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Spring in the air?

Posted on: February 24, 2010

Well the ground here is still covered in snow but its been very warm lately… maybe up to 10 degrees C. Doesn’t sound like it compared to many of my friends further south but here thats the bloody tropics after months of -3 through 3 degree weather. Brr….

Tomorrow is the start of yet another trip to Tokyo. One that I had planned long before I knew we were moving out there… I’m going Thursday but Ryohei will be coming out Sunday morning and we are going to meet with a realitor to look at a couple of apartments. We are looking in the Sumida-ku and Koto-ku areas in particular on the Shinjuku and JR Sobu lines.

Also Sunday/Monday is our 2nd Anniversary so its nice that we get to spend it together in Tokyo. Maybe we will get lunch at a nice place to do something to celebrate it.

I think the sunshine is contagious and things have definitely been better here. I think the close it gets to spring and our move the more excited we are both getting.

Unfortunately I don’t get the next project from my trans. agency since I’m going away this weekend but my contact said she will be in touch for some projects later in March. If I can do 2-3 6000 character projects a month that sets me up pretty well for spending money and adding to my savings and so far things have worked out with working while Sakura naps or is asleep so crossing my fingers that it will continue.

Also will be getting my 2nd Hello Work check on Tuesday. I’ll be getting a bit less than last time because I “worked” for a couple days on my translations but still not complaining!

Sakura will also be 7 months (WOW) at the end of this week. That seems so hard to believe. She is scouting and rolling about like a madwomen. She also can feed herself baby crackers or (very clumsily) with a spoon. We are still having many night time awakenings. I don’t think she’ll ever sleep through the night… I doubt she will until she is weaned and who knows when that will be.

She is sleeping in the same room as Ryohei and I but we are considering giving her “her room” when we move although I suppose it depends on the layout of our new place. We are thinking of getting a 3ldk and a lot of the ones we are looking at have connected tatami rooms which aren’t super great at blocking out noise.

Anyways – watching the figure skating while Sakura makes her way dangerous towards computer cords on the ground… why are babies just naturally programmed to want to get into everything dangerous. Oh and Sakura has no teeth – no sign of them either. I started teething at 5 months and had 4 teeth by the time I was her age so maybe shes just going to be a late bloomer. Shes so advanced in a lot of areas I guess I was just expecting her to get teeth… but hey sounds like I’m lucky shes not since boobies plus biting are not something I’m looking forward to dealing with anytime soon.


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Way to go Sakura with the feeding herself! Spoon feeding is a pretty advanced skill too, most babies can’t really do it until they’re well over a year. Dylan technically *can* use a spoon, but he switches to his hands 99% of the time because he’s figured out he is more efficient that way — and he’s over 2!

We’ve been having the same sort of warmer weather here too. You know you live someplace cold when you’re excited to see a number above zero on the weather forecast. We had 14C today and I about peed myself I was so excited!

Can`t wait to see you tomorrow, we had glorious weather today, even had the windows open for a few hours, hopefully it stays put for awhile

Today was beautiful in Chiba too! Hopefully the nice mild weather will continue over the weekend!!!

It seems some babies really do advance at some things quicker than others- like Noah was a quick smiler I think but is not showing any progress when it comes to grasping toys unless I put them in his hands.

Does look like he may have teeth early though- kind of wish he would be like Sakura and not grow them for awhile because not looking forward to having my nipples munched on!

See you Saturday, Shinjuku Station, 2:30pm!

The fact that you are happy, makes me happy! Yeah for being happy and yeah for spring!

Yay for spring – it’s amazing how much the weather can effect happiness, isn’t it! I know that I am feeling so much more positive and energetic now that it is getting warmer.

Enjoy your couple of days with Melanie. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!

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