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Decisions decisions

Posted on: February 16, 2010

Still on a semi-high from Sunday’s news. However the reality of what needs to be done to get from Point A to Point B is overwhelming. Not EXACTLY sure how we are going to get everything done in time.

First we need to find a place to live as.. we have to give 1 months notice we are leaving Friday and then after that slowly begin packing and moving our stuff down to Tokyo.

Ryohei wants to apply for this special rent program and live in an apartment beyond our means at a price that is still beyond our means but still less than the original price. I don’t know… we will have to see. Unforunately moving at this time of year is not so great to find amazing apartments because everyone and their mom are getting transfers and moving this time of year.

I have an area in mind where I would really like to live but doesn’t seem to be anything in the price range that is either big enough or close to the station.

Its not a horrible dilemma by any means but moving is stressful and I really have no idea what are going to do with Sakura when moving out… I’m hoping that one of my lovely Tokyo friends will maybe watch her for a bit while we are moving in so she doesn’t get squashed by a box or anything haha.

Its been freezing and snowing lately but that isn’t getting me down much… knowing that in about 5 weeks I will be busting out of this joint. Ryohei doesn’t seem so thrilled about us going… I think he is happy but hes just been really annoyed at me lately. Maybe its a man period.

Anyways Sakura is this|close to becoming dangerously mobile. She isn’t crawling yet but pulling herself along and rolling if she shes something she wants. Unfortunately what she wants includes computer cords, the heater, and drinking glasses….. when we do get it, the new apartment is going to have to be baby proofed right away.


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definitely go with a place that has a large living/dining area. You`ll see our apartment next week but our living dining definitely is not all that big when you consider a small child but when we chose to rent it we were both coming from 1 room apartments and with no furniture it felt rather large……..

Hmm getting more mobile is she…..looks like I better try to figure out where I can put stuff so that she perhaps won`t be so tempted but then again we will probably be out and about most of the time you are here most likely…….

Can`t say much for what is available. Places are probably a lot smaller for what available prices are. I would definitely try to go and stay within your budget instead of out of it even with the housing allowances especially if you keep your car as a parking space isn`t cheap

Well the space/money issue is definitely going to be different when you are talking countryside and Tokyo! My rent in Tokyo was 75,000 for a one room apartment 15 minutes walk from the station (in Fuchu) and our rent on the last place, 2LDK maisonette with a 30 minute drive to any station was 62,000 including two parking spaces. That’s kind of what I meant about the downsizing thing. Is there any way you could store some of your bigger items that you can live without at the MIL’s place? And the rent subsidy thing..we got 27,000 if our apartment was at least 50,000 a month, but nothing if it’s less than that. So if that makes sense, it was worth getting a higher rental. You have a lot of work ahead of you, especially with a young baby to take care of, good luck!

Sounds tricky! You’ll definitely have to pick your priorities. For us we sacrificed living in an older apartment far from the station to stay in our current city which we love. We also share a room with Missha so that we could have double the living/dining space (You’ve been over and seen… oh! we have a dining table now though XD)

I say, screw living close to the station if it means you get extra exercise in the commute. You get used to it as the way things are and it’s great for you (and you’re wallet!)

Okay, enough with the advice. I’m so excited for you guys though, it’ll be great having you in playdate and coffee range. I’d be glad to take Sakura for you anytime yanno, her and Missha get along so well anyways =) Can’t promised she won’t get squished under a box here though… =P

Thanks all for the advice!
Well we’ve found an apartment we like which is about 1man over our budget but we figure if I start getting regular translation work and take on an English baito or 2 it shouldn’t be a problem.

Its in an older but newly reformed building 3 minutes from the station in a part of Tokyo I really like.

We sent in a “we want to check it out” mail.. and waiting. Its 2LDK but has a large (13 tatami LDK) we had sort of wanted a place with 3 rooms in case we have visitors but since Sakura sleeps with us in our room anyways I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

Just really hope that Ryohei’s work will be helping us out with deposit and key money etc because we do NOT have the 50man or so it will take to pay for all that.


Oh Sarah! My VPN wasn’t working for a few days and I missed the big news! Congrats on the move! How great for you!

I second the big living room advice. Once the baby gets mobile it makes a huge difference.

Having to find a place, pack and move in a hurry can be really stressful — we were pretty much in the same place when Dylan was 5 months old and we made the huge move from Kunming to Beijing. Definitely enlist some help if you can. Good luck, and congrats again!

Moving can be such a headache, can’t it!! Especially having to move all the way from Niigata down to Tokyo. Are you guys going to be hiring a removalist?

The apartment that you guys have found sounds great! Hopefully you will be able to show me some pics next weekend when we are in Tokyo together.

Good luck with it all – i’m sure it’s all very stressful but exciting at the same time 🙂

Which part of Tokyo are you looking in? Where will Ryohei be based? Totally go for the biggest place you can get within your budget. We’re in a 3LDK and with Keiden on the verge of walking I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a bit of a walk to the station but as Khea said you get use to it and I actually love being a bit away from the station cause it’s quieter and more green.

Let me know if you have any questions about Tokyo or anything else, I’m more than happy to help.

CONGRATULATIONS! Well we better see each other quick before you are off to Tokyo. I will be working in Nagaoka this coming Sunday for work. I only have an hour so if you want to stop by Hive Nagaoka at noon we can sit and chat while I have lunch. I would love to hear how all the packing and stuff are going and what area you chose in Tokyo.

Great news about Tokyo.

We also still share a room with kiddo. Our Apartment is supposed to be a 2DK but we chose to make it a 1LDK. If a choice comes down to it, go for living areas over bedrooms – when the kiddo gets moving youll be glad.

Make the visitors sleep on the floor!

Anyways hope all the packing etc is going well.

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