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Posted on: February 5, 2010

So Ryohei told me that his boss told him (blah blah) that they are NOW starting the deliberations about whether he is the one they will be sending to Tokyo from April. Maybe we will know by the end of the month. Sounds like his immediate boss is really pushing for him to go but the final decision is up to the mayor – keep your fingers crossed for us.

It is blizzarding outside today and I don’t have money or groceries so I get to walk the 8 minutes to the post office that is the complete opposite direction of the supermarket.

Also I think Sakura is sick… she has been spitting up a lot and sort of coughing and SOOOO clingy. And not sleeping. I am SO tired.

I wish I had someone… anyone who would just watch her for an hour or two today because I can not deal with it right now. Today and yesterday have been the first days I have really just wanted to throw the towel in.

DAMN IT. She just spewed all over me.

Saiaku………………………. Gotta go >_<


2 Responses to "Start your engines"

Poor you and poor Sakura! There is nothing worse than a spewy baby. Hope she doesn’t have anything too serious and feels better soon.

Fingers crossed that you find out about Tokyo very soon! Japanese companies really like to make you wait in suspense hey. My best foreign wive friend looks like she will be moving to Fukuoka for her husband’s job but is taking ages for them to get the final decsion.

Fingers and toes (and all crossable items in the house including cords) crossed for you! Hope you find out ASAP… the waiting kills eh?

Hope little Sakura is feeling better. Poor girl.

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