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Things I love Thursday

Posted on: February 18, 2010

Sneaking this under the raider in the last 5 minutes of the night!

– Getting translation work after… god knows how long

– Making new foods that surprisingly work.. I made a very Japanese takikomi (boil it all in the rice cooker together) with hijiki, chicken, carrots, and aburage and got rave reviews! I also FINALLY made Sophie’s Cinnabons… and they turned more like mini-apple pies for me but were very yummy and met with same rave reviews.

– Apartment searching —— LOVE IT!

– Starbucks Sakura drinks and new mugs!

– The 37 inch TV… I still think its too big for us but I have to admit it sure is pretty!

– My beautiful baby girl who laughs all the time. Sure being home together can get really tedious but I love how she lights up whenever she sees me.

– Sakura’s love of Ryohei. If she lights up when she see’s me she absolutely glows when he gets home from work. He’s her have person by far and it is soooo cool to see them together!

Alrighty~ I minute left until Friday

And shout out to my looooovely friends Khea and Lulu on the last minute of their day of birth


3 Responses to "Things I love Thursday"

oooh, new starbucks drinks. Might have to make a day of it just to go try one! Ryu glows when he sees daddy too. sometimes I take it personally. I’ve just fed you, changed you shittiy nappy, played with you and rolled round on the floor for an horur, stuck my boob in your mouth, both of them infact and you still give daddy the big cheese. Ah well, would suck if they didn’t like daddy. Much easier to pawn them off for an hour or so if daddy gets his share of the smiles šŸ™‚

Ohhh the starbucks cups are sooo beautiful… Trying hard to justify paying 3,000 yen for a coffee cup because I really want one… sigh….

I’m with GW- think you’re great for seeing love for daddy as a positive thing. I get miffed and jealous when I do everything all day long and it’s Daddy this and Daddy that. Grrr. Will take a leaf out of your book and look on the positive side of things!

Babies love their daddies! Dylan is soooo attached to my husband. It is a beautiful thing.

I also love apartment hunting. I find it very fun.

Great things I love Thursday post Sarah.

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