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Snowbound Hell

Posted on: January 19, 2010

The Niigata hatred is back…. so tired of the snowboundness. Seriously SERIOUSLY TIRED of it.

That would be our “backyard” at the moment… there must be at least a meter and a half of snow.

Its also cold and Sakura and I resigned to a once a day walk to the supermarket 5 minutes from here. Not  so exciting.. the rest of the day we go through the cycle

Baby gym–>booby–>Bouncer–>play with mommy–>jump-a-roo–>booby with a bunch of boredom crying a couple naps thrown in. I am going out of my mind…

I have my once a month Mom&Kid group tomorrow so it will be nice to get out of the house for 2 hours or so.

Living for our Tokyo transfer… if it doesn’t happen I don’t know what I will do. I’ve been checking a lot of “wanted ads” for Tokyo and thinking about going back to work but at the same time not really wanting Sakura in fulltime daycare at such a young age. Although to be honest – I do wish I had a day or two a week apart.. just since it is so tedious and we don’t have anyone to see or anywhere to go. Probably is also because her sleep has gone to crap and I spend half the night with a boob in her mouth trying to get her to sleep.

I am considering a bit of sleep training to try and get her to sleep on her own. She’s never been the type to fall asleep without boobs or being held so its probably going to be a weeks worth of screaming which I don’t know if I can take and I’m sure Ryohei will crack way before I do…

Anyways Sakura is so cute – I’m just feeling back in the rut of inaka housewifery when my heart is in the city with friends, work, and things to do…


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Ugh. Take away the snowbound-ness and you basically wrote exactly how I felt at the beginning of Joey’s life. I went back to work part-time when he was six months old but I would either take him with him (kids classes) or my MIL would come and have him for two hours every other week. It made all the difference to my sanity though and when he was a year old I started to increase my hours and put him in hoikuen for a few hours a week. I worry about how I would feel if I had a baby now and had to put them into full time daycare from the age of 6 months (which is quite normal here in London) I understand the need to be away from your child occasionally though, I struggled with that alot when I was in Japan.
It’s a tough one but on the bright side if you don’t start working again you can take a nice long holiday to the US next winter and miss all the crappy weather!

Wow I am Jealous of the snow … i LOVE it! It reminds me of being back in cold old Scotland! Wanna trade for a week?

Don’t worry, the sleep issue has gone all to heck for us too … The more i research it, the more i find out that its perfectly normal for kids not to sleep “through the night” (as in an ADULT through the night – none of this 5 hours at once nonsense) before the age of 2.
So i have given up!

I cant comment on the PT work thing because i have 0 knowledge of Japanese kindergartens, however I do appreciate how hard it can be being alone ALL the time with a kid, and probably she will benefit a lot more if you are working a little bit and feeling excited to see her on your days off, that if your starting to feel worn down by
everyday monotony.

Try to cheer up – you always have us blog-buddies 🙂

Wow, snow looks beautiful, but I can imagine you are fed up of it after such a lot of it…we have yet to have ANY here in Takasaki!

To be honest, I felt just the same when my little girl was born. Being used to working and being able to go out when I wanted, and all the friends I had in Tokyo, well it was hard. I kind of hibernated…vegged out, didn’t really do all that much and just felt a bit miserable for a while. I busied myself by throwing myself into the housework and cooking. That really helped, I must say, and now that I can drive, the world is a bigger place too. When the snow clears and the spring slowly creeps in, it will be a different world for you and little Sakura, I guarantee it. You’ll be able to get out more. Are there any 児童館 in your area? I used to take (and still do occasionally) the children to them often because they were free and the children enjoyed them. Also a good way to meet, although not necessarily make friends with, other mothers. But to be honest, life with a baby is often monotonous. I found a routine helped in my case too. And I took on the role of Mum like a job, ha ha, not that I am that good at it, but it’s definitely a job, no matter what anyone says! Hang in there, the sun is just behind the clouds xxx

I always wanted to live somewhere it snowed till I married Naoki and went to visit his grandparents & family up in Aomori. I think it only took a day or so before I realised just how hard snow can make one’s life. I can totally understand your hatred for Niigata!!

I hope you have a nice time tomorrow at your mum & child playgroup thingy. I’m sure just getting out of the house and talking with some different people will be nice.

Sounds like it would benefit both you and Sakura if you could find a part time job doing something if you guys do get transferred to Tokyo. Even if it’s only once or twice a week to give you a break!!

Hang in there Sara XOXO

OMG that is a heck load of snow. You need to get some cross country skis and strap Sakura to your back I think! I dont think I would cope well with that AT ALL!

I am hoping the Tokyo transfer happens for you guys- I know how much you are hoping that it does so fingers crossed for you! Hopefully you will get the “nod” soon!!!

I think I will need to find part-time work before Noah is a year old for sure- not sure exactly what I am going to do yet- probably teaching though, and have no idea if I will do it privately or perhaps one day or two days a week at a school. I think it would be nice to have a job on Saturdays so that Shun could watch Noah but I fear it would cut into our “family” time a lot seeing as we don`t all get to spend much time together during the week. I am not sure if there is a hoikuen near here that I could put Noah in for only a day a week though- I would probably end up asking MIL to watch him instead. Will have to wait and see! I was supposed to go back teaching my private lesson this week but since Noah was sick I swithed it to next week- will see how that goes too, maybe I could just find more private lessons with people that don`t mind if I bring Noah along! hehe

Hope tomorrow is a day with LESS snow! Have fun at your mothers group!

Cold weather, and especially snow, can really make one stir crazy. We only have gross old snow on the ground, but it is so cold most days that I can’t really take the little one out. DS in particular gets really nutso if we don’t get outdoors once every few days or so. That snow looks crazy though … pretty and all, but not fun being physically unable to leave the house.

Here’s hoping it works out for you to transfer to Tokyo. I understand about not wanting to leave Sakura in daycare, but maybe you could start off part time and find a way to trade off childcare with some other moms if you end up in Tokyo (like, if you and Lulu were both working part time you could alternate days watching each other’s kids? Just a thought!). Anyhow, I have my fingers crossed for you!

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