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Posted on: December 18, 2009

I am so overdue for a post. Its been over a week since Sakura and I arrived here in America and we are having a really fun time.

The flight over was a lot easier than I thought. We stayed the night before with Lulu and Shumpei and it was nice to catch up before Goma-chan makes his arrival. It’ll be the last time I see Lulu without the baby as he better be there when I head back home in another week and a half!!! (ganbatte Lulu!)

We lucked out and got a bassinet seat which made all the difference in the world. I can’t imagine how it would have been if I had to hold Sakura the entire flight. She slept for about 6-7 hours of the 9 hour flight and we had to wake her up for landing. I didn’t sleep at all and was a complete zombie by the time we got to my Moms house but jet lag wasn’t so bad this time around and it only took a couple days until we were both acclimated to America time.

So since then we’ve been very busy. Lots of relatives and friends to visit – unfortunately I’ve caught a cold 😦 Which has really sucked.. Sakura also is a bit under the weather and is sniffling and coughing. Her sleep has also gone to sh**. Not sure if it is because of the travel or a new place or a break in schedule or something else or multiple of the above.

She wakes up a lot more at night and wants to be rocked to sleep mostly. My mom has been helpful in that regard as esp. since I’ve been sick my energy for taking care of her has dwindled.

I’ve also been doing my part to contribute to the American economy. I’ve done so much shopping – but I THINK most of it is done for now besides random food items but I will get them towards the end of my trip. I def. enjoyed the selection and variety that America has to offer.

Sakura has continued to be VERY popular. I get lots of people commenting on what a cute baby she is and she has SUCH a sunny disposition. She smiles and coos at anyone now. She loves being held and being talked to and just in general being the center of attention – VERY SOCIAL. She loves having a bunch of people around to spoil her and I’m sure going back to being around just mommy and daddy in Niigata will be a hard adjustment for her.

I’m not really having any reverse culture shock – in fact being here has really made my desire to move back in the next 5 years or so even stronger. But more on that later… anyways we have a busy week leading up to christmas and then on the 27th I’m back to Japan!

We’ll be at the inlaws from when I get back to Niigata the 29th – Jan 1st.

Its been so nice and warm here… sunny and about 21 degrees/65 degrees here. Niigata is about 2 degrees/30 degrees and snowing… its going to be a shock to the system for sure!!!


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Glad you are having a good time (minue the cold)

The pic with the gingerbread pillow is so cute. It looks like she is about to touch him to ask “Why aren`t you moving?”

I also like the one with the cat between her legs. Did the cat move there itself?

Nope the cat picture was some strategic placement on my part! hehe… he was pretty tolerant though!

Hows little Misora doing? She must be getting ready to smile about now!! Hope you guys are well!

So glad you’re having such a great time! You’re post could have easily been one of mine.. the fun, the popular baby, the both getting sick, the not sleeping as well, the shopping and the food shopping all to a T XDDDD

Lovin’ the pics too. It’s so hard to believe she can get any cuter, and yet it seems to keep happening XD

Coooomeee ooooon photoshoot!
Enjoy the rest of your time there!

Yay sounds like we are having a mirror trip! Not surprising since most of our lives seem to be pretty similar esp. with 3 weeks between our babies!

Likewise to you with Missha!! We are going to be in a lot of trouble 15 years from now Khea they are just so DAMN cute and it just keeps getting worse! (better?)

Oh, I remember that hat! All the photos are so cute! I`m glad you guys are having a good time. I hope you feel better soon and that Sakura get back into a good sleep cycle soon.
I was just looking through Pop`s closet and found that bag of things I was meant to send up to you. I`m so sorry! I put it there for safe-keeping and I completely forgot about it. I`ll send it up once you get back home.

Oh thanks!! Sakura is outgrowing her clothes like a weed! She’ll be out of 00 sizes soon!!

I think she’d love that jumper if you still have it since she is so damn active.

Enjoy your winter holidays cass! The party you guys are having on the 26th sounds amazing. Bummed I’m not able to attend stuff like that with you guys anymore

Love the ginerbread-man pic!

Glad to hear the trip went well! What an angel sleeping all that way!

Have a great Christmas and trip home.

I just got done drooling over Ryu and his latest pics on your blog. Gawd he is one handsome little man.

Hope you have a great Christmas as well! Must be fun when your kids actually sort of get the concept of it! Well.. fun in a good and BAD way I suppose 😉

Glad to hear you’re having a great trip! And that picture of Sakura with the cat is too adorable. I think that’s why my back hurts now – I sleep around my kitten!

Have a good holiday.

Its been a great trip and couldn’t have come at a better time. Def. keeps off the winter blues to go home for Christmas!

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday as well.

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