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Bright and Shiny

Posted on: February 19, 2010

Today was a good day!

Sakura “woke” me up at 7:30ish and we went downstairs and turned on the olympics where I watched the snowboarding and then the figure skating. Sakura took an hour long nap or so, so I got some cleaning done and then Ryohei took a half day from work so he came back and we went to have lunch at Bikkuri Donkey (a hamburg steak place) and the dropped by City Hall and the Tax Offices to turn in some paperwork.

The I came home and found an email from my translation contact person saying there were very pleased with the work I did and asking if I would do another rush translation job this weekend and another batch of the same materials I translated for beginning of March.

So here I am translating again while my husband and baby sleep upstairs its a bit more difficult than the last one I did but its funny how things come back to you! I’m remembering my big words again and turns out I’m still able to collect most of my unemployment insurance as well – yay!

Only sad-ish news is looks like we won’t be moving to Tokyo as soon as I thought… we probably won’t be moving out until the first or second week of April meaning I’m going to miss fullbloom sakura in both places!! GRR >_< Personally I’d like to go ASAP… but I guess we’ll see… Ryohei is pretty thrilled about going to Tokyo now. He keeps sayings “it is really ok for me to be going?”

But yah~ hmm it was a good day. Tomorrow no plans except working on the translation but Sunday we are dropping by Ryohei’s grandmas since she hasn’t seen Sakura since New Years or so.

Anyways back to work!! Ahh… so good to be using my brain, and of course getting paid for it too 🙂


4 Responses to "Bright and Shiny"

Okay, I just have to say, Bikkuri Donkey is the best restaurant name ever. Also maybe would make a good band name. LOL.

Congrats on the translation work!! How good to have your skills recognized like that. 🙂

Yeah for good days! I hope they are often and plentiful!

Yay for getting more translation work – You should have had more confidence in yourself – they loved what you did and it looks like you might get some regular work from them 🙂 that is fantastic news!!

I hope you had a nice time with Ryohei’s grandmother yesterday. I bet she was glad to see Sakura again – especially considering how much she would have changed since last time she saw her!!

Yay for consistent work eh! But double yay for the positive entry. That gains you like… 1ml of coffee in my books, keep on going and you’ll get a Starbucks out of it eventually XD Yes, I rate my friends in coffee…. are you REALLY all that surprised? =P

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