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Hello Sleep Regression?

Posted on: November 11, 2009

I’ve heard of sleep regressions before but wondering if “this” is it. Sakura has been a pretty consistent sleeper since she was born but pretty much after I got back from Osaka her nighttime sleep is worse than when she was a newborn. She’s 15 weeks now so almost 16 weeks and the sleep regression is supposed to be from “4 months” so…

She still sleeps pretty well for her first stretch of the night. Usually when I get her down around 6-7 until 11:30 or so when I goΒ  to bed. After that shes up every 1-2 hours (awake) and needs to be nursed back to sleep – nothing else seems to work and if I don’t do anything she starts to loudly cry/vocalize…

I have been SO exhausted… she was pretty much sleeping through from 6-6 with one feed or occasionally….now I’m up more of the night than I’m asleep.

I’ve heard it can take weeks to resolve this… so not really excited and hoping that my long sleeping will be back as I had started to forget the lack of sleep exhaustion of the first 6 weeks… only to have it thrown right back in my face.


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My oldest did this, too. It turned out that she was hungry so I nursed her 2 hours throughout the day for a few days until more milk came in and then went back to my 3 hour schedule hoping that would do the trick. It didn’t so I ended up starting her on solids at 4-1/2 months and that totally worked. Even just a small bowl of rice cereal at her “dinner” feeding helped her sleep through the night again.

I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

hmm i wonder if she is hungry then… she doesnt seem to nurse for as long anymore…

shes still 3.5 months but if this doesnt get any better i might start trying to introduce solids in a month or so… of course we will be in america by then so i’ll get to deal with jetlag and probably teething on top of this as well… yay!

Oh no! What would happen if you put her to bed later? Put her down at like 9 and have her sleep until 6 or something?

late bed times are a NO go…
even keeping her up until 7 is hard. we’ve been trying to since that means ryohei can see her at night and bathe her.

i don’t really think the early bedtime is an issue as she was sleeping about 12 hours with maybe one tiny wake up around 2-3am. its just lately all the constant waking up between 12 and 6 is killing me.. its not that shes waking up for the day just seems to want to nurse or comfort nurse until shes asleep again.

i’ve heard its a fairly common thing so it’ll be interesting if missha’s sleep pattern goes a little wonky in a few weeks as well.

My only advice would be for you to try and go to sleep before 11pm- just until she starts sleeping better. It might mean that if you got into bed at 9pm that you could get 3 solid hours before she starts her wake up routine.

I do not deal well with little sleep- I am going to be a monster when Goma-chan hits this stage.

you are so right lulu
i tell myself i need to go to bed earlier every night and somehow it doesnt happen. will try again tonight – the less sleep is really getting to me 😦

unfortunately babies are not supposed to sleep through the night at this age. Frequent night waking is normal, don’t stress too much.
ALL mommies go through it – its part of the whole deal.

BTW solids should not be introduced until 6 months. Their intestines are not ready for it yet.

i was pretty happy with her previous sleeping – actually very surprised since she was sleeping such large chunks at a time but seems that has passed…

will try to go bed earlier and see if that helps

to be honest im happy to keep her off solids as long as i can. bf-ing is just so convenient and easy… she is starting to be interested when i eat now. i see her watching me with the food

arrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh. I feel your pain. From one sleep deprived mummy to another.

Not good. Over the past three years I have gotten used to a lot less sleep but at the moment, especially if I go to bed after Ryu’s late night boobage, then I am only really getting three one hour chunks of sleep – before the spawn of the devil is ‘awake’ for the day and wanting to wake his sister up at half five. Ryu sleeps for more than one hour but I can’t just fall asleep.

Wish I could give hub my boobs some nights. He can go to sleep in about five seconds.

Not long till the 6 month stage though and then we might start some dinner going on.

Of course the new sleeping arrangements are helping the cause.

Good luck at your end too.

hahahaaha thats so funny. last night i was watching ryohei sleep peacefully as i was being “summoned” for the 3rd or 4th time and SOOO wished the boobies could be traded between parents… sigh…

since you have three it must be so hard coordinating all that sleep… sounds like shou is an early bird. i think sakura will be too… joy. im as night owl as they come.

sending sleepy vibes to your three from here… im so looking forward to going home because 1 night i am just leaving my mom in charge and getting my first decent night of sleep in almost a year… it’ll be my christmas present lol

It could be a growth spurt, or the beginning of teething. Is she drooling a lot recently? That is usually the first sign. Babies can actually start teething months and months before you can actually see teeth, and their gums get uncomfortable. It sounds to me like it might be the beginning of teething if she’s waking up and just wanting comfort, to be held and nursed, but not actually wanting to be up for the day.

You’ll hear different opinions about the solids, but to me that didn’t make a huge difference in DS’s sleep. I remember being sort of in a hurry to start on them but he didn’t really want anything to do with solid food until about 8 months, so that settled that! We did give him a bit of cereal mixed in his milk sometimes, but whether he had the cereal or not didn’t seem to affect a whole lot. The biggest changes in his sleep patterns seemed to revolve around growth spurts and/or new teeth.

you might be on to something with the teething… shes been rubbing her fingers over her gums and drooling quite a bit recently.

i guess i need to do some research and see what are some more of the teething signs

god is my little girl already starting to get her teeth!? scary.
how did you know that D was finally interested in solids? did he try to start eating them himself

btw – baby #2 is coming so soon!! you must be getting excited

Well, when we first offered him solids he just didn’t want them. He’d spit them right back out and refuse the spoon. So when he finally would accept foods, then we knew he ready. We actually skipped baby food completely though, which was good. Baby food is expensive and messy, and (imo) making your own baby food is a royal PITA. Luckily here in Asia it is pretty easy to go straight to rice gruel if you hold off on the solids long enough. We started off with rice gruel, and slowly upped the rice content as he got older and mixed other stuff in there for flavor.

Drooling and rubbing her gums and putting stuff in her mouth — gumming stuff — big signs of teething. They’ll also be fussier than normal and might have trouble sleeping. Later on in teething she might even run a low grade fever, but that would be more as the teeth were about to pop through. DS’s two bottom teeth came in when he was about 4 months, so it definitely isn’t too early for her to start going through some of the early stages!

We are getting excited about #2! My last day of work was today and I am almost as excited about that as anything else, lol.

ditto, could be a growth spurt..get you on the no sleep thing..its a nightmare but it DOES eventually settle down. It`s no comfort but it`s just another of those things we just have to deal with as mums.
Going to bed earlier suggested might be a good idea..the more sleep means a happier mum πŸ™‚

yah tried going to bed a bit earlier but sakura decided to go back to longer sleeping again so got a big chunk of about 5 hours. thats about as good as it gets for this age lol.

i think sleep regressions are related to growth spurts. i bet it’s that. starting solids is probably too soon at the moment, though. add teething and…poor sakura!! actually, if she’s having sleep problems when you go to the US, that might be easier for coping with time differences. from what others’ have said/written, having a good sleeper travel often messes them up, but a baby that doesn’t sleep well at night actually doesn’t seem to notice the differences! anyway, hope everything sorts itself out soon!

i’ve been really worried about the jetlag issue… hoping that for our going flight it wont be so bad since we are leaving around 4pm and she goes to bed at 6pm-ish anyways so hopefully she will just stay on schedule and sleep the whole flight and when we get there at 9am she will be up for the day and sleep normally..

way back we have a 11am flight getting in at 5pm in Tokyo so I have no idea what that will do to her sleep… hmmm

We totally went through the 4-month sleep regression. It was awful! But we rode it out and one day it just… got better. I think it took a couple weeks, maybe a little less, I don’t remember. I know it is SO hard to deal with constantly interrupted sleep. We’re actually dealing with that right now, for some unknown reason, and hoping it resolves itself soon. Hang in there! It will get better.

ack… hope your non-sleeping issues work themselves out soon. it really is torture..

speaking of… we need to start planning for december!!!! def. want to meet up with you guys while we are back.

You just let us know when and where! I can’t wait to see you and Sakura! ❀

I totally agree with the growth spurt or teething ideas. My son got his first tooth very early around 4 months. I hope for your sake it’s just a growth spurt though as I heard it’s easier for kids to get decay if they get teeth early. My son has also just got some adult teeth through which all the research says should happen when kids are 6 and he is only 4! I have always been manic about brushing his teeth but now I am even worse πŸ™‚

I hope she settles down a bit for you as sleepless nights are not fun at all. My son has decided to visit our bed in the middle night and plus being pregnant and having to get up a million times I am having a few of my own too 😦

wow!!! already getting adult teeth?! sounds pretty advanced… i need to start looking into getting sakura a toothbrush and stuff i guess?

she has had the holes in the gums where her teeth should come out for ages.. i have the feeling that one day in a couple weeks i’m gonna start seeing a tooth pop out.

hope you get some more sleep soon… i remember being soooo exhausted during my pregnancy cant imagine how to get through it a second time with a small child in the house

I would be less inclined to count on things that talk about milestones, and more likely to think teething too. The solids are apparently ok from 5 months, but any earlier than that can be damaging to intestines. Have you tried giving her a teether? And some teething gel? Bonjela and infant paracetamol are my life savers! Teething is such a different thing in babies. Hannah didn’t cut her front teeth until she was 13 months, and Luka had loads by that time. In fact, Hannah is still cutting her back teeth at 3 years old! I really hope the sleeping gets better. I can relate to the early bedtimes. My two get niggly at around 6:30p.m. too. I think I learned to love the early nights and early mornings πŸ™‚

I need to get teething supplies when I am back home. I have a couple teething rings but she can’t seem to fit them in her mouth!

Its so interesting to here the variety of ages that babies get their teeth at.. I have a feeling Sakura will be more like Luka and get them pretty quickly.

Not a huge fan of the witching hour.. seems to last for ages though if 3 year old Hannah is still reacting to it.

Sakura is so cute- i love the pic in the previous post. hey- what day next week are we meeting up? My brain is so out there and I can’t remember. Goddness- I got to get organized *sigh* Makes me wonder what else I am forgetting.

i hope you get this – i will email you too just to make sure.
i am a dork cause next weds. i have something planned so the weds. after that?? i think that its the 25th…

you have 3 kids including a baby – don’t worry about the disorganization and give yourself a pat on the back for just getting through the day πŸ˜‰

Sara was actually a pretty good sleeper until we moved (only woke up once or twice a night for boobage and went back down in minutes). Then everything got totally wonky, but we co-sleep so it got to the point where I didn’t even remember how many times she would wake up in the middle of the night because I was just whipping out my boob and going back to sleep while she nursed and I would wake up the next time she woke up with my boob still out, put that one back and pull the other one out, repeat til morning.

Things are much better now that I’ve stopped BFing. If and when Sara does wake up in the middle of the night, it gives me no greater pleasure than to hear DH tending to her while I continue sleeping. For 10 1/2 months I watched him snore away. Now it’s my turn! So at least there’s something to look forward to!

Sorry I have no real advice, but I do think that Sakura’s sleeping pattern is pretty normal for this stage in the game. It just sucks for you. Like everything else though, this won’t last forever!

hahaha – yah i do think after weaning if she is waking up in the night ryohei will be getting the lions share of baby duty.

lately i’ve been able to do the sleep while bf-ing… i find myself an hour or two later on sakuras futon wondering how the heck i got there. it was harder before since we had latch issues but seems pretty smooth now.

hope your boobies are better now – i’ve heard going cold turkey is pretty rough!!

thanks for the encouragement

Wow. Being the first commenter sucks because then everybody bashes what you say.

After three weeks of unpredictable sleep and fussiness we talked to Emi’s doctor about starting her on solids and he said to go ahead. She ate her whole first “meal” (mostly formula with a little bit of rice cereal mixed in) and wanted more. She was exactly 4-1/2 months. The doctor said that if she couldn’t figure out how to keep it in her mouth then she wasn’t ready or if she had tummy problems after then I should stop. We had neither of those issues and she was totally happy and slept better. Our other three girls didn’t start solids until 5-1/2 or 6 months because it just wasn’t necessary. Every kid is different.

Jetlag with babies isn’t too bad. On day three I just made sure to nurse them three hours throughout the day and then “tried” to ignore them at night. It usually took three more days to work all the kinks out but eventually they switched nights and days. Then I did the same thing when we got back to Japan.

oh hey sarah, don’t worry about it. that’s what worked for you! i tried to hold out to six months for hiro, but he was totally interested in food at four months and i finally started him on cereal at five. not everyone is the same, that’s what being human is all about! πŸ˜€

Thanks Illahee! I wasn’t offended, I just thought it was funny how moms (me included) think our opinion is the best!!

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