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Tired but in a good way

Posted on: November 30, 2009

I have been racking up the fitness points the last couple days since we bought our wii. My Christmas present from Ryohei and also pertaining to my please-get-in-shape-at-least-a-little-bit plan for 2010. I’ve lost half a kilo in 3 days!! (Which tells you how in crap shape I am – when you are this heavy the early days the weight just flies off and then plateau…) But regardless – its been really fun playing all the games. We got the Wii Fit Plus, We Cheer (a cheerleading dance game – don’t laugh its actually really fun), and Sculpt Boxing (which KICKS MY ASS and leaves me huffing and puffing after only 10 minutes)

Hopefully the novelty won’t wear off and I will keep it up. Its better than lounging around on the computer whenever Sakura naps for sure… Lately she’s been very very “PAY ATTENTION TO ME” so when she realizes Mommy is trying to oh… eat, pay for groceries, try and exercise… little miss throws a bit of a fit. Shes VERY aware of whats going on now… LOVES her Daddy. If she sees Ryohei or hears his voice BIG smile… me… well… I supply the food but I’m sort of old hat. Only 4 months and shes a Daddys girl.

One week from today we will be spending the night with Lulu! And then next Tuesday I am off to America for three weeks! Yay! Since Lulu  is in the last days of pregnancy not sure if Goma will be around by next week but if he isn’t there when I leave I HOPE for Lulu’s sake he is there by the time I get back on the 28th and stay another night! (So greatful to have Lulu in Chiba willing to host me both before and after the long flight)

Anyways here is my new fave pic of Sakura! She doesn’t look like a little baby at all anymore! But don’t worry she’s still got plennnnnnty of growing up to do! I think I must be used to the lack of sleep now… I really want to try and night wean her as the waking up 2-3 times a night really sucks. I think I will wait until we are back from America though as going through an international trip and no boobies to take comfort in might be rough.


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Gorgeous picture- she looks so different than when I saw her.

Wii sounds great and go you for sticking at it!

You must be so excited about your travels- enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Wow Sakura is sure growing quickly!! It is amazing how time flies. She is as cute as ever too. I love the Wii Fit Plus too though it has been awhile since I have used it. Need to get back at it, hard season to get it together though. Hope your trip to the States is good!

So jealous of your Wii!! My sister has one and I always had a ball when I played it. Now that it’s cold and getting outside to exercise is becoming more and more difficult, I bet your Wii is going to get lots and lots of use. Just watch those kgs fall off – and it’s a fun way to exercise to boot 🙂

Loving the photo of Sakura – her little green outfit is gorgeous (so is her hairband :P) !!

Not long to fly home now!! I hope your trip is all you want it to be plus more!

Good luck with the weight loss, We have a wii, but not a wii fit, so it might be good to get one of those one day. 🙂

Sakura is getting to be such a big girl! What a cutie!

Have fun with the Wii!

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