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Things I love Thursday

Posted on: February 4, 2010

I am going to try and turn a new leaf and follow one of the suggestions that Lulu gave me to try out Things I Love Thursday to try and keep track of the little things during the week that have made me happy.

I’ve been going through a bit of a tough time since coming back from America at the beginning of Jan so hopefully this will be a helpful exercise.

Alright here we go…

– The sound of soft snow crunching when I step on it

– The thing Sakura does to make sure I’m watching her. She will be playing and glance over at me to check that I am watching her and give me a big grin. It is SUPER cute.. I think she must be proud of all her developments lately and wants to show off.

– Yaki-imo

– Wii especially Super Mario for Wii

– Taking trips on the train to visit friends

– Kabocha Oyaki (speciallity of Nagano)

– Ryohei being willing to cut his trip short in Osaka to come back and watch Sakura/take care of me when I was sick

– Meeting a new friend who has seen me at my absolute worst – throwing up + more and still invites me back again (lol)


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I think this is a great idea! Sounds like it’s been a good week. =)

Its been sort of an up and down week! I could do a things I hate friday but that might ruffle some feathers 😉

I also think doing the ‘Things I love Thursday’ is a great idea!! I know that when I have been having a particulary hard week and try to write my own list on Lulu’s blog it has helped me feel a little more positive about life in general.

The midwife told all the ‘soon to be daddies’ at the パパのクラス that after the baby is born they expected to go and buy whatever the wife wants. So I told Naoki I want a Wii!! Super Mario on the Wii is so much fun!

Ohhhh I like your midwife. Def. get a WII!!! The price is right and its something you can use for years

Sara, I am so pleased you are doing this! I think its a great idea and i might steal it! This lulu chick sounds quite a clever girl 🙂

Plus doing the “things you hate friday” sounds not bad either … if you need to vent you should. It is YOUR blog after all!

Also do you think the “buy whatever your wife wants” thing would work a year after the kiddo is born? If not, Hubbys birthday is coming up … maybe ill buy HIM a wii … 😀

I’m a big fan of gifting the husband things I’d also like… hahahahahahahaha

Lulu is awesome Fi 🙂 You guys would get along peachy I think.
Maybe I’ll just do a things I hate Friday once a month…

I ‘d say a ratio of 4 good to 1 bad should bring in some decent karma.

I`ve been thinking about asking Taka for the Super Mario Bro. Wii game, but at the same time it seems like it would be more fun playing with someone else and he never touches our wii.

And as a side note, I spent most of today thinking it was Wednesday

Melanie – If you are good at games then I think it would be really fun on its own. Warning its too hard for a novice like me so if I don’t play with Ryohei who grew up playing video games I probably would just be dying lol.

That being said.. its a great game and I can’t recommend it enough. Who knows maybe Taka would surprise you by getting into it since you can both play at the same time.

And yay – that means you are one day closer to the weekend without realizing it

I want a WII! You all make me want one- I should definitely get one and it is my birthday soon so perhaps I can convince Shun. We don`t really have the money though seeing as we are trying to save…

I would definitely get the super mario game though. How cool!

Things I love Thursday is always fun to right- even if you have had a crappy week it really helps put things in perspective and help remind you that there are some good things happening.

Sakura sounds so sweet with her grin- I can`t wait to see her and you again in a couple of weeks.

Off to write my own Things I love Thursday before I start on dinner!

I think I will steal this from Lulu too ;P I think things I hate Friday would be a good idea as well. I hope you don’t think that I overstepped the mark by posting what I did before. I just know that when you are stuck in a pattern of negativity, you often need to hear some brutal honesty to pull you out of it, and make you realise that things aren’t really as bad as you thought. And please feel free to ignore me anyway!

Great that you are trying the positive route and, with the good things, there have to be the bad things to make the good things SO good. Everyone needs a moan now and again, and as you said, your blog, your choice. Loved your list.

Oh, and I love the snow thing too 😉

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