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Holler it off the mountain tops

Posted on: February 14, 2010

Well looks like I’ll be trading in my riceprincess crown for some city slickers (at least for a couple years) since the word was handed down that my beloved will be transferred to Tokyo from this spring. As in… roughly 6 weeks from now – holy crap.

But YAY!! Ever since we got the news that this move was a possibility 3 months ago I couldn’t help but get my hopes up for the chance to get out of here and move to the big city where I have friends and more opportunities… and now someone up there must like me (or at least want to make amends for the crappy year that was 2009) and my dream came true!

The “official” transfer notice hasn’t been released yet but Ryohei was assure by his boss that he is 100% going.

So…… now we have about a month to find a new apartment in Tokyo and MOVE from our current place.

Lots and lots and lots of stuff to do… as we haven’t gotten the official notice yet I’m not sure if we will be getting moving compensation but I really hope we do as we’ve accumulated a scary amount of stuff in the last 6 months since moving here.

So yah… it really is sort of a miracle that Ryohei in his 2nd year is getting such a nice position and hopefully if he is successful we’ll be able to stay for 2,3 years or maybe more.

In any case we are for sure going to be there until spring 2011 which means no Niigata winter next year. HALLELUJAH!!!!!! I think just knowing in less than two months I will be enjoying the sakura season in Tokyo I can handle whatever winter crap the last 2 weeks of the month decide to throw at us.

Anyways stay tuned as I’m sure there will be a lot to talk about as we prepare to de-inaka ourselves in the VERY near future.


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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! well for you anyway- me? I’m losing another northerner!

So, so so glad for you though. I know how much you wanted this. I really think this will have everything turning up sunshine for you!

well its not a permanent transfer (sadly) but nagano is still close and you and the fam are always welcome to visit us in the big city!!

Very happy for you. I guess everyone can use some good news after a long dark winter (and it’s still not over sigh).

Good luck with all the preparations!

somehow the winter doesn’t seem so bad now – knowing that i won’t have to deal with it for another year… maybe 2 or more!

thanks – we have a LOT of work to do

coool! Omedettou! Your dream came true ::) Look forward to hearing about the move etc. Good luck!

thanks!!! i think i’ll have a lot to write about

Fantastic! You must be so excited / relieved. The move and stuff will be hard but well worth it with Tokyo as the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope you got the translation all sorted OK – now that you have exciting things like looking up apartments on the internet 🙂

What on earth will you have to rant about now that the world will be at your fingertips and the parent in laws far from them!

Good luck with the preparations. Am so happy for you and you will have to go out and have nice lunches with foreign friends and nice coffees on my behalf. Jealous. Not that I’d like to move to Tokyo but jealous that you will soon be a much happier chappy than you have been in Niigata.


things are coming out well! the translation is due weds. but have made some headway on it and hopefully will be getting more work

yes….. will be nice to not be so gloom and doom all the time. and hey… if my translation schedule picks up and we have some spare yen… a trip to kyushu in particular beppu is in my near future *eyebrow waggles*

Congratulations! Also bit jealous that you will be able to do coffees and lunches with mates more often. But so glad you finally got what you wanted, hope the move goes smoothly for you 🙂

like i said its not permanent but it will be a nice change and give me more time to figure out how to deal and what to do when we finally are transferred back!

thanks for the well wishes on the move! should be interesting with a 7 month old in tow

Obviously I think this is just great news as we can get together more often now, even if you do choose to live on the east side of Tokyo 😉

uhhhh oh! do i sense a east-side/west-side rivalry coming on?

Congrats Sara! I know how much you wanted this to happen. I hope the move brings you a new sense of happiness and all the stress and unhappiness of 2009 can be forgotten!!

And, I hope you realise that you will be having house guests (i.e. me & Baby N) all the time 😛


From my obsessive/compulsive tracking of Tokyo real estate sites, it looks as if there are more places for rent than ever.

Moving is no fun, but moving to a place you want to live is infinitely better than moving anywhere reluctantly.

Good luck with it all!

Yay that is great news! I’m so glad things have worked out how you wanted them too. So jealous of all the fun places and people in Tokyo you will be close to!

Maybe there are some civil servant apartments that you can rent? We rented one in Maebashi for 11,000 a month, and I know that Y’s Mum rented one for the family when she was positioned in Tokyo. Because they are owned by the civil service, they are pretty old, but a good size (about 2LDK) and cheap as chips. It would definitely be worth asking?

And congrats again. I know how much you wanted this 🙂 Hope you can get your stuff downsized 😉

Congrats! You’ll have to change your blog name again tho. 😉

That is such great news to hear! In less than 2 months you will be hitting the big smoke, and loving every minute of it I am sure!

Good luck getting yourselves organised over the next few weeks – that is part of the fun, right!!!

You already know I am so happy that Ryohei is getting his transfer- hopefully it will leave you feeling more at peace and happier!!! Congrats to Ryohei too- great that he has been given this opportunity for his second year as a civil servant.

Would be great if you could get a civil servant apartment that Laura spoke about- think of the money you could save for the future if you didn`t have to pay the huge Tokyo rent!!!

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Coffee and playgroup dates ahead I am sure!

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