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Posted on: November 27, 2009

My brain has been on overdrive lately I’ve found it so hard to turn off and just sleep at night the past couple days. Mostly worrying about the future and such what with only about a month until the end of 2009, the things I need and want to do in 2010 are overloading my mental circuits.

I’ve decided that I just need to focus on the year ahead. To be honest most of my thoughts lie in finding ways to get out of Niigata but I really need to just calm down and take it one year at a time and I know 2010 we will be going nowhere. In any case I’ve formulated “The 3Ps” of goals I want to accomplish in the next year – they aren’t resolutions but more of practical and meaningful ways of enhancing my current living siuation. They consist of a single “Professional” “Personal” and “Pleasure” goal each.

P(rofessional) – In 2010 I need, and I mean NEED to get myself back in some sort of position to use my brain and make money. The housewife life is NOT cutting it – however with Sakura still so little and living.. well… where we do… the types of work I want to do are pretty much non-existent. Which means that I’m going to barrel into trying freelance translation again.. before I got pregnant I was trying to get my foot in the door but it was right around when the whole “economic crisis” was at its peak and then.. well I got pregnant and suddenly the world revolved around that part of my life. I’ve already gone out and bought a “shigoto navi” filled with agencies taking translator resumes. Some of them I don’t qualify since I’ve only got 2 years from my last job but I will just send out resumes and see if I get any bites.. I’m not looking to become the next Bill Gates in a year but sussing out a lot of my career options and it seems like freelance trans is the best right now. So my goal is to be at least making a couple man a month by the end of 2010.

P(ersonal) – In the last two years I have gained a lot of weight. Some pregnancy related, some a product of bad eating habits and no exercise program. Ryohei is getting me a Wii for Christmas so I plan to get Wii Fit as well as some other “Active” games so that I can’t make excuses while its still winter. Once the weather has warmed up I am going to try the “Couch to 5K plan.” Like we have been doing lately I am cutting out sweets except on weekend days, but I will still be eating what I normally do in “real food” at least until I stop breastfeeding and then I may start working on more portion control. Since I am still breastfeeding and plan to for at least another few months (and I’m one of those body holds weight while bf-ing types – BOO) I don’t think I will reach my goal of 30KG by the end of the year but if I was half way there or so that would be great.

P(leasure) – I am a British Citizen through decent since my Dad was born and raised in the UK. I’m pretty sure he is still a citizen although he has taken American citizenship as well and I know he was still ONLY a British Citizen when I was born so I am eligible to apply for a UK passport. I have been saying I will do this for years now but I have decided that this is the year I am going to go ahead and do it. It means getting a hold of a lot of paperwork… mostly a big pain in the ass because I have to submit copies of not only my and my dads birth certificate but also my parents marriage and divorce decrees AND marriage and divorce decrees for all previous marriages and divorces. My Dad was my Mom’s 4TH(!) marriage so thats going to be a huge hassle but having a UK passport seems to be totally worth it. I don’t think I’ll be able to get it while I’m in America this year but I will hopefully get all my papers together and send in my applications when I go back for next years Christmas.

Anyways those are my 3Ps!! I feel like I have my work cut out for me… but if I can accomplish all 3 of them in the next year it will be really great and I feel like I could open a lot of doors that seem closed at the moment! I plan on updating monthly or bi-monthly on my progress in all three areas starting in early 2010


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Sounds great, and really positive 🙂 I was also the holding on to weight while breastfeeding too…booo indeed! I have a book called, “How to lose weight while breastfeeding” but it’s a bit too technical, so I kind of lost interest. Especially after the part that said, don’t try to lose more than a pound or two a month…

Yeah, you can do it!! Yay to the 3Ps!! Or if you add positive, it makes the 4Ps (*feeling uncomfortable with the sexual connotation and even more uncomfortable that I thought of it..*)

omg!!! i totally didnt think of it that way… wonder if i’ll be getting some very disappointed new blog visitors

Ha ha ha, sure nobody else will either. Must go outside to get my mind out of the gutter..

Gambatte sarah chan!

You can do it! 😀

They sound like three really great and achievable goals! Best of luck with them.

I need to reassess my goals for the new year as well!!! Haven`t really thought about it much yet as concentrating on having the bub first but weight loss will definitely be one of mine as well!!! Plus trying to figure out a way to earn a little money- it is not so much that I want to work (although I wouldn`t mind) as much as I need to. Living off one income in Chiba is proving tough especially when I want to go visit friends (not to mention Australia!) so often! hehe

Jealous you are getting a WII for Christmas- I want one too but we already have a PS3 and probably can`t really justify it right now. Would be fun though!!! I have played on one a couple of times (James has one!) and they are fun- especially when you have visitors too as a lot of the games can be made into competitions.

You have that whole 100 things right? Thats quite a lot of goals.. if I ever made a huge list like that I think I would explode from trying to achieve everything in numerical order… just that type of personality!

I am looking forward to the wii as maybe it will give Ryohei and I something to do TOGETHER in the evening since we seem to while it away on our respective computers half the time..

you have such positive stuff keeping you awake! I won’t tell you about my insomnia inducing fears of random burglars, rapists and massive earthquakes just in case it’s contagious. 😉

I really believe in setting goals as a motivator. Now I’m gonna have to think of some of my own….

And I’m such a *good girl* I didn’t even make the 3P connection. Derrrr…..

Hahaha being in the inaka has cured me of those sort of fears… cept maybe earthquakes?
I’d love to read a post on your goals!! I’m so interested in what everyone wants to accomplish…

Must admit I didn’t make the sanpi connection either, which shows how tired my brain is. You’ll get some random traffic from horney men but hey – I get traffic from people googling kindy, granny and sex at the same time. Scary shit.

Having short term goals is good. I need to get me some fo those.

I have a UK passport – actually a EU one so can go live in the south of france for ever and ever if I fancy – and if I ever win the nenmatsu jumbo.

getting all the paperwork will be a pain in the ass but worth it once you have it.

Happy sleeps to you.

Ohh nice GW! I want the passport because of more options should I need to run awa… I mean find other places to live. I’ve always wanted to live in Europe and heck if the freelance translation gig pans out we could live anywhere hopefully.. Anyways not getting ahead of myself…

I don’t get many “fun” searches to my blog… the people who visit your blog sound a little f*****d up!

Good for you taking it one step at a time. If you’re anything like me, writing down goals and telling people about them makes me strive harder to not disappoint. They sound very realistic and manageable, ganbatte!

Yup!!! If I don’t start posting updates feel free to give me a “nudge” so to speak!!

Need to start planning my Feb. trip as well…

I think its a great idea to think about life a year at at time, instead of trying to guess what is going to happen in the future. Somedays its even difficult for me to get through each week 😦

I think your goals are definitely achieveable!! You can do it!!

Oh and the 3P thing?! I STILL don’t get it, lol 😛

Hahaha… weeks have been flying by since Sakura was born. Now I’m trying to balance practical with what I want …. very difficult. Esp. with the baby in the picture now 😦

But giving it a try….

3P well.. its dirty if you think about it… haha… but you are a good girl so i doubt your mind is in the gutter

That sounds like a REALLY good plan! I was actually going to suggest that you guys take a break from talking about any long-term plans and focus on the next year and reassess at that time. Sounds like you didn’t need my advice anyway! 🙂
I’m a total list person too, and getting things crossed off always makes me feel so good. Good luck! Your cheering section is rooting for you!

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