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Somewhat crazy weekend

Posted on: February 8, 2010

So… it was a somewhat crazy weekend.

Saturday was a huge blizzard-y snow storm with blustering winds and cold cold cold and Ryohei and I spent most of the morning fighting. Which was not fun. However we went out to get 100 yen sushi and bought… our big TV! We had been talking about getting a nice TV for a while… months really. And we were deciding between 2 models – Ryohei was insistent that we needed to get the full high vision type as well as baisoku(?) which is better for watching movement. And the size that I wanted 32 didn’t really have those without being super expensive… so we ended up going for a 37-inch Sharp Aquos TV. Its really nice!! But probably the most expensive piece of furniture in our house. But we figured we might as well get a nice TV now rather than later. I think if I start doing consistent translation work one of the things we will also get will be satalite or cable tv just so that we can get some English programming into the house.

Sunday we got Sakura’s hina dolls for the Girl’s Festival that takes place March 3rd. Ryohei’s parents gave us money for them but we ended up going with one of the smallest sets they have as… I think its a nice idea but the idea of paying up to hundred thousands of yen for a set of dolls that only see the light of day a couple weeks out of the year is a bit wasteful. Hopefully Sakura (and baby #2 if she is a girl) will like the set that we picked out.

So now its the week again but at least Ryohei and I are going to Tokyo on Thursday. He’s going to the wedding party for a friend of his and Sakura and I are going to go out to lunch and meet up with Khea and baby Missha. And I don’t know what else really.. I just didn’t want to spend the day alone in Niigata while Ryohei was off playing in Tokyo so I sort of am just going with the flow. (And the shinkansen tickets we got were super cheap if you bought 2 round trips for one day)

This weekend we will be staying at Ryoheis parents because he has to work Saturday morning and all of Sunday. Not the most romantic Valentines Day ever but I guess that is just how it goes…

Sorry for typing out the most boring blog ever just not anything of real interest to write about this time around.


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Crap, I so had put out hina dolls on my list of things to do for today and now it is time to get the kids so it will have to wait until tomorrow. I think this year will be the hardest year to try and ‘keep them in one piece’ and away from the hands, pockets, bags, boxes, of Shou and Marina. Thanks for reminding me.

Have a great time in Tokyo 🙂

ahhh the big tv. K hardly even watches tv (really- I doubt he’d watch an hour a week) and he has a huge list of specs for his next televisular purchase!

Have fun in Tokyo and don’t overdress! I *always* think it will surely be cold in Kanto and wear my big jacket and snow boots and end up sweating and puffing around town.

Yay for retail therapy!! Our TV is a Sharp AQUOS too and it’s been awesome, we’ve had no problems (apart from Ash trying to push it over… watch out for that soon!).
Have a great trip!

Ooh jealous of your TV! We are holding out until next year to get one and hoping they get even cheaper.

Your daytrip to Tokyo sounds like lots of fun! It’s definitely a better idea than hanging out alone with Sakura in Niigata. Hope your weekend with the inlaws isn’t too painful! Mine only live 5 minutes drive away so thankfully I have never had to stay with them.

I’m sure your day trip to Tokyo will turn out to be a whole lot of fun – definitely beats staying at home alone anyway! And lunch with Khea – JEALOUS!!

Hoping your weekend with the inlaws isn’t too bad! You never know they might just surprise you and this weekend might actually end up being a nice one! My inlaws have the habit of doing that every ONCE in a while…

I can’t wait to see the dolls you have chosen for Sakura!

Eukkk, the dolls? Tell me about it…it is a bit of a bugbear with me. My MIL is very well-meaning and generous, and for that I am grateful. But enough of the overspending in case of eternal damnation already!!! H’s doll set cost around 150,000 (and that is just a guess). We asked her not to spend too much, but she worries about “cursing” the family…very very superstitious.. Great that you got to choose for yourself. They ARE very pretty too, whichever set you get, I think. Ooh, and very important to put them out and take them in on 大安 and not to leave them out too long (otherwise daughter may become a spinster…) IF you are bothered about tradition 😉 How are you liking the t.v.? Love the HDD function! And re. Sky with Fox, etc., costs us just under 3,000 a month, so pretty reasonable. Enjoy your trip to Tokyo!

Excellent about the TV..we are thinking of getting a new one too. Could wait til next year when they might get cheaper but we have really bad reception with usual tv..(although skyperfect is..perfect 🙂 reception.

What to buy….any reason you chose the one you did (besides Ryohei`s reasons?)

New TV sounds awesome. We have always lived in furnished apartments so we haven’t needed to buy our own TV yet, for which I am glad actually because that is one less thing to lug around when we move, which seems to happen fairly frequently. But purchasing nice big items like that does feel nice and grown up, doesn’t it? 😀

Post pictures of the dolls when you get a chance … they sound like the sort of thing that are beautiful no matter how much you spend. Do Japanese families pass on the dolls like heirlooms? Could Sakura pass her set on to her daughter if she has one?

I think in some families they are! Ironically the delivery man JUST rang the doorbell so I’ll be taken them out to take pictures with Sakura soon!

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