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The Wheels on the bus

Posted on: February 2, 2010

go round and round….

Sakura has a toy that plays that line over and over again…. gah its stuck in my head.

Back from a crazy weekend in Nagano with Brenda and her lovely family. Sakura and I headed out by local train (3 hours) Friday morning and got there Friday afternoon. Brenda wrote some of the details of what we did in her blog so I won’t be super repetitive but suffice to say it was wonderful to meet her. She’s another city transplant into a more rural area so it was interesting to talk with her and hear what she had to say on that and various other subjects! We’d talked on the phone a few times ago mostly back when I had first come to Niigata and was having difficult adjusting and talking to her in person was just as great.

Her little girl Sara is absolutely adorable and was a perfect big sister to Sakura. The two of them were so cute… Sara would give her hugs and play with her and they would babble to each other in baby language. Really looking forward to 6 months from now when Sakura is one since that seems like a really cute (but busy for Mom) age.

Unfortunately I came down with some sort of various… undiagnosed.. but possible Norovirus on Saturday night and spend all of Sunday lying on the couch or sleeping. Not exactly the best way to be spending a trip.. I felt so bad because basically I had to ask Brenda and her husband to take care of Sakura the whole day (until Ryohei came back early from Osaka) because I was too sick. So it was really a blessing for me to have them there… since I don’t know what would have happened if I had been all alone in Nagaoka and Ryohei in Osaka and been sick. But… very embarrasing to meet someone for the first time and have vomit and all sorts of other stuff coming out and moaning and groaning and speaking nonsense… anyways… hopefully they will have me back again someday and I promise not to get sick >_<

Today I went to Hello Work and got my first check – yay! I need to think of some ways to fulfill the requirements for this month… I guess I will just have to go in and get work “advice”? Anyone who has done it before have any tips? I had to put Sakura in daycare for 2 hours today which really sucked… (for me – she was ok) It was REALLY hard leaving her esp. because she WILL NOT TAKE A BOTTLE. Gah… for the next baby I am making sure they will take one because it is a huge pain now and I can’t leave her for more than 2-3 hours since all she wants is booby.

Also having major sleep disturbances… Sakura is up 3-5 times a night… will do a more detailed post on that later tho.

Anyways thats all – its Feb! Tomorrow is supposed to be -3 degrees and blizzarding here but Sakura and I have to go out in the storm and get her Polio vax. Fun fun….

Just telling myself that once this month is over Spring is just around the corner… 26 days and counting….


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Spring will be here before you know it.

Such a shame you got sick while away over the weekend- that would of sucked. I am glad you are feeling better now though- I have heard noro virus, if that is what it was, can be a shocker. Especially when trying to take care of a little one- i hope Sakura shows no signs of getting sick.

Only a couple more weeks til you are in Chiba/Tokyo! Looking forward to seeing you, Sakura (and Nay and the girls too!) and you seeing Noah. He was still such a tiny newborn when you saw him but he is changing all the time!

Oh and good luck with the polio vaccine- it is a liquid one though right so shouldn`t hurt her? My mum swears by giving panadol (tynol?) before vaccines though!

Oh and could you start trying to use bottles at home a bit more? Would she take a sippy cup perhaps? Mugmug brand is a good one for her age and comes with different type tops…if she won`t take a bottle she might take that. It might help you out a little for when she needs to be in daycare…

we only give Noah a bottle once or twice a week (and Shun does it- I just pump breastmilk for them) but have done since birth and he seems to take to them okay although sometimes they don`t settle him as well as boobies now and he wakes up sooner for a feed. I think he just likes the sucking reflex more than the actual milk but he will take the bottle all the same.

Good luck!

i think thats such a good idea what you are doing with the bottle several times a week… that will really help you in the long run i think.

sakura will take a sippy cup but i havent tried putting breast milk or formula in it yet. will give that a try sometime. looking forward to 1 year when i can start her on cows milk and cut back on breast feeding not that i want to cut it all together but i def. need to start getting some of my body and my time back.

polio is liquid but have to be careful of poops for a couple days since its a live virus. i think the ones in america are dead… (i was vaxed too but i guess just have to really keep your hands and stuff clean cause some older people havent had a vax and are at risk)

what a horrible thing to happen on your trip down here. 😦 Just means us Nagano-ites will have to go up and visit you next time, huh? ;P I also expressed for a bottle. Me giving it to the girls was a nightmare as they know I’ve got it on tap but K or my mum and no problems.

Hope the vaccinating goes well!

Getting sick was the only bad thing… and it could have been much worse!! I really like Nagano and you Nagano-ites. Your welcome to make the trek up anytime… but perhaps when there is less snow as it really is a winter hel.. err.. “wonderland” and not much to do…

I really feel for you with the virus. It’s not pleasant to be sick even at home, but to be away 😦 Great that Brenda and her family were so helpful! Our whole family came down with it when my mother and sister were visiting. Hannah was only 2 months old, so I had to take care of her in between throwing up and (eww, you know what else..). My mum was fine, but Hannah only had eyes for Mama. Didn’t get any help from Yusuke though! Us mums are strong ladies 😉

Congrats on getting the cheque! I miss earning/getting paid. And Hello Work is all because of money that you earned too, right? Enjoy it 🙂

No advice on the bottle, I’m afraid. Tried Luka with a bottle of expressed milk once (I wanted to avoid formula) when I went to the hairdresser. It took Yusuke about an hour of screaming, and he eventually drank some, but we kind of gave up after that. I’m sure Sakura would take the bottle eventually. It sounds harsh, but if baby is hungry enough, at some point, she will drink. Although having said that, I would try and give her the bottle when she is not desperately hungry, just to get her used to sucking on it. Or how about feeding her some boiled cooled water in it? That way she could maybe hold it herself and gradually “make friends” with it? It’s awful, but the first baby is often a way for us to make better/different decisions for the next baby. Although hope you are not planning that one anytime soon! That is a whole different ball game.

Good luck with the vaccination. I hope it’s not too stormy for you 😦

Def. no plans for a second baby anytime soon…. too much life stuff that needs to get figured out before we throw someone else into the mix. As long as they (sakura and no 2) are between 2-4 years apart I’m happy with at that gives us a long window to get settled.

I might try what you suggested with the water and see if she will give it a go… might honestly be impossible with my giving it to her as I reek of boobies hehe. Maybe Ryohei will help.

Yup the Hello Work money is all money I acutally earned but just paid towards my unemployment insurance.

Its sooooo snowy today I don’t want to leave the house but gotta do what you gotta do..

Yes, definitely ask Ryohei to do it if you can. Luka would NEVER have taken anything from a bottle from me either. Apart from the milk factory smell, the whole situation of lying cradled in your arms and seeing your face would just be weird if there was no breast to go with it!

Think you are wise to hold off on the baby too..although 2 years means only another six months before getting preggo again ;P

So jealous of your Hello Work money. I f’d up royally with mine and lost the lot :((

Know what you mean about the snow. Just so cold! And Luka can’t move more than two paces per 30 seconds. He loves the stuff!

Glad to hear that you had a great time with Brenda besides from gettting sick. Luckily you were with her though because it would have been really tough on you being sick and having to look after Sakura on your own!

It sucks that Sakura won’t take a bottle. I saw it a lot when I was working at the day care centre. Hopefully you will find something that Sakura likes – i.e. a sippy cup or something filled with breastmilk. It would make leaving her at a day care centre a lot easier and less stressful for you!!

I have a breast pump on my list of things I still need to prepare before Baby N is born. Like Laura is doing, I plan on expressing milk at least once or twice a week so that Naoki can be involved with the feedings as well 🙂

You and Sakura (and of course Ryohei too) are welcome to come and stay anytime! I was afraid you’d be turned off Nagano altogether after last weekend. And looking after Sakura was a pleasure! She’s such an easy baby. Hopefully you’ll think of something to get her more interested in a bottle, or maybe drinking milk from a sippy cup will work for you. Sara seems to miss Sakura and has gone back to terrorizing the cat, who does not appreciate the attention nearly as much as Sakura did 🙂

Congrats on getting your first check! That must have been a nice pick-me-up! And congratulations on being able to put Sakura in hoikuen, even if just for 2 hours. Having that as an option makes life a lot easier, I think.

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