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A decade of me

Posted on: January 2, 2010

Got this idea from Sassymoo and Gaijinwife and probably countless others but I read theirs first!!

2000 – 3rd year high school student. was into anime and ddr and games and lots of “geeky” stuff. had an awesome time at disneyland in the summer. got back with my ex in the fall.

2001 – 4th year high school student. broke up with ex again, and had rebound summer of sin then went to university in boston where met a ton of fun chaps and started majoring in psych.

2002 – took my first japanese class at university. got back together with ex. spent lots of time with my uni friends.

2003 – broke up with ex again – very bad… wanted to get out of the country so chose to attend study abroad program in japan from the fall. go to japan and have an awesome time making lots of friends both japanese and foreign

2004 – still in japan. ex came to visit and we got back together but then he cut things off when he went back to america so i got together with a guy names keisuke but when i refused to “seal the deal” he broke up with me and never called me back again. got really home sick for america and returned about 3 weeks earlier than i was supposed to. worked at summer camp for japanese students in america. missed japan after a couple months of being back. got back together with ex at the end of summer.

2005 – finished up university. applied for jet program.

2006 – tried to look for a job while waiting for JET results and ended up working as a receptionist for a university. got accepted as an ALT to kobe. visited london in the summer and then broke up with ex for good and moved to kobe. met ryohei october 2006 and started dating a week later.

2007 – applied for opening cir position in kobe. ryohei moved to tokyo for his job in april and we stayed together despite the long distance for the rest of the year. moved to west kobe after receiving the cir position. was very cute and skinny and did a lot of partying with jet friends/single friends and pretty much drank more than i had in years.

2008 – ryohei moves to kobe in jan. we get married in late feb. which didn’t really put a lot of thought into. met a bunch of my now foreign wive friends. started to really want a baby. continued being bored at my job since there was little to no work for me. got pregnant with sakura in october.

2009 – visited america with ryohei for first time in march. finished up cir job in august and moved to niigata with inlaws which was awful. moved to nagaoka (away from inlaws) about a month before sakura was born. had traumatic birth experience and struggled with the first couple months of motherhood. hated where i lived and the lonliness…

2010 – praying that in a couple months we will not be in niigata anymore and if i have my way i will never be coming back (to live) again. also need to lose at least 30kg of baby weight and not exercise/eating crap weight but expecting that to take more than a year…


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Human interest. reading about other people’s lives is so much fun! I feel that 2010 is the year when our baby weight is going to evaporate Sara. I think I’ll pop Billy’s boot camp under my pillow tonight.

Best wishes for a great 2010 and fingers crossed Ryohei gets his move.

2000 – 3rd year high school student. was into anime and ddr and games and lots of “geeky” stuff.

Wow, sounds just like me in that year! (except i was a couple years younger)

And i agree with gaijinwife: reading about other people’s lives is fun. 🙂

LOL! Whenever I read about someone else’s decade I want to go back and add more stuff to mine, even though it’s plenty long already (><). I must admit though that the fact that you were a high school junior when I was finishing my last year of JET, but we have babies that are only 7 months apart in age makes me feel very old.

Loved this idea and stole it for my blog. Hope you don’t mind. Writing your life down like this makes it sound so crazy. I really enjoyed reading about it. I did the same with mine and was surprised how much happened in the last years. I am sure I forgot to put down many things, but still seems crazy.
Anyway, I love your blog. Please keep posting! All the best for 2010!

I can’t believe an entire decade has passed since the year 2000. I still remember the party I went to on New Year’s eve 1999. Hehe. When I started thinking about what I was doing 10 years ago I was like, oh yeah, I was in high school. Um, no. I graduated in 1998, hah. This is a good one for jogging the old memory! I’m gonna steal it for my blog, which is in a state of utter neglect right now. 😀

Good luck with losing the weight. Hows the wii fit going? 🙂

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