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Posted on: December 30, 2009

Currently typing from my inlaws from ryoheis computer while sakura was napping. Had a fairly hectic trip back… my flight was an afternoon one so it was not the easy breezy trip we had during the night flight on the way to america.

After 11 hours in the air we got to the airport and we made our way to the hotel room i had reserved…. i made a stupid mistake and ended up taking a taxi there when i could have taken a free shuttle bus or the train which would have been about 300 yen. instead i paid 4000 for the stupid taxi… i thought it would be closer but no.. no it wasnt. 10km in the taxi and i learned my lesson

the hotel itself was fine.. 3800 for a smallish room with a bed and shower pretty much all that i needed. we were going to stay with lulu that night but since her mum is visiting and i knew sakura would have jetlag and be up all night i think the hotel was the right choice. anyways.. we made it to see lulu and baby noah the next morning. he was sooo cute. he was very very alert just like sakura was when she was a baby and you can tell he is going to be very handsome when he is older.. but with lulu and shumpei for parents that was a given i think.

after visiting for a few hours we made our way from chiba to tokyo and got in line for the shinkansen. it was the busiest day of the year for going to niigata… just my luck but sakura and i managed to get the last seat in the free seating carriage. she was pretty good on the train and we finally made it to niigata around 2pm

since then weve sort of been relaxing. we went out for some yakiniku today which was nice. it was 3000 for the two of us and the quality was fairly good. it had been months since id had yakiniku!

seeing ryohei again was nice i think he was more excited to see sakura than me but no surprise there. i am sorely missing all the help i had with her when i was at my moms. ryohei and his parents dont do a lot in the way of taking her and entertaining her so once again it falls on me… ive been up since 4am when she woke up and ryohei went back to sleep from 6 – 8…

its fairly cold here and there is a lot of snow. it should start snowing again from tonight although its clear right now. sil and co are coming from tomorrow so we will see baby iroha again. that should be nice to have them to talk to. altho sil can be a bit… different from me… parenting wise… its still nice to have someone with a baby to talk to.

we still havent had any word officially on the tokyo transfer but apparently ryohei was told at his new years party that they hope he will go to tokyo. the vice-mayor told him that and the mayor is the one who will decide if he gets it so fingers crossed.

ALSO there was apparently a guy a couple years ago who was sent to tokyo and then transfered into another branch of the govt while there so ryohei is really interested in seeing if he can do that. to be honest i think he finds the level of his work a bit low and since finding out he may have a chance to transfer into a department of the national gvt as opposed to the central govt it seems to have given him some motivation.

so who knows there is a slight possibility now if we were transfered to tokyo that ryohei could find a way for us to stay there permanently… but before that we needed to be transfered in the first place.. so please keep your fingers crossed we will and we will find out within the next 6 weeks or so.

we are thinking of moving to funabashi or ichikawa as it is a bit less expensive than tokyo but still only a 35 minute commute or so from where ryohei would be working!


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welcome back to japan! hope the oshogatsu is easy and stress-free! ha! fingers crossed for tokyo!!

Glad you made it back safe and sound.

Stupid question, whats the difference between national and central government? Central being things like ward offices and national being things like Ministry of Finance?

Okaeri. Glad you made it back safe and sound. So hope Tokyo works out for you guys. That could make a huge difference to quality of life.
Good luck for the New Year break. Enjoy the sake and mochi!!! Yeah, about as much as I will be aye!

Glad you and Sakura made it back ok! Moving to Tokyo sounds like heaven to me! With ALL the stuff to do there, all the shops and such only any given of number of train-stops away.

I wonder why Ryohei and your inlaws don’t feel they need to sit with the baby and entertain and play with her! :/ Keeping a baby entertained is probably so exhausting after a while!

I do envy you though, being in Japan around New Year’s (and being there at all, hehe). All the mochi you can eat….sigh. I miss the food! Osechi is ok sometimes I think, but Takeshi doesn’t care much for it. He says everything osechi is always too sweet.

Glad you are surviving the in-laws even if they are not being much help- I wish they would help you out more to give you a break.

Nice catch on the last seat on the train too- I was worried you would have to stand so I am glad you got one!

Hope you guys are getting over your jetlag okay.

Welcome back! Happy New Year! Good luck on getting the transfer and making it permanent. Considering it is now the 1st, I’m sure you are very close to escaping your in-laws. I hope it wasn’t as bad as you expected, and you get some good rest when you get back home, and that the new year brings you everything you are hoping for.

I’m so hopeful that you’ll get good news about the Tokyo transfer! Glad you had a great stay in sunny Cal. I’m sure it was very hard to come back. Really – who wants to trade that in for the snow? Skiiers I guess. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2010!

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