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Starting from yesterday to a month from now the days Ryohei will NOT be here are… 10. Yes 1/3 of a month…

Ridiculous huh? Add 6 month old – middle of growth spurt – up at least 4 times a night Sakura into the mix… and you have one very tired me with much more still to come.

It just really sucks that Ryohei IS SO BUSY. And that so many of his activities fall on the weekends.. seriously. In the next 5 weekends he will only be here for two of them.

He’s going to Osaka this weekend, has a ski trip with work two weeks from now, and working all weekend long at the of Feb.

So much for komuin being a family friendly work environment. I don’t know any other husband who is AWAY so much. Sure.. other people work later than Ryohei does but at least they are home in the middle of the night should WW3 with the baby break out.

It just sucks since it means Sakura and I are alone together for so much time… and I just miss having adult (meaningful) conversation as “oh your gaijin baby is so cute” baba attacks from the grocery store don’t count.

So I’m escaping to Nagano Friday – Monday yay. Taking the train down with Sakura, it should take about 3 hours so we will see how that goes although after surviving 9 and 11 hour plane rides 3 hours sounds like a piece of cake. Would be faster if I could drive/had a car… but I don’t so thats just how it is.

We had Sakura’s 6 month check up yesterday – my first “cattle call” type check up. It was ok though… lots of “kawaii”s and “me ga dekai!” (cute and she has big eyes) but just nodded and “hai hai”d my way through it. Once again f=ing Niigata is so inconvenient. I had to take the bus there and with only 1 bus an hour and a 30 minute ride… I was there about 45 minutes early and had to wait an extra 30 minutes after I was done. What should have taken about 2 hours took 4… and we get to do it all over again next week when I take Sakura to get her first polio vax at the the same place >_<

She also has the last of her DPT vax today but thankfully the clinic that we get them from is only a 15 minute walk and its nice out today so I'm crossing my fingers for smooth sailing.

I also have to figure out what to do with Sakura when I got to Hello Work to pick up my first paycheck. I guess I can try calling the kindy again.. I'm just in a bit of a pickle since Sakura refuses to take a bottle. I should have given her one once a week or so… but now she will not take it and will not drink anything but boobies from the source… so putting her into the kindy for a few hours is going to be a pain in their butts. But not much I can do about it I guess…

Question about Hello Work for those of you have gotten your insurance… so you have to do two "job hunting" activities a month. Can you count the day that you go in to pick up your check as one if you get "advisement" or whatever? There is a Hello Work with a mothers corner closer to me which I plan to go to satisfy one of the requirements but it would make is so much easier if I could just get the other one over the day of picking up my check. Please let me know if this is possible.

But yah… thats my life.

Hard to believe this time last year I was living it up in Kobe… it seems like forever ago. I've been in this hell-foresaken prefecture for… 9 months now.

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That was one of the words used in the evaluation of my translation test that I did last week… ouch…

So that was a very clear — NO. And its probably a sign that literary/creative translation is not for me considering that I’ve struck out once again.

I had a feeling I would fail just because it was such a difficult test but still have a bit of bruising where my pride used to be. Its probably for the best though since I’m getting Hello Work money until the end of March and I don’t want there to be any troubles with that.

Also… no word on Tokyo still although not really a surprise although Ryohei told me that from this year the position to Niigata City (that he had initially applied for) was cut by the Mayor due to lack of funds or something so he’s afraid that maybe the same thing will happen to the Tokyo position as well since its funded by Ryohei’s city.

Being Japan I doubt we will find out until the last minute… early March or so.

So between those two things I’m feeling pretty gloomy today.

The Niigata hatred is back…. so tired of the snowboundness. Seriously SERIOUSLY TIRED of it.

That would be our “backyard” at the moment… there must be at least a meter and a half of snow.

Its also cold and Sakura and I resigned to a once a day walk to the supermarket 5 minutes from here. Not  so exciting.. the rest of the day we go through the cycle

Baby gym–>booby–>Bouncer–>play with mommy–>jump-a-roo–>booby with a bunch of boredom crying a couple naps thrown in. I am going out of my mind…

I have my once a month Mom&Kid group tomorrow so it will be nice to get out of the house for 2 hours or so.

Living for our Tokyo transfer… if it doesn’t happen I don’t know what I will do. I’ve been checking a lot of “wanted ads” for Tokyo and thinking about going back to work but at the same time not really wanting Sakura in fulltime daycare at such a young age. Although to be honest – I do wish I had a day or two a week apart.. just since it is so tedious and we don’t have anyone to see or anywhere to go. Probably is also because her sleep has gone to crap and I spend half the night with a boob in her mouth trying to get her to sleep.

I am considering a bit of sleep training to try and get her to sleep on her own. She’s never been the type to fall asleep without boobs or being held so its probably going to be a weeks worth of screaming which I don’t know if I can take and I’m sure Ryohei will crack way before I do…

Anyways Sakura is so cute – I’m just feeling back in the rut of inaka housewifery when my heart is in the city with friends, work, and things to do…

Well.. it took close to a week but I’d say all three of us are finally better. Yes – I said all three. I succumbed to the cold around Friday and spent two days in misery as well. Sakura still has a bit of a runny nose and Ryohei has a bad cough at night. Sakuras sleep has taken major turns for the worst… gone are the days when she would sleep oh.. 5-6 hours at a time. Lately shes been up every 2 hours or so….. NOO. I am SO tired.

I’ve heard around the 6 months with teething and other developmental stuff that sleep is sort of in the toilet for a while. I still miss feeling somewhat rested though.

That is right though… in just a week and a half Miss S will be 6 months!!! Wow… its been a pretty quick half year. She now shows preference for objects and her parents by reaching out or looking for something I’ve taken away from her. We got a wonderful Jumparoo from Sassymoo for her which has been a life-saver lately as shes getting a bit bored with the bouncer and baby gym. Thanks much Sassy!

Maybe I’m biased but Sakura seems to be a pretty smart cookie – shes alert and very opinionated. She def. LOVES her Mommy… she reaches out for me when other people hold her (although she hasnt started stranger anxiety yet) and when she wakes up and sees me near her she tries to roll over towards me.

She can sometimes sit on her own now. She isn’t balanced but if she stays still she can sit for 10 seconds or so. Its pretty exciting! Right now I am lying on the tummy on floor with Sakura strapped onbu style on my back. Shes alseep by the way.. I’m not just strapping her there and lying down watching American Idol re-runs and blogging and ignoring her.. hahaha.

Anyways… what else is new… had a VERY difficult translation test for a first tier game company. Haven’t heard the results yet but I’ll be surprised if I pass… was a bit of a shock to the system. I think I will be waiting until we hear on Tokyo or not before I do any other translation work.

Also should be getting my Hello Work checks soon. Timing works out well as I can collect my last check at the end of March.

Still no concrete word on Tokyo… Ryohei was out sick 3.5 of 4 days last week so hopefully that won’t be a bad reflection on him… he was supposed to smooze with a higher up at the City Hall during one of those days… just hoping that hes still being highly considered to go…

When we went to visit JapanMama… which was WONDERFUL. Her husband (also a komuin) said that at his work people maybe only get 2 weeks notice before they are transferred… we are hoping that if we do they will give us a bit more noticed as moving is going to be insane as well have accumulated a crazy amount of stuff.

Speaking of stuff… am highly considering buying a big LCD tv with money from my first Hello Work check. Would be nice to have a little zeitaku (luxury) in our ensemble of mostly second hand or not so nice stuff…

We shall see!!

Oh.. by the way… if we don’t get transferred. I will NOT be doing Niigata winter next year. 3 months or so in sunny and warm southern california for me and sakura it will be. Hate the damn snow… this week its not supposed to snow as much but seriously there are already drifts up to my waist!!!