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Tired in not such a good way

Posted on: December 2, 2009

Sakura had a BAD night… for her last night.

Put her to bed at 6:45ish per normal routine… normally she stays asleep until a feed around 11:30/12 but not last night. She was up and screaming when I was getting out of my shower around 9:30… Ryohei was late so I went up to try and get her back to sleep and it kind of worked. Ryohei came home just as I got out of the room at 10:45… cue 15 minutes later. Screams!!!

I figure if I go up again she’s just gonna want more boobies.. so I ask Ryohei to go up and gently rock her to sleep… well.. I knew that wasn’t going to happen as soon as I heard him proclaiming “Hi Sakura!” loudly as he went in our bedroom…

Cue 45 minutes later… STILL awake… smiling at Daddy…

Its now almost midnight and I’m exhausted… I want to sleep but now she gets cranky and wants boobies. So boobies it is but she WONT fall asleep… so Ryohei.. who while I’ve been doing this has been snoozing in bed begs me “Can’t you just do something – why isn’t she sleeping?!” Hmm.. I think 11pm Daddy time had something to do with that… but I go back and lie down with Sakura again and FINALLY… she drifts off.

I roll into bed exhausted.. but 3 hours later… *grizzle grizzle, cry whinnnnne*

So… From 4am to 5:55 when Ryohei got up and took her downstairs I was up with Miss S.

So so so so tired… doesn’t help I’ve been going at it on the wii so I’m achy and tired from exercise tired PLUS need sleep tired. Yawnn… almost a kilo down since Sunday though! Woo hoooooo. The Wii only lets you set a limit of 10kg to lose.. I am going for triple that but I guess 10kg at a time is a good goal.

I’m glad I started exercising before America as I will probably go less “for broke” than I would have if I started after the New Year. I’ll still probably gain a little though but I don’t get to go for another year so its sort of worth it.. esp. Christmas dinner – yum!

We have a busy rest of the week…

Tomorrow I am going with Sakura to PIL during the afternoon and we will stay the night since Ryohei has a business trip in Tokyo on Friday. Friday night we are celebrating Sakura and Iroha’s 100 days thingy… MIL is making red rice and Tai fish and SIL and I are making a sponge cake. Also staying there Friday night..

Saturday afternoon we will head back here and then I have that time and Sunday to pack – do general cleaning (Ryohei plans on staying with his parents during weekdays and staying at out apartment on the weekend), and if we can fit in an hour of Karaoke.

Sakura LOVES when Ryohei or I sing now so we are going to try an hour of karaoke.. which we haven’t done FORVER and see how that goes.

Anyways soon it’ll be time for princess to wake up and then its off to the store to buy some ingredients for tonights Basil Chicken and roast veggies.


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Sleep vibes your way..maybe Sakura is an early teether? I`m sure you`ve got loads of advice from everyone, when we knew Alex was definately teething we would just rub a little bonjela (teething gel) on her gums..kind of stopped her short, crying eased a little and she was able to fall asleep again. Lots and lots of chewy toys too..even a wet towel worked..
anyways, if its not that, I`m sure whatever you are dong is fine. Hope it eases up a bit.

I do think she may be teething. She’s been tugging or scratching at her ears a lot and constantly has fingers or toys in her mouth! Gah… well I’ll be getting some gel for it back in the states… only a few sleeps until just hope they are less “exciting” as last nights


I so remember the days…..

And don’t you wish you could book a broken night? You know ‘Hmmm, tonight? No, I’m working tomorrow. How does Saturday work for you? You can have daddy?’ It would be s much easier!

That would be so nice… I would say ALL FRI AND SAT PLZ…
let Ryohei deal with it so I can get some ZZZs…

Nice to know that yes, eventually it WILL get better…

She has been such a great little sleeper lately though so you have had a good run- hope she returns to her nice normal sleeping patterns soon! I am not sure how I will deal with the tiredness- I become such a grump when overtired.

Second the bonjela idea- you said you have something similar in America right. Plus teething rings are good if that is what is causing her to wake up etc…

Hope she has a good sleep tonight and that you can catch some zzzz….

I thought I commented on this post…. but It mustn’t have worked 😦

I hope Sakura is nice to her mummy and returns to her nice nightime sleeping patterns soon!!

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