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Back to normal life

Posted on: January 5, 2010

Well two days into being back at home on my own.. ok with Sakura.. and I’m already going out of my mind. The contrast from being home – warm, sunny, people around, not sticking out like a sore thumb… the list goes on is pretty much the complete opposite here.

The weather forecast for the next week… 5/7 days snow, 2/7 days rain.
Woo hoo… sure makes getting out of the house a pain in the butt – but Sakura hates being cooped up inside all day too… I do as well… but even the 20 minute walk to the station/starbucks etc is painful and scary since there is so much snow accumulation.

Ryohei actually took a half day off today since he was having a painful neck issue and took me to the hello work so I could start collecting on my unemployment insurance.

Nagaoka’s rules seem a lot more mendokusai than other people I’ve talked to… I have to attend a 3 hours seminar next week for explanation before I can receive my first pay. And since I have no one here to watch Sakura I have to put her into daycare for a half day which makes me really sad. The guy pretty much said – don’t bring your baby to the seminar or here again. So now every time I go to hello work I will have to put her in daycare 😦 We live to far from PIL for her to go down there without staying the whole day. Makes me sad because I know if I was in a place where I had friends nearby I could have someone I was comforable with watch her instead of having to send her with some strangers in a daycare at the young age of 5 months 😦

But the money will be nice… so I guess we have to do what we have to do although I really need to start bottle feeding her once a day so she will get used to it.

Sakura is changing every single day. Here are some of the things she can do SINCE coming home from America only a week ago.

-Roll from back to tummy ALL THE TIME
-Sit with assistance and sit for a couple seconds without assistance
-Reach out to Ryohei or I to hold her (this is especially cute)
-I think she’s starting to understand her name
-Pass toys from one hand to another
-Use both hands to hold a sippy cup but can’t always find her mouth with

She’s got a lot more skills down pat too… its amazing how much she changes everyday and shes got a really lovely personality to boot. Very smiley and social.. she smiles and babbles at pretty much every one and will stare at someone until they make eyecontact with her. We’ve definetly become oyabaka (silly parents).

Hoping that we will hear on Tokyo by the end of the month but probably not likely… I have this huge feeling of dread its not going to happen and it will be back to the drawing board on how to get the hell out of here asap. With this chance of Tokyo looming in the air even Ryohei has admitted he’d like to move on to bigger and better things. He wants desperately to transfer into a different type of civil officer (hopefully located at the central govt in Tokyo)

I’m on day 2 of my healthier eating/exercise. I thought I would gain like 2-3kg over the holidays but actually lost 400 grams from before left. I’ve been sticking to a fairly relaxed diet of a half cup of granola and a cup of low fat milk for breakfast and a salad with a bit of ceaser dressing and some cut up olive oil panfried chicken breast and then having dinner as normal. Also cutting out sweets until the weekend. Weigh in is every Monday…

My goal is 15kg initially which will get rid of all the baby weight I have left plus some naughty eating in 2008 weight. Then my plan is to try and lose another 15kg which would put me at a weight I haven’t been since high school… haha… oh well shoot for the moon and you’ll end up in the stars or something like that.

Anyways thats it for now I guess.

We have plans to visit Japanmama in Gunma this weekend!! Yay… I already need a fix of English conversation and today at Hello Work showed me how much my written and spoken formal Japanese has gone to crap.

Sigh…. I need to start looking for translation work but am a little worried about getting paid while receiving unemployment.


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Good luck with the job and also your husband’s. πŸ™‚

I took Shou with me to Hello Work – I don’t think I took him to the seminar. I vaguely remember getting a friend’s mum to look after him. But he came to every other Hello Work visit. Because you are actively meant to be looking for work I think they just wonder – I always just said the kindy in Kunimi had room for him for when I got a job. The money is good so it will be worth the hassle.

Also, Shou went in to kindy when day a week from four months and he was fine – almost easier at that age as they aren’t supper clingy and a teacher holding them is almost as good as mummy. Well with SHou it was. He would really only cry when he saw me when I came to pick him up! I would go and sit in a chair facing the back of the room and feed him before I left. I had to go back at lunch time to feed him and then again before we left – but we had to drive an hour and a half each way so he couldn’t hold out. I gave them milk and stuff anyway. You can buy the 100ml travel packs of milk – or I think Japan even has plastic powder formula divider things now like normal countries.

I hope Ryohei gets the Tokyo gig. Sounds like you need something busier and brighter. I would be a bit iffy about working while you get the benefit too – I was doing a few private English classes but it was all under the table no record. Actually, now that I’ve said that I have a feeling you are actually ALLOWED to do part time work while you are looking and collecting. Hmmmmm. Sure they’ll go over that at the extremely exciting seminar you have to attend.

Sakura sounds like she is doing a lot more than Ryu – such are the negatives of having a bouncer that I always just plonk him in to!! I need to get him used to holding his own bottle cause I remember life got a lot easier with the other two when they could feed themselves!!

I actually think Sakura will enjoy the socialization of the kindy but I am not a big fan of leaving her with unknown people.. particular Japanese people as bad as that sounds..

But just seeing my MIL and stuff with her and it gives me the shudders.. aka my baby raising style seems so different.

I wish Sakura would be content to stay in the bouncer but she seems to need stimulation all the freaking time. Sure makes siblings seem like a nice distraction.

Is Ryu taking solids yet? How has his reaction been? Do you do the okayu route or just mashed up foods?

I have been very lazy with the solids thing this time. With I did the okayu thing – but mainly because Granny K and hub were on my case. Both the kdis love rice though – and not mashed potato so perhaps I should have had a more western solids diet with them. I think I did buy some for the fruit jars off FBC.

Ryu to date has had mashed banana, apple, pumpkin, carrot, a few banana purin baby jars, some baby sembei and a baby dinner thing which I thinkg was pasta and something – for babies from 7 months. Hard to tell with some of them!!

He seems to eat pretty much what ever gets shoved in his mought – unless he is tired and cranky in which case ‘food’ wont soothe him. But thats to be expected. Much rather some boob in his mouth.

Siblings are a nice distraction – if you can handle the constant fighting over the same toys, pushing, calling each other ‘baka’ and general chaos – not to mention holes in the sliding doors, dents in the fridge (who would a though if you rammed a ride on plane hard enough you could dent it!)


Perhaps you should send your plane experimentation findings to the fridges maker!!

Gosh sounds like you really are in a chaotic environment over there!! You must be so exhausted!!!

Hmmm Snowy Niigata, not fun!!! 😦
I’m dying in the cold and there hasn’t even been any snow like days yet!
I find myself not leaving the house with Ash in the cold too.

I hope ryohei can get the Tokyo job too, I’m sure they wouldn’t have mentioned it unless there was a good chance of it happening, hang in there!

They told me not to bring Ash with me (in a really polite indirect way) and I got really huffy when MIL was explaining it to me.
I didn’t bring him to the seminar, just because I knew he’d cry and carry on because it drags on sooooo long. I suggest sitting in the back and reading a book while trying to ignore the droning voice and droning video.

MIL said they said not to bring the baby because it proves you can’t look for work but i was like, “Errr, jig’s up, I ticked the ‘got pregnant’ box when I filled out the paperwork!!!”
So I took him with me when i went to the once a fortnight gig, it was always done in like 5 minutes no dramas.
Good luck with it!!!

Thanks Cor!

Yah I signed her up for the day care so at least I know shes taken care of for the seminar.

If only the damn hello work wasn’t such a pain to get to here. Bus that comes once every two hours or 40ish minute walk in the freezing cold… probably will have to taxi it, at least the money is good.

When your three months of being paid were up did you just stop going? What happened? Did they say anything to you”?

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