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Posted on: November 16, 2009

Wow.. I think its been ages since I did back to back to back posts!

Sakura was SUPER clingy today… she usually is fairly content to play with her links and baby gym and other toys, but as soon as I put her down today she got very very angry and wouldn’t stop crying unless I was standing up and holding her. No “easy” sitting down holding stuff…

Also she wanted to nurse quite a bit and fell asleep a couple times nursing on my lap which she hasn’t done forever… hope shes not getting sick 😦

My “eating healthier” routine started today. Ryohei and I have decided not to eat any sort of sweets except on the weekends when we can splurge on something nice and hopefully save a bit of money and shed some kilos. I’m not going hardcore into dieting until Sakura’s firmly onto solids since I don’t want to mess with a good thing (aka my milk and milk supply) Will see if cutting the sweets out helps though… I think I may be stuck at my current weight until I’m done breastfeeding as no matter what I do – eat or ton or eat healthy the scale hasn’t budged in almost 2 months… shame that its stuck at such a bad bad place.

Usually I look forward to going home and shopping for new clothes… but not this time. In fact I think I won’t get that much just a few warmer weather basics to get me until spring when I PRAY I will be a bit closer to fitting into my pre-preg clothes…

May try and do the “Couch to 5K” running plan starting in the New Year… theres a 5K run in Nagaoka in April and maybe I can “train” with finishing that race as a goal. Not sure HOW I will be able to go out running with no one to watch Sakura though…

Anyways Ryohei is saying “its time to go to bed” so I guess thats all for tonight. Didn’t really have anything exciting to post about – oh well Sakura rolled tummy to back again today. She did it with quite a bit of momentum and bumped her head on the (carpeted) floor and wailed for a while. She is ALWAYS turning on her side now when on her back and she gets SO ANGRY she can’t seem to roll over.

Ok going to bed now I promise! Three weeks until we are off to America!!!


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See if anyone on T&SJ has a jogging stroller. They rock! I would give you mine but it’s waiting for sodai-gomi after a hard life. They really are great though and I walked for hours and hours with the girls in all weather- the big air tires with spoke mean you can even get through snow no problem. Wrap Sakura up warm in her snowsuit, add a couple more blankets for good measure and you’re off and running!

And yeah for you for the no sweets thing. I think I would last ooohhhh 20 odd hours?

Oh good idea… that will be something to look into when I get home from America maybe?

So far almost 2 days into “healthier” eating… I’m not really looking for a HUGE weight loss at this point but will be interesting to see if there is any change.

I made a quiche though last night so that may have cancelled out any healthy eating lol

Giving up sweets is really difficult but I am sure you can do it if you put your mind to it. After last month’s doctors appointment I stopped eating sweets altogether and the first couple of days I was in withdrawal mode, lol! This month I am being more lenient, but like you, trying to keep it till the weekends…

Heather’s idea about buying a jogging stroller sounds like a great idea!! Might be something to look into anyway. The 5k marathon would be a good motivation starter 🙂

Can’t wait to see sakura trying to roll over this weekend!!

So envious you are going home in 3 weeks!!

I wish I had as much self control as you during my pregnancy.. I def. took the liberty of eating anything I wanted as much as I wanted it…

See you in 4 days woo hoo!

Hehe.. so nows probably not a good time to tell you I’m finally posting that recipe on my blog 😛

I think you look great.. look at me… it’s been almost 2 years and i’m still fat 😛 I guess that’s what being in Japan makes you feel though right? I mean everyone is so TINY… you kind of think the worst about yourself. When we were back in Aus I did feel more confident about myself, I mean there were PLENTY of people larger than me that didn’t have the excuse of Having a baby, going through a shitty birth… then being lonely and bored for the first few months after birth?

I’m sure you will feel the same when you go back to the states ❤

No worries!! I have weekends to eat sweets so as long as I can hold out until then 😉

Thanks for saying I look great… I’m probably 25 kilos heavier than my “normal” weight though and only 5 of that is pregnancy weight… I was at my heaviest when I got pregnant 😦 I think we’ll probably try for #2 sometime towards the end of 2010 but I def. want to get down to a healthier weight before then…

Opps baby crying off I go…

Don’t worry about not wanting to buy clothes for yourself when you go home. I was super lucky about breastfeeding helping with weight loss and when I was home I was at a weight I hadn’t seen since high school and I STILL bought barely anything for myself. It was so much more fun shopping for Sara, and even when I went to clothing stores which I usually love, I just wasn’t interested.

Good luck with your new plan! You have my utmost respect for even considering running in the freezing cold. I do not deal well with cold weather at all, so getting up in the morning is a huge challenge in itself, let alone going outside. Go Sarah!

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