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Time to re-think things

Posted on: March 4, 2010

So since she’s pretty much been born Sakura has been sleeping on a futon next to our mattress. This arrangement has worked fairly well since I can just roll over (down) onto it whenever she (invevitably) wakes up in the middle of the night for a “feed.” However I fear these days are coming to and end since she is now so mobile and pretty much rolls all over the futon and even wakes up doing push-ups.

She scared the crap out of me last night since I woke up and she was on her hands and knees with her face right over leaning on our matress looking for me. I literally jumped up in bed. So… I have been trying to get her to sleep in the pack and play. For the past three days she has willingly gone to sleep for naps in the pack in play without me having to nurse her down or anything. Just put her in and turn on a musical toy and with minor to no fussing shes asleep 10-15 minutes later.

I tried tonight but was faced with SCREAMING for 20 minutes or until Ryohei couldn’t handle it anymore and brought her back downstairs. Maybe shes afraid of the dark or something..? Not sure why she will go down for naps but not for bed.

Anyways Ryohei has a nomikai tomorrow so that means its just Sakura and I so we shall see if I can gaman through her crying to sleep. I don’t REALLY like it… but since Ryohei isn’t going to be around much at night anymore it will really be helpful if she would start sleeping on her own. She’s 7 months now and has a lot of awareness so I don’t feel (as) bad about doing it as I would if she was a bit “newer.”

Besides that nothing much today… next week its going to be getting down to a high of 3(!!) measily degrees again and snow! (damn snow) Anyways looks like we got our apartment contract today so we are 100% going to be living in the place I was talking about earlier. We only spent about 10 minutes there before so it should be interesting not going back until MOVING DAY.

Anyways just dreaming of spring and warm weather… seems so far off on this cold rainy night. On the bright side my translation is done with 12 hours to spare! Considering I only had about 2.5 days to do it I’m feeling pretty proud of myself! Now what do with a couple months of translation savings… new computer or trip to Guam… hmmmmmmm


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otsukare sama! good job with the translating!! I wish Riki could get something like that to do during the day… but alas… he is a lazy shit!

Congratulations on the new apartment, and hip hip hooray for spring being on the horizon.

Thought I would mention something, If I haven’t previously…
There’s this WONDERFUL sleep time toy I bought Sakurako when she was a baby. “おやすみタツノオトシゴくん”

Now, you might be thinking “Sakura is 6 months already, surely this won’t help…” But honestly, I put it to the only reason why Sakurako has been a somewhat peaceful sleeper. The melodies are relaxing, it plays ocean tunes in between… and it has a glowing belly, which lights up a little bit of the room.. thus it’s great as a night light (I sometimes use him as a torch when i can’t find my way around the room!)


It’s pretty cheap, 3,000 en? totally worth it. It even puts Riki and I to sleep!

If you’re not fussed on a “toy” have you tried playing calming music when you put sakura to bed? みんなのうた is pretty calming… I used it in the USA religiously because sakurako wouldn’t sleep the first few nights… going to buy the latest CD at tsutaya (or download it) because it sure beats the noises of the neighbours 🙂

Sophie! Hey welcome back from the US – hope you are getting back into the swing of life here.
Actually I have a very very similar toy to that! I got it from Sassymoo so maybe its the Aussie equivilent? It has a glowing belly and plays water sounds and relaxing music. Thats what I’ve been using when she goes down for her naps 🙂

We had another rough night last night so the baby bed is coming in for good as of saturday… just hoping that tonight won’t be as bad as last night as no Ryohei to take turns with if it gets super tough to get her back to seleep

Good luck with the new sleeping routine. I hope it works for you and Sakura is soon sleeping by herself!! Maybe some more of the senpai mums will be able to give you some good advice. Blogs are great for that 🙂

Well we are in for a long road if last night is anything to judge by… she was up 3 times in AN HOUR! And then on and off the rest of the night…. gah… I really need some help here.

hmmm … after a year of fussing and fighting about sleep, I am a firm member of the “if it aint broke dont fix it” club…

I mean if she’s on a futon on the floor, sure she can move around, but she’s not going to hurt herself. And certainly this arrangement is doing her (or you!) any harm.

When kiddo was that age i tried a bit of the old cry-it-out and it worked … for a few nights … until she got sick (which in my pediatricians opinion is very common because i LET her cry it out) and after that she was back to being more clingy than before to the point that if I walked past the crib with her she would scream.

Now she is completely night weaned but still sleeps in our bed with us. And … I don’t care! If that is what gives us all a stress-free nights sleep, then so be it. I think when we move to a bigger place she will go to her own room with a “big girl” bed, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Of course try the wonderful suggestion by sophie, but at the end of the day if you can wake up 3 times a night by going back to the way you were before, or be up 3 times an hour trying to get her to do it by herself … dude just save yourself the stress!

Unless of course the reasons you want her away from your bed are mummy and daddy time issues, in which case I totally understand!!!

I think the main issue is in our current sleeping layout shes on a futon and keeps rolling off and waking her self up and also just dangerous since we do have cellphone charging cords around and such.

Mommy and Daddy would like their own time for sure.. but with the layout of the new apartment thats not going to happen soon anyways ;P

Noah wouldn`t settle last night and I went in to pick him up and soothe him a couple of time and it wasn`t gas or anything so I put him back in and he whimpered for a couple of minutes and then went to sleep. I have to say sometimes I can do the cry it out method and sometimes I can`t- he is still quite little and so I try not to much. I usually put him in his cot semi-awake though and then just “shush shush shush” him until he closes his eyes again and looks content.

I hope you can find a routine that works for you and Sakura. The fact that the naps are working for you means that the night time will eventually come too I am sure. Ganbatte ne!

I am off to buy one of those night light things sometime soon- there is no natural light in Noah`s room unfortunately so I really need some kind of night light thingy- thanks for the suggestions Sophie!

Oh & great news on the other translation work that came in. YAY!

Letting Sakura cry is sort of a hit or miss thing for me too. During naps she will just sort of whimper a bit and fall asleep within about 10 minutes or so but at night she’ll scream as long as I leave her there… so we are working on a new night time plan.

The thing sophie suggested is good! Def. look into picking one up for N-kun

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