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After the storm

Posted on: January 18, 2010

Well.. it took close to a week but I’d say all three of us are finally better. Yes – I said all three. I succumbed to the cold around Friday and spent two days in misery as well. Sakura still has a bit of a runny nose and Ryohei has a bad cough at night. Sakuras sleep has taken major turns for the worst… gone are the days when she would sleep oh.. 5-6 hours at a time. Lately shes been up every 2 hours or so….. NOO. I am SO tired.

I’ve heard around the 6 months with teething and other developmental stuff that sleep is sort of in the toilet for a while. I still miss feeling somewhat rested though.

That is right though… in just a week and a half Miss S will be 6 months!!! Wow… its been a pretty quick half year. She now shows preference for objects and her parents by reaching out or looking for something I’ve taken away from her. We got a wonderful Jumparoo from Sassymoo for her which has been a life-saver lately as shes getting a bit bored with the bouncer and baby gym. Thanks much Sassy!

Maybe I’m biased but Sakura seems to be a pretty smart cookie – shes alert and very opinionated. She def. LOVES her Mommy… she reaches out for me when other people hold her (although she hasnt started stranger anxiety yet) and when she wakes up and sees me near her she tries to roll over towards me.

She can sometimes sit on her own now. She isn’t balanced but if she stays still she can sit for 10 seconds or so. Its pretty exciting! Right now I am lying on the tummy on floor with Sakura strapped onbu style on my back. Shes alseep by the way.. I’m not just strapping her there and lying down watching American Idol re-runs and blogging and ignoring her.. hahaha.

Anyways… what else is new… had a VERY difficult translation test for a first tier game company. Haven’t heard the results yet but I’ll be surprised if I pass… was a bit of a shock to the system. I think I will be waiting until we hear on Tokyo or not before I do any other translation work.

Also should be getting my Hello Work checks soon. Timing works out well as I can collect my last check at the end of March.

Still no concrete word on Tokyo… Ryohei was out sick 3.5 of 4 days last week so hopefully that won’t be a bad reflection on him… he was supposed to smooze with a higher up at the City Hall during one of those days… just hoping that hes still being highly considered to go…

When we went to visit JapanMama… which was WONDERFUL. Her husband (also a komuin) said that at his work people maybe only get 2 weeks notice before they are transferred… we are hoping that if we do they will give us a bit more noticed as moving is going to be insane as well have accumulated a crazy amount of stuff.

Speaking of stuff… am highly considering buying a big LCD tv with money from my first Hello Work check. Would be nice to have a little zeitaku (luxury) in our ensemble of mostly second hand or not so nice stuff…

We shall see!!

Oh.. by the way… if we don’t get transferred. I will NOT be doing Niigata winter next year. 3 months or so in sunny and warm southern california for me and sakura it will be. Hate the damn snow… this week its not supposed to snow as much but seriously there are already drifts up to my waist!!!


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I am glad all three of you are feeling better! Being sick sucks!

I can`t believe Sakura is almost 6 months old- that time has flown by. It seems like just yesterday that Nay & I caught the bus to Niigata to meet her when she was less than a week old. I think it is cute that she is in a “I love mummy/want mummy” stage! I am looking forward to seeing you guys in February! I still not sure what dates dad will be here but will explain about that later- hopefully I will know sometime this week so that if it fits in with your plans and I have no other guests then you guys can crash here- if your dates are for when I have someone here then hopefully one of the other Tokyo girls can put you up for a couple of days!!!

Talk soon- feels like ages since we had a good chat. Might need to organize a skype session soon!

all I can say is I hope your place has heat! I definitely agree with you, I am not a fan of winter in Japan, and there isn`t even any snow here in Tokyo but at least the apartment is warm.

When I first came on JET my supervisor talked me into taking the JETRO (I think thats what it was called) test and boy was that a shock to my system (of course i was completely oblivous on how to study for it) but I can definitely say I understand. Could never do any sort of Japanese test now that wasn`t multiple choice, it would more or less just be blank otherwise.

I’m so glad that you’re all feeling healthier once again. For what it’s worth – not much sleeping going on around here either. Sophie is about to turn 2 and suddenly going through the “Oh I can climb out of my crib whenever I want and wake up Mama?” phase. It’s a novelty to her. But after 1 week of either short naps, no naps or naps that take 2 hours before they even start, I’m tired. And never mind the 2 hours that we’re awake during the night..or the one hour it takes just to get her to go to sleep at night. Argh. Her sleep was so perfect and easy just weeks ago (8pm-7am straight!) that even though it was a brief thing, I was very very grateful for it. All I can say is, I’m right there with you! Dragging thru every day….

Wow, Sakura is 6 months already, that’s crazy!

Snow is funny. It is always so pretty and nice at first, but it gets old super quickly. In Beijing it’ll snow once or twice but the snow stays on the ground FOREVER because it is so cold and gets all scuzzy and black and disgusting.

Go for it with the TV, although maybe hold off until you know for sure whether you’re moving or not? My husband is always super resistant to buying new things, especially big things, right before a move because then that’s just one more thing you have to transport and worry about breaking. Anyhow, that’s the sensible advice from my husband but I’d probably just end up buying it anyway. 😛

Glad to hear that you are all better. I can’t think of anything worse than having a sick baby when you are sick yourself. Not something I am looking forward to at all!

Gosh, I can’t believe it has been 6 months already – it really doesn’t feel that long at all… Sakura is going to be 1 before you even know it!!!

I have my fingers crossed for you all that Ryohei does get transferred to Tokyo!!

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