with… its about 26 degrees now and seems this will be the last hot day of the year here… looking of daytime lows of about 14 and 15 the upcoming week. Yikes – still nervous about my first niigata winter.