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Growing up

Posted on: November 6, 2009

Sakura can now lift her head up all the way during tummy time and keep it up for a bit – she gets tired and it starts to droop and then she gets fussy but she seems to hold it longer everyday.

We had a GREAT time in Osaka… I miss it SO SO SO SO SO much. It was so nice to see a bunch of my old friends – I think I managed to catch up with everyone I wanted to see besides one family. Hopefully next time will be a longer visit – once Sassymoos house is finished this spring she has kindly offered up her guest room so perhaps I will be able to stay about double the amount I was there this time.

I also caught up with Corinne and Fi, who I know both read this blog – so I wanted to say thank you so much. I had a wonderful time seeing you and your invitation to visit Niigata is open anytime.

In just about a month Sakura and I will be heading back to America for Christmas. Very looking forward to it but hoping the plane will be ok – I flew the 80 minutes from Niigata to Osaka and the way there was not good but the way back Sakura slept the whole way. To LA will be 12 hours and thats just the flight.. theres also about 2 hours of trains and a 2 hour drive home to work in there… its going to be a long long day. Hmm…

Anyways will also be going to see Nay in 2 weeks time!! Woo hoo – I like keeping myself busy with all these little trips… I get so lonely during the week that I need to keep going places… of course the cost adds up so once we are back from California I am going to seriously looking into trying to get some freelance work since Sakura will be about 6 months and starting on solids I think.

Here she is!




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She is just adorable – and I think I wrote that exact same thing last time I commented!

Flying with babies long distance isn’t toooooo bad. She will sleep and suck boob for a lot of that time – and charm people and maybe pack a sad just enough for people to thank god they aren’t sitting beside you. But otherwise all good!! By the time you actually arrive off the plane you will be so glad you are almost home that it wont matter it she nuts out the whole time in the train and car – which she wont.

Jealous you are going home. I think Ryu will be about ten before he meets his grandparents in New Zealand! Unbloggables mean I am faaaaaaar down the list of things that need to be done!!

Have a great time at Nay’s. That will be fun – talking about bumps and babies 🙂

Ditto gaijinwife on the flying.Once they start crawling,you are buggered but this is the golden time when boobs and being admired is all that she needs:)

Not long to go until Christmas.So exciting for you and your trip to see Nay is such a great bonus too.Looking forward to seeing lots of Nay-tummy piccies please;)

she looks so different in this photo! what a little beauty! glad to hear you had a great time in osaka!

Aww… she looks like such a happy camper =) Love it!

Wouldn’t that be the life, going on little trips (and big ones!) every month or so! Hope you’re enjoying yourself~~ I know you’re as looking forward to going home as I am so….YAY!

Have fun at Nay’s too!! First time at the new place eh?

Oh that photo is great. I am loving babies with head control this week- what with Ryu, Missha and Sakura- it is great to see.

Glad the trip to Osaka went well (I just heard about it on skype though so, lol)- I am sure the mini trip will be a good practice for Shizuoka later this month and then America next month. Jealous of all the travelling you are doing lately!

Wow. That picture makes her look different somehow. very girly. And that’s not just head elevation you modest mum- that’s a whole half push up there! (At least the way I do them anyhow…)

Planes and babies…. my theory is they are unlikely to hike me out over the Pacific somewhere so as long as it’s a direct flight anything that happens after takeoff is ok. And a pair of grandparental arms to hand baby over to at the other end (while you strip out of bodily fluid encrusted clothes) is a must!

Sakura has quite the tour history already, doesn’t she!

aww she` s so sweet! I sound like my folks, but don`t they grow up so fast! Little trips sound like loads of fun..hope your trip home is great too..I have the plane trip (first too) to look foward too..but I`ve got me a walker, not a boobie sleeper..recipe for disaster?

Wow, Sakura has changed so much recently. She’s really looking like a proper baby and not at all like a newborn anymore. I love the stage where they’re just pushing up and gaining upper-body control, so cute!

DS’s first plane ride was around 5 months and he did great. He was happy the whole time! The only hard part was diaper changing, because space is so limited. The flight attendants were really nice though and since the flight wasn’t full they moved the guy sitting next to us to an empty seat elsewhere to give us a bit more room and to make sure he wouldn’t be disturbed by a crying baby. So if the flight isn’t full you might see about requesting a seat with an empty seat adjacent. Maybe not so likely at Christmastime but you never know!

She does look different in that photo!! So grown up! I was so glad to be able to finally meet her and give her cuddles, she’s such a little diva, I love it!!
I agree, going before she’s crawling will be fine, although even when she is crawling, it isn’t that bad. It will be worth it to spend Chrissy at home! (Where Kentucky fried Chicken is NOT schrissy dinner! 😉 )

I was about to send you this facebook link (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=176825235772&ref=nf)
for this international meeting in niigata when I realized you had already declined. anyway, a while back i mentioned I had a friend in niigata that you could contact if you wanted.

Looks like she is going to be attending the meeting (her name is Shoko Yamamiya). Feel free to contact her and say that Devon says hi! (haha, even tho we don’t technically know each other….)

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