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Attack of the man cold

Posted on: January 13, 2010

Wow.. finally some peace and quiet to myself after a busy busy day. Ryohei has been stricken with a man cold so bad that he actually (gasp) stayed home from work from yesterday afternoon.

The doorbell rang around 2pm Tuesday afternoon and Ryohei went straight up to bed and stayed there like 36 hours request rice porriage with miso for breakfast lunch and dinner pretty much.

I had my Hello Work Setsumaikai today… aka boring boring boring. So instead of packing Sakura off to daycare he took care of her instead but apparenly she cried the whole time and wouldn’t take the bottle of breastmilk I left and didnt nap. So I came home 3 and a half hours later to a tired and hungry baby and a sick husband who once again packed himself straight off to bed with another request for.. you guessed it.. rice porriage with miso.

Well at least I’ll be picking up my first Hello Work check in a couple weeks from now and two more to follow. I’m saving 2/3rds of it but we’ve decided to spend 1/3 on a new LCD tv since our 14 inch boxy analog one kinda stinks.

Also depending on a translation test I take tomorrow may have gotten a freelance translating gig lined up. Knowing my luck it’ll fall through…

Anyways now Ryohei and Sakura are both sleeping upstairs and I’m enjoying the first bit of alone time I’ve had all day. Tomorrow and Friday are going to be a pain since Ryohei will be late one day and then nomikai (aka not coming home) the next… woo hoo…

I hate single parenting esp. since Sakura’s sleep is going through a crap period recently.

Anyways thats all thats going on here…


2 Responses to "Attack of the man cold"

hahaha I just read your entry!!! What is it about men and sickness and that awful slow boiled rice yuk?!!??!!

Poor Sarah more to the point!!! And Ryohei too – he must be crazy ill if he got sent home from work.

Anyways glad about hello work! I hope you will get lots of money soon!!!

fingers crossed for you on the translation! I’m interested in the miso thing… is it just for flavour? Or mystic healing properties? K insists on pickled plum, raw egg, raw negi and a shot of shochu on the side. *Apparently* all for medicinal purposes but I have my doubts on the shochu….

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