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Posted on: November 15, 2009

We had a fun weekend! Actually weekends are usually pretty fun here since Ryohei is around and its not just Sakura and me all day long… (that gets old pretty quick since its not like she can really do much on her own and i think she gets bored of just seeing me and the occasional old lady at the nearby grocery store.)

Friday we went to spend the night at the PIL since they live closer to Gunma and Sakura and I took the local train 50 minutes from Nagaoka Station to the one about 7 minutes from Ryohei parents. I had (in hindsight poorly) planned for Sakura to get her afternoon nap on the train ride but she woke up after only 15 minutes due to loud high school students and the door opening and closing.. usually she sleeps.. well… like a baby on trains..

Anyways we got to PIL around 4pm and she cried from 4:15pm to 5:30pm when I finally put her to bed. I think MIL thinks shes is broken or something since she is NEVER in a good mood when we are there. And of course the Iroha comparisons were thrown like rice at a wedding… they were surprised Sakura is so skinny and long. I guess Iroha is short and round…

Anyways after nearly an hour and a half of screaming which reminded me eerily of her first 6 weeks of life – she went off to sleep in regular Sakura fashion.

Saturday she was so tired that she didn’t want to wake up at 6:30 like she usually does but Ryohei’s parents “insisted” on seeing her before they left for work so we had to wake her up at 7:45… I’m not a fan of waking sleeping babies esp. for my parents in law but we did it anyways and she was in a fairly good mood so she let them fawn over her a bit. She’s pretty look but don’t touch with them.. but then again they still try and hold her in a cradling position and now that her head is fully functional she – HATES it.

Anyways after that we headed down to Gunma! We got there pretty quickΒ  only about an hour and fifteen minutes! Woo hoo! It was a lot of fun and Ryohei is his usual fashion was the entertainment for the bigger kids while the rest of the ladies chatted and admired the two smaller babies. It was good food and fun. Thank you so much Laura A. for hosting us and also it was great to finally meet Sophie and Sakurako. Sakurako in particular seemed to enjoy baby Sakura she was petting her head and gave her a hug as well.. very cute!

It is only an hour and a bit from Ryohei’s parents so if we use the ETC to get there its only 2000 yen round trip πŸ™‚ Hopefully we will be able to meet up every few months…

Anyways the way back we went back to Nagaoka and it took quite a bit longer… Sakura was pretty cranky and then it started raining so we took a rest and a parking area and had dinner there. It took us about 2.5 hours with the stop included and we were all pretty exhausted by the time we got back.

Today was supposed to be rainy but ended up being sunny so we caught up on some house chores and then drove out to a park but it was super windy and cold so we headed back after a brief stop at Akachan Honpo for Sakura and Starbucks for us!

Sakura was being SO cute this weekend.. she is SO chatty now. I wonder if she’ll continue to be a chatty baby/toddler. It makes me crack up when she tooks to us, herself, her toys, etc etc..

Hard to believe she’ll be 4 months soon. At Akachan Honpo we saw another baby crying that was about a month old.. it was a big shock to realize just how much Sakura has matured.. she doesn’t sound or look like a newborn at all. She’s trying so hard to roll over and smiles and occasionally laughs, and has head control.. it really is true time goes quickly.

I just hope this week goes quickly so we can head out to Shizuoka to see Nay and Naoki again!! I can’t wait. We haven’t seen them for over 2.5 months now. This month has really gone by fast… just another 3 weeks until we leave for America?! And then it’ll almost be 2010… I really can NOT believe it!



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ahhh yes having a cousin born close to you is great *for the kid*. Not so much fun for the ever to be compared with each other mums!

And the horizontal hold thing? Man that P’ed me off. MIL would not believe me that my girls preferred to be held vertically and would just persevere with an increasingly agitated baby. Grrrr!

Glad you had a great weekend and I see I’m not the only one counting down to Christmas!

Yah I don’t really get the horizontal hold thingy… all Japanese babies CAN”T really prefer that right? Maybe they all have gone through conformity salaryman/women training in the womb?

Yes – so excited for Christmas!!!

Misora already prefers to be in an upright position and ILs are always putting her on her side. Of course this one refuses to burp (it all comes out the other end though, just like daddy hahaha) so the upright position feels better probably

Sakura was like that too.. I think from about 2-3 weeks she liked being held up right and you are right I think that it helps with gassyness.

hope you are holding up at the inlaws… when are you going back home again?

Sounds and looks like such a great time at Laura’s..so jealous of all the cute little’uns and yummy foods!

Sakura is looking SOOO beautiful. She really does look more like a baby baby now eh! They’re starting to be so much more fun… even though (well, in Missha’s case) they still don’t really play WITH you. She’s enjoying toys now though so I feel a little less guilty about not being infront of her entertaining her 24/7 πŸ˜‰

I saw a little almost 2month old Korean baby at immigration the other day… were they really that small at one point?! Damn… Missha’s really long n skinny too… *fingers crossed her n Sakura end up with long pretty model legs XD* I can’t wait for them to meet up again!

Have fun on your next excursion! =)

re: the smaller baby..
I know right!? Hard to believe…

I noticed that Missha and Sakura have a similar “baby body type”
Are you exclusively breast feeding? The 100% babies look so roly poly and I can’t tell if its a formula/boobies thing or just a genetic one?

Its going to be so fun when they meet up next.. they should both be around 6 months so hopefully they will be interested in eachother and not just asleep like last time. lol

I think so yea! Very similar. I hope so, they should be able to interact somewhat by then! If they can talk and play with toys now… I’m sure in a few months they can do it with other babies!

She’s exclusively BF… though I’ve been trying to incorporate 1 bottle of formula a day now that shes 3months but she just spits it all out with a “ewwww” look on her face… won’t drink expressed milk anymore either. So much for ever leaving her with anyone for more than a couple hours! =/ What about Sakura?

still breastfeeding exclusively here.. actually sakura is sort of depending on it to go to bed… not going to be a fun habit to break in the future but since she sleeps so well now i don’t want to do anything different

so missha isn’t a fan of the bottle? sakura had some K syrup at her 1 month check up but nothing since.. she was fine with it then but no idea how she would be now

I realised that when I spoke to you last I completely forgot to ask you how your day down in Gunma was!! I felt like such a bad friend. I am glad to hear that you had a great time though!! I’m sure a whole day of English conversation was nice – that and making new friends is always a bonus πŸ™‚

I am so looking forward to seeing Sakura again. She sounds so cute these days!! I am going to have to have my camera battery charged and ready to go πŸ™‚ Although, I might just be too busy playing with her to take any photos. Maybe Naoki will have to be the designated camera man, lol!

Btw… just in case you don’t realise I am looking forward to seeing both you and Ryohei as well πŸ˜› It’s not ALL about Sakura… I promise, lol!

We were at akachan honpo on the weekend as well. I really need to start making a list of all the things we are going to need! Pity, we didn’t get starbucks though 😦

no worries!! you had a very exciting day and i wanted to talk to you about that!!

please have as much fun with sakura as you like.. she goes to bed fairly early so that should give us nights and stuff to talk! can’t believe we will be there in about 5 days

Yeah, all of our “hafu” babies are long and skinny! Glad you had fun, I really enjoyed it too. So many people in our house, it was great! Definitely up for an overnighter in the new year too πŸ™‚

Both of my babies like(d) to be held upright and hated the horizontal hold from birth. The only time it was ok was for feeding. But Luka still prefers to feed sitting up or lying down on the bed! Don’t know WHY people cradle babies!?!?

i have no idea… i know as a newborn sakura didn’t mind as much but once they have head control i don’t really see the point..

babies are so curious (well at least mine is) she wants to be looking around and seeing whats going on instead of a scary baa-chan face grinning down at her

Can’t believe its nearly xmas season too…

How long are you going home for?

i’ll be going back for just about 3 weeks!!

woo hoooooooooo

I think the baby being held is just what they (babies) get accustomed to..if mama is always cradling them then that`s what they`re gonna be used to..ditto upright.
Sounds like you had a great weekend! and yay for Christmases at home with people to play with bubba and give you a bit of well earned free time πŸ™‚

Sounds like a super fun weekend. I hope that Shun & I can get out and about a bit with Goma-chan on the weekends since Shun`s work schedule means he won`t see much of him during the week (and I am not going to keep the baby up until 11pm so he can see his dad)- maybe mornings too if Goma-chan is an early riser. Will be interesting to see if Shun will become one himself? hahaha

Jealous of the weekend meet up in Gunma- it is not so far from me and I totally would of come if I wasn`t about to pop at any moment. lol. WOuld of hated for the six kids to turn into seven unexpectedly! I haven`t seen Sophie & Sakurako since we were both back in Brisbane and have never met Laura so would of been nice! Next time for sure!

I hate it when people compare babies/children but it is a hard habit to break I think. I am sure your in-laws mean no offence when they compare Sakura to Iroha- as long as they understand that all babies/kids are different. I am sure I would get annoyed too though if it happened a lot.

Was good chatting with you earlier tonight- sorry I had to rush off! Will talk to you again soon though.

Lulu – you must join us next time, with little Goma chan πŸ˜‰

Waaa… Can’t believe I missed this post!

It was so great to finally meet you, Ryohei and Sakura. (ESPECIALLY after over 2 years of emailing online!)
Sakurako didn’t stop telling Riki about “the baby” on the way home (but how she pronounces it.. bee bee) I really think Sakurako had fun once she warmed up to everyone… she seemed very fond of Ryohei and Yusuke right!?

Can’t wait to do it again soon. I’m sure a few day trips to visit you on boring week days is in order. wouldn’t take too long on the train.. and I think Sakurako would enjoy the ride now that she’s old enough!

By the way, loved the hummus… ❀

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