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Just need to get through Feb

Posted on: February 4, 2010

I am over winter and cold!!! It was -3 and snowing massive piles of snow yesterday… just waiting 5 minutes at the bus stop I looked like a giant snow woman.

Sakura’s vax went well enough though… and I even got a ride home… from a random Indonesian woman who didn’t even tell me her name until I got out of the car. Only in Japan would I accept a ride home from a total stranger lol. She didn’t even want to exchange mails or numbers just said she’d give me a ride when I told her I was taking the bus back… hmm… well thanks good samaritan lady.

Ryohei was late-ish last night. He wasn’t here the night before either and he’ll be REALLY late tonight. So he hasn’t really seen Sakura much since we got back from Nagano… which is why when she woke up at… 4:45am… he decided she should be up and play with him despite my telling him it was too early.

And of course they “played” in our bedroom cause all the other rooms were too cold so I’m exhausted at this point. Sakura eventually fell asleep again around 6ishand I fell asleep too and couldn’t wake up when she did at 7 so I just had her next to me playing with a toy while I tried to sleep through her loud “talking” and clawing my face.

Today it isn’t snowing but freezing. I am ready for February to be over already and there are still 24 days to go. Not that the first couple weeks of March will be super warm or anything but at least its over the hill and then hopefully well have some clue on Tokyo or not.

I’m trying to not think about it as I’m fairly.. “like to plan ahead” and when most of my thoughts start with “if we are in Tokyo” or “if we are in Niigata still” it really throws me off my mental game. Seriously seems like we won’t know until March which is another reason this month is just going to need to by fast.

Of course its not all bad… I’m going to Tokyo twice. Ryohei and I are randomly going for the day on the 11th. And then Sakura and I are going for a 4 night, 5 day mini-trip at the end of the month.

Can’t believe its only Thursday.. I’m going stir crazy. A lot of people have mentioned I check out jidokans and whatever but with a 6 month old that doesn’t crawl its sort of a real pain. If she was only a couple months older I think she would enjoy going a lot more… and ok.. I really hate dealing with the Japanese ladies there. The hoikuen I went to is also half jidokan and this stupid baa-chan patted my tummy and asked me if I was pregnant with my second baby and then hen pecked me for having sakura out in the clothes she was wearing…


Oh… and for a funny tidbit of the day. I asked Ryohei if we moved to America down the line what his dream career would be. His answer: janitor a la Good Will Hunting… since he likes to clean and he is a genius. (his words not mine)

I’m in need of a Baileys Coffee this morning for sure.


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February is definitely the harshest weatherwise- cold cold cold snow snow snow. By March you at least get some sunny days in there to break it all up!

Love the Good Will Hunting idea. πŸ™‚ He should talk to K who has grand plans to migrate to Australia and just- you know- solve the water crisis, that’s all.

Hope today’s a better day for you!

Everyones got to have a dream Heather – tell K good luck with that for me πŸ˜‰

I’ll say it again… countdown to March – 24 days.

I’m so with you on the can’t wait until winter is over theme. February really is the worst and thank goodness it’s the shortest! Whenever I think that a month from now sounds like a long ways away, I think about what I was doing exactly a month ago, and how that seems like just yesterday, and that kind of helps me realize that I can in fact get to the end of this month without cracking up (too badly anyway). Plus you have 2 trips to Tokyo to look forward to before the month is even over, so it should go by really fast! I know, it’s never fast enough, but when I was in high school, one of my teachers said, “if you only live for the weekends, you’re only living 2/7 of your life”. That kind of opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about time passing. Don’t know how to make it apply here, but you get my drift πŸ˜‰

hmm… so in my case hating winter is hating about 1/4 of my life. yikes….

i DO love the weekends tho… mostly cause Ryohei is around and it breaks up the monotomy( damn i can’t spell that) quite a bit.

hmm… a month ago… was pretty similar to how it is now.. snowy, cold, not doing much… but at least its a month closer to warm weather than i was back then πŸ˜‰

hope you guys are keeping warm and somewhat sane down in the big NAG

I love Brenda’s quote above. And double love the one of Ryohei’s XD

I really can’t wait to see you and Sakura this month! I’m waiting to go to a baby gym too, I also figure…after she’s at least crawling lol Maybe oneday I’ll make some mamatomo in my immediate area ><

Good luck with everything

I really think crawling would help, eh? Otherwise its just sort of a room full of a bunch of toys and predators (other kids running around stepping on poor defenseless 6 month old)

I’m sure you’ll find some close by MaMa-tomo your cute, hip, and and have an adorable baby. Once spring hits and you start taking Missha to the parks I bet they will be flocking to meet you.

I’m sure with your two trips down to Tokyo this month will just fly by and you will soon start to see and feel the warmer weather. I don’t even live in a place that snows but am ready for spring!

Winter seems to drag much more than any other season here… wouldn’t you agree. I’m excited to see you and your bumpy-bump by the end of the month tho!!

Last time I will see you as a free woman!! haha…

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