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Posted on: January 24, 2010

That was one of the words used in the evaluation of my translation test that I did last week… ouch…

So that was a very clear — NO. And its probably a sign that literary/creative translation is not for me considering that I’ve struck out once again.

I had a feeling I would fail just because it was such a difficult test but still have a bit of bruising where my pride used to be. Its probably for the best though since I’m getting Hello Work money until the end of March and I don’t want there to be any troubles with that.

Also… no word on Tokyo still although not really a surprise although Ryohei told me that from this year the position to Niigata City (that he had initially applied for) was cut by the Mayor due to lack of funds or something so he’s afraid that maybe the same thing will happen to the Tokyo position as well since its funded by Ryohei’s city.

Being Japan I doubt we will find out until the last minute… early March or so.

So between those two things I’m feeling pretty gloomy today.


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poor sarah 😦 Try not to feel too bad about it, I mean you have had a rather long “vacation” from the whole thing, and you are currently doing the most difficult and important job in the world…

… plus sleep deprivation is a memory-zapping monster, and If you were your “normal” (well rested) self, then probably it wouldn’t have been nearly as bad. Your really being too hard on yourself.

Im as excited to hear about Tokyo as you are I think!!! I even had a dream about it the other night! (OMG i need to get off the internet lol!)

Try to cheer up 🙂

trainwreck? ouch! That is one very nasty evaluation!

With Ryohei on the inside at city hall have you thought of translating any city brochures? I did a bunch of tourist literature about my old village- no pay but I get to write it up as job done and the 1 tourist every hundred years who gets lost and ends up there would be happy. 🙂

Wouldn’t effect HelloWork either!

Fingers crossed for Tokyo for you.

I sincerely hope the translation involved trains and accidents and such because that seems like a really harsh and unnecessary word to use. The person who evaluated you was obviously having a bad day. Couldn’t they just say, “sorry we won’t be calling upon you at this time.”? Maybe not working for this place is really for the best afterall. I wouldn’t give up hope on Tokyo yet though. Just because they cut the Niigata position doesn’t necessarily mean anything for the Tokyo position since there are probably different reasons each of those positions was created in the first place. Hope your weekend gets better!

Very Ouch! What a prick whoever was evaluating your translation. Am sure there are several less ‘colorful’ ways of turning someone down.

Fingers crossed for Tokyo still. If you know about the Niigata position cutback then wouldn’t the word be out if the Tokyo one had been cut too? May the Gods be smiling coming March and you get your move to the bright lights big city 🙂

I agree with the “trainwreck” being an unnecessary word to use! How rude! It must be for the best that you don’t have to work for such an undiplomatic person anyway. It does take time to get back into the swing of things too. I’m sure you will get into it in due course.

Fingers crossed for the Tokyo job. It’s certainly true that cutbacks are being made all over the place, but not necessarily in the Tokyo office, especially as Ryohei hadn’t actually applied for it primarily, rather told that he may move as a decision from his superiors. I hope something brighter comes along for you soon, and that you don’t let the bigwigs get you down.

Jeez, what an unprofessional way to word an evaluation. I can think of a million ways to not use the word “trainwreck” in an evaluation and still get the point across. I’m with the rest, you’re probably better off not working for such ass-y people.

I’m sure that you’re just a bit off your game at the moment Sarah. When I’ve been out of work for awhile it takes me quite a bit to get back into the swing of things. And languages are, unfortunately, skills that do have to be exercized otherwise they’ll fall by the wayside. I know that my written Chinese skills are nowhere near translation capable at the moment, even though I was getting paid to translate a few years back. I bet though, that if you made time everyday to do some studying, translated some stuff on your own just for the heck of it or, like fuka said, do some volunteer translation locally just to get some experience, exercize the translating muscles, and get a resume booster, that you’d be up to snuff in no time.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for Tokyo. It isn’t over yet, try and stay optimistic! And you have your plans made either way, so it’ll be ok one way or the other. 🙂

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