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Long Weekend and more

Posted on: November 25, 2009

We made the trek (about 7 hours driving with stops/traffic) to visit Nay and Naoki in Shizuoka last weekend and the great time MORE than made up for the long drive.

We left at 3:30am (!!) Saturday morning and got there around 10am! We didn’t have an incredibly busy time but had fun playing with Milo the puppy and of course admiring Sakura. She was a bit out of sorts from the early wake up and long drive and had a bit of a bad first night there but the second night was better.

It was SO great seeing Nay again – we always have so much to talk about and it was so exciting to see her belly full of baby N! I wish I looked that great at 5 months pregnant.

It was so sad to go home on Monday but work and life awaited us back in Niigata so we drove back… we ended up taking a local road through Shizuoka and Yamanashi and it was beautiful because of the mountain scenery in all its maple leaf glory. It was a great drive!! Not one we could do every month but maybe every 6 months 🙂 I think Nay and her Mum may be coming up to see us in the New Year but after that I probably won’t see her until Baby N is here!!

Yesterday was Sakura’s 4 month appointment. She is now 6.1 kg and 63 cm long!! She is very long and skinny and on the “slender” side of the average baby her age. But the doctor said everything looks good, so that was a relief. She doesn’t have another appointment until she is 10 months which should be around May or so. She also got her first shot and didn’t seem to like it much – she cried and cried and they made us wait for 30 minutes to make sure she didn’t have a reaction to it and she just had an absolute fit. Poor baby… she slept great last night though! The first time in a while actually… I think there is still a whole lot going on in her brain and she has a difficult time going to sleep and staying that way. Not incredibly fun for me but what can you do?

I met up with A-san today at the nearby station and we had lunch and then came over to my place for a bit. It was def. nice to have someone to talk to and it was interesting watching her little boy play. He is about 1 year older than Sakura so its like getting a preview of what things may be like… seems very very high energy – I’m just used to Sakura lying there its hard to believe in just a year from now she may be running around screaming and throwing things like he was!!

Also at the station today picked up my discount ticket for Tokyo the day before I leave for the US. Found a website that lets you buy tickets from Tokyo to Nagaoka for up to 30% discount the one I got was 20% discount! Pretty sweet – I def. recommend it to anyone who ever plans to visit from Tokyo. Can’t believe in just 2 weeks I will be in America again!! Wooooohoooooooooo


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Sounds like you had a great weekend. It is good that you guys are able to see as much of each other as possible! Bet you can’t wait to go home for the holidays- how long will you be in the US for?

Thank you for coming!! We had a wonderful time with you all as always 🙂

Poor Sakura – vaccinations are never fun but for a baby it must be so mcuh worse. At least as adults we understand why we are getting put through the pain.

Your meet up with A-san sounded like it was fun! Having a friend who lives close by really does make a difference 🙂

Not long till you go home now!!! YAY!!

Wish I could of spent the weekend in Shizuoka with you guys- 7 hours in a car is tough but like you said, it is not something you could do every month but every six months would be fine. That said, my trip home from Shizuoka took almost that long due to traffic but at least I wasn`t the one driving!!! hehe

Sounds like a fun time with A-San- I definitely need some local Japanese friends. I have plenty of Japanese friends but they are all in Tokyo (and mainly male- meaning not sure how they would react with bub in tow!)….Maybe I will meet some more once I have had the baby. Some other “mama-tomo” so to speak…

Not long now til America! Looking forward to seeing you & Sakura on the 7th- either at my house or the hospital. Bet Goma-chan is going to be late now so will probably be home still waiting for him to arrive.

Sounds like a great weekend. But wow, what a long drive!! Go Ryohei!

It’s amazing how much babies change in such a short time. Luka is just 17 months, so just over a year older than Sakura and look at the difference. Even with Hannah only just 3, there is a huge difference between her and Sakurako, just over a year’s gap.

You must be so excited about going “home”. All packed yet?

I of course, saw all the pictures on Nay’s FB and you all look great! I’m sure you had tonnes of fun~ Lucky you finding discount tickets! That should constantly come in handy eh? All America prep done yet? I leave in FOUR days and am so scared I’m missing something…

Either the scales and measuring board at Seibu’s baby room are messed or…. Sakura n Missha are the same length and weight!!!??? How can that be???

Was the shot the big “dice” stamp one??? Missha gets hers Feb 10th, and I’m already feeling sorry for her. Poor Sakura =(

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