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There and back

Posted on: March 2, 2010

Just came from a whirlwind 4 nights and 5 days in Tokyo.

Major props to Melanie and Laura for having Sakura and I over! We had a great time! I went to Tokyo on Thursday and met up with Melanie and then on Friday we met with Khea and Missha for a Starbucks…

and then Saturday met up with Nay and Laura and went off to Fuchu to celebrate Cassie in Fuchu’s daughter Nanami’s 2nd birthday party which was delicious fondue. Despite the late night Sakura didn’t nut out too much which was awesome. Sunday Ryohei came and I went apartment searching for most of the afternoon and found a really nice place in Nishi-Kasai which we reserved… but then came Monday.

We were going to all meet up (Laura, Nay, Khea, Melanie, Cassie and all our kids) in Yurakucho and then as soon as we got there Ryohei got a call that someone else had taken the apartment we reserved… we had literally been there only 10 minutes and then Ryohei and I had to rush out to do more apartment searching.

The day just got crappy from there.

The apartment we had looked for before was a 3ldk – nice, pretty, spacious.. but apparently Ryohei’s boss decided that a 3ldk is “too big” and told us to look for a smaller apartment. So we ended up looking at a 2dk in shin-koiwa which was ok but in comparison to the bigger apartment a bit of a shock. Anyways I’m not entirely thrilled about the change events and Ryohei and I got into a huge fight and I ended up going to see one more place in Nishi-funabashi while he headed back to get our luggage.. and then our realitor got us lost so I missed my shinkansen back to Niigata. It was not a great way to end our trip. Not to mention I got a string of nasty emails from Ryohei telling me we were taking the small apartment no matter what and if I wanted to live in a bigger place I should just rent it myself.

It was our second wedding anniversary but we spent most of the day stressed and fighting…plus I didn’t get to see my friends at all and I had been soooo excited about meeting up. So that was a bummer.. I guess we’ll be able to do it all again, maybe even on a regular basis… but just was a day that did not go to plan.

But anyways.. to that point it looks like we’ll be living about 7 minutes or so away from Shin-Koiwa on the JR line. I just want to get the whole moving over with… this sort of stress is just not fun and anytime I try and ask for a timeline for us moving Ryohei just gets mad.

I don’t really get it… I really had stupid Japanese work culture with all its vagueness and “shiturei” if you don’t do everything your superiors say… oh well.

At least I’ll be able to hang out with people on a regular basis come next month or so.

Also collected my second Hello Work today with no issues. I’ll get the last one at the end of the month and then no more monies for me. Haven’t heard from my translation agency for a while either so hopefully I’ll here from them within the next week or so, so that I can have something to occupy me.. once again the crap niigata weather is cold and rainy.

GAHHHHHHH. Come on spring!! You were just showing your face… come back!


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Well, I can`t say the weather here is munch better. Thursday was so nice and its just gone down hill from there.

Thats really too bad about the apartment. Just look on the bright side, with so many of us around you now, you probably won`t be spending too much time inside it to begin with. 😉

Thursday was so beautiful!! Can’t wait for the next day like it.
By the way, thanks so much again I had a great time with you and Taka and Misora!! Once I move let me know if you ever want to meet up in Nishi-Nippori for fabric or Shinjuku for H&M – both will be very accessible for me!!

AND I’m hoping for at least one Tama River picnic before the end of spring 😉

No problem, we had lots of fun. The day you guys left, Misora started rolling over on her side as if she just needed to have watched how Sakura was doing it.

At the rate the weather is going, you`ll be back in Tokyo before Sprind even starts!

Shin Koiwa was my husband’s station when he was growing up! If we ever move to Tokyo that’s my choice of address. Hope you love it there!

Oh cool!! I’m guessing it was a while ago but ask him if there are any places he recommends!

Boo that really sucks about your apartment! I had a question (Im not clued into the whole salaryman deal at ALL!) Why the hell does his boss have a say about the size of your apartment? Do they subsidize it or is he just a nosey bastard?

I feel bad for you about Ryoheis complete lack of compromise on this issue – at the end of the day you are going to be the one stuck there most of the time, so you should make sure you have a say in it too.

we are currently in a 2dk, and its okaaaaay. I made the choice when I came that I would rather have a 1LDK than a 2DK, so the second bedroom is our living room.. which certainly works for us better as she gets moving around. Although in our next place she will certainly be getting her own room. But for now sharing is fine. Plus we are in an amazing area, right next to a park and station etc.

Anyways look on the positive side – At least a 2DK is less cleaning than a 3!!!!! ^-^ And Im glad you got to see so many nice english speakers while you were there!

Glad to have you back in bloggy land though – I know I missed you over the last few days! 🙂

Yah they are paying a large portion of our rent so they get the final say. I guess we will make do… I’m not in a terrible hurry to kick Sakura out of our room unless there is a night like last night where she woke me up like 4 or 5 times.

Just bummed as I was hoping now that we were in Tokyo we would finally have visitors but now theres not much room to put people up 😦

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