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Things I Love Thursday

Posted on: March 4, 2010

It is Thursday again right?? Wow… that went by quick. This time last week I had just arrived in Tokyo and was meeting up with Melanie and Misora.

So here are recent things I love

– Sakura falling asleep on her own in the pack and play!! (Three days in a row!! Wooo hoo!)

– Meeting up with wonderful friends and knowing that from next month our meetings will be much much more frequent

– Bim Bim Bop… had it at a place in Nagaoka recently and have been craving it… crunchy rice and veggies yumm-o!!

– More translation work! Got my third assignment from the agency I’ve been working for! Things seem to be going well in that department.

– Researching the new area where we are going to be living in Tokyo!!


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LOVE Bim Bim Bop! Congrats on all the translation work!

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