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Posted on: November 12, 2009

Yay its almost the weekend!!! Super excited as we have plans to go to visit the Gunma Foreign Wife contingent on Saturday. Will be meeting up with Laura (Japan Mama) for the 3rd time and Sophie and another foreign wife plus sprogs for the first time ever woo hoo!! There will be 6 kidlets aged 3.5 months (mine!) to 3 years – should be fairly crazy. Slowly meeting everyone on my blog list in the area.. don’t worry Kyushu gals we will make it down there soon enough.

Ryohei turned in his placement “wishlist” today and put down the office in Niigata City as his first and only choice. He doesn’t know if they will be taking someone this year and tells me he’d actually prefer to go there during his 3rd year but thought it wouldn’t hurt to show his interest. We were up there last weekend to visit a museum exhibit and it is a nice place. They actually have my bank there! Only one in the prefecture… so I was able to go and take a look at my balance for the first time in about 4 months. Niigata City is nice and I am crossing my fingers we will get to live there for a year or two. Does mean getting to Tokyo when I want to visit will be a bet more expensive/take longer BUT since I actually have a FRIEND in Niigata City. I’ve been trying to get myself out there… even went out with A-chan and her family but it just isn’t the same as having a buddy who can speak the language and understands the whole living in a foreign country thing.

So thats whats been going on really… Sakura had a better night last night. She had one feed around 11:30 and then slept until 5:30! First time I’ve had a long stretch of sleep for a while… woo hoo. Made things so much easier today.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Ryohei’s parents to spend the night then off to Gunma for the afternoon! NEXT weekend we are trekking out to Shizuoka to visit Nay and Naoki for the first time in a while. Then its just 2.5 weeks until Sakura and I head back home for Christmas. Need to keep myself busy as sitting at home twiddling my thumbs is a real bummer.



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fingers crossed for the transfer!

And you sure get the travel award. You see so many people so often you’re ruining any credibility I had in my ‘we don’t meet up because it’s just harder in the country’ excuse!

haha… poor ryohei is the one to suffer for my habit because he is the driver. i think once sakura gets a bit older and has kindy and other commitments we wont be able to do as much…

also when the etc goes back to being expensive 😦

if you ever feel the urge to trade one inaka for another we are waiting for you here – and hopefully i will get ryohei to make another nagano trip sometime in the first half of 2010 to see you guys and brenda as well if possible.

Yeah! I hope so too! I’m still trying to figure out when a good time to visit you guys would be, but my brain is elsewhere at the moment, so when it returns we’ll have a look at the calendar and hopefully figure something out!

OK, officically gutted. Sakura sleeps more than any of my three did at that age. six hours!! I can’t even fathom sleeping for that long? One day though, one day.

Fingers crossed for the transfer.

So soon until you go home. Jealous.

Have a good weekend.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am very jealous of your meet up with both Laura and Sophie!! Sounds like it is going to be lots of fun 🙂

I hope something comes out of Ryohei’s placement wishlist you and get to move!! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you!

Can’t wait to see you next weekend!!

I’m so excited!!! Still baking… in an oven Riki bought me to make things for tomorrow.. well.. i guess today!?

hoping the weather is at least nice… just for the weekend.. please!? It’s too cold lately and I don’t like the sudden snap in temperature!


see you guys tomorrow (today) have a safe trip!

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