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Posted on: March 3, 2010

ahh… my energy is gone.

Brrgata my new name for here is so cold. I have no motivation to do anything but sit inside and couch potato/veg. I was so active and up and around over the weekend but now its just CRASH.

I really wish that I had some idea of when we were actually moving so I could get myself pumped up but “somewhere between the beginning and middle of April” does not cut it.

Now that we’ve pretty much found our apartment I’d be happy to leave tomorrow… provided all our boxes and things packed themselves ha ha ha. Maybe this weekend we will be able to start doing the “what stays” “what goes into storage” “what gets thrown out” dance and see if we can get our massively expanded collection of junk whittled down to well.. less considering we have a lot less room in the apartment than here.

Not saying that the new apartment is all bad though. We will have a tatami room which I think Sakura will appreciate since she rolls over, scoots, and bangs her head a lot. We also have a “patio” of sorts with a gated area that I can probably put a small inflatable pool on during the summer. (Not for me obviously)

The area also seems fairly nice with a decent sized park about 10 minutes away and jidokans and daycares within reasonable walking distance. Not that I plan to be sitting around the house much… as long as I am not working I am going to load up a Pasco card and travel with Sakura around the city visiting with friends and enjoying a lot of the stuff the Kanto area has to offer. There are already several trips I want to take to Enoshima, Ueno Zoo, Picnic on the Tama River and more… Not sure how long our jaunt to the city will be but 2-3 years I think and prime toddler fun time. Even if she doesn’t remember it much I want to take Sakura to a lot of places and have fun.

Ryohei’s bosses told him he will be pretty busy so the days of him being around at night will probably be over. I guess thats the price you pay though… its really too bad that its either live in a rural area and have Ryohei around or live in an urban one and only see him on the weekends. I guess that we’ll see how it goes this time around and who knows maybe I will have a change of heart or not?

Anyways… we also have planned a one night onsen stay for 2 weekends from now. We haven’t gone to one since Sakura was only a few cm long wormy thing in my tummy and with Ryoheis new job and new location I doubt we will get the chance to go again for a while… so while a bit expensive I’m taking a bit more of my Hello Work money to pay for our trip.

Ryohei seems so stressed out over our move and “pleasing his boss” (gag me) with his housing choices and whatever that I think this will be a good time for him to relax and buy me a few more days of not being shat on due to his work/transfer stress.

Anyways… Sakura is upstairs napping but I doubt it will last much longer. I suppose at some point we will have to go to the store and buy ingrediants for making omu-rice tonight!



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It is probably the HUGE couple of days you had in Tokyo/Chiba- jetting around, looking at places, catching up with friends and birthday parties, that zapped all your energy! It sure zapped mine!! I still have a bit of a cold though which is not helping…

Managed to get a bit done today though 🙂 Even if I am even tireder now than before. hehe!

I have never actually been IN Ueno Zoo- so would love to go when you decide to head there. It is an easy trip for me with just one train change in Akihabara!

Shin Koiwa is a great area- close to the river which will be nice! I noticed you signed up for Tokyo Mothers Group. Did you get on the TNE mailing list? The current leader is a lady named Sachiko but if you comment on team north east on the board then they will pop you on the list. They USUALLY meet in Ryogoku or Akihabara but sometimes some other places too- if you know of a good jidokan that is still in Tokyo North East then you can suggest it to the leader too! They usually meet on Thurs or Fri. I havent been in awhile but will start again next week maybe if the weather is nice!

By the time you get here I think Sakura will definitely be CRAWLING properly! So child proofing will be a must. hehe! Fun times!

Thats true Lulu.. maybe this is my bodies way of saying TAKE IT EASY!

YAY- we will def. have to do Ueno Zoo maybe sometime before it gets TOO hot this summer.

I will get in touch with the group I think. Our apartment is getting confirmed today so I’m just waiting until we get the final word that we are getting it! I definitely am looking forward to weekly playgroup and both Ryogoku and Akihabara are SUPER close for me too!

On the bright side… 2DK means less rooms to baby proof… oy vey!

ahhhh the ‘mustn’t live in a place above your ‘place” thing, hey? We had that, too. Memeber of the company trailing around with us making sure any house we chose wasn’t too good for us. (grrr!) In Saitama we lived in company housing TWO FREAKING HOURS AWAY from the company. I considered myself seriously sucking it up to live there but the bosses never failed to remind me how lucky I was to be living in the 3LDK reserved fro bu-cho and above that we were allowed to use as no bu-cho wanted it. And that if a bu-cho did decide to live there we would be out on our ears in no time. I really can’t see them getting away with that crap in Australia!

I think your list of outings sounds great. And you’d be surprised what kids remember. We moved here when Meg was 20 months old and she still remembers things about our old place (well the park there but still…)

Bleh… sounds like your run in with the “OTOKO” business culture was about the same as ours. Heaven forbid it that the mans family actually be comfortable right? Can’t believe poor K had a two hour commute…

Ohh interesting about Meg’s memory – well in that case lots of adventures to be planned!

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