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Weekend Time

Posted on: March 6, 2010

Wow… I think this is the first morning I’ve felt refreshed in a long time. We moved Sakura’s baby bed/pack and play into our room… or well I did… because Ryohei wasn’t home last night.

I tried just letting her cry for a bit but she was screaming and the top of her lungs and all the online sources were telling me I would give her brain damage and make her “detached” and all… so I went in and did “shush/patting” until she fell asleep. After that she slept until about midnight when she woke up and I picked her up, rocked her, and did more shush-patting until she went back to sleep. No boobies.

She woke up again around 5:30 and I brought her into bed with me for boobies and she fell asleep again. And then we both woke up around 8.

So pretty much besides the 2-3 minutes of taking her from the baby bed into our bed I got about 7 hours of sleep…. WOW.  It makes a world of difference. The nice thing about not nursing her to sleep means Ryohei will be able to follow the rock, put down, shush/pat routine as well. So hopefully we will keep it up.

Not sure WHY but she seems to sleep better when Ryohei is not in the room with us… I wonder if he keeps waking her up at night. He might have to end up sleeping in the tatami living room when we move… although I’d much rather have him sleep with us. We are also talking about getting a double bed. We only have a semi-double now and it is way too small for the three of us and really almost too small for just Ryohei and me.

Anyways now that I’ve gotten the boring sleep stuff out of the way…. today is gloomy and cold again but at least we will be able to go out in the car to the local mall and get lunch. I hate being stuck inside but once again wet and cold temperatures do this to you when you have a small baby.

Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 2 C….. gahhhhhh I think tomorrow we will be going to Ryohei’s parents to drop off stuff though. We have to start “downsizing” since there isn’t a lot of storage or room in the new place.

I am getting a bim bim bop today~~ my reward for finishing up the translation on time!! Hoping I’ll get another one next week. Having “work” is a bit stressful but I like knowing I have something to do and that my bank account is getting fed.


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Ohh, I was wondering if Sakura’s “bed” was in the same room with you guys. I think it makes a difference at first anyhow. With Dylan we co-slept with him until he was about 6 weeks, and then we moved him to his crib/bassinet (the bassinet was inside the crib) which was right next to our bed. He stayed in our room until he was about 8 months old and solidly sleeping through the night, at which point my parents came to visit and we were letting them sleep in the master bedroom so we moved the baby out and we all slept in the spare bedroom until my parents left, then DH and I moved back to the master bedroom. The way it worked out the transition was pretty smooth for DS. Now with DD she’s sleeping in a cradle next to our bed as well. I kept her in bed with me till she was about six weeks as well.

Seven hours of sleep is pretty good! The nice thing is that once they do sleep through the night their sleeps are usually good and long. A older baby/toddler needs something like 10-12 hours of sleep at night, which gives you a decent amount of adult time at night and a nice rest.

Ahhh, 7 hours of sleep, nice! Glad it worked out for you. Way to go on the shush/patting! Our little guy never went for that. He would just get even more pissed that we were still there in the room with him but NOT picking him up, haha. 😛

You are making me crave bi bim bap!

Wow, congrats on getting 7 hours of sleep!! Sakura was definitely being nice to her mummy 🙂 I hope this new sleeping schedule lasts and you are blessed with enough sleep to keep you feel refreshed and positive!!

I can just imagine that by the time Baby N arrives you and my sleeping patterns will have swapped. I will be surviving on hardly any sleep and you will be getting more sleep than you have had in a long time, lol!

Btw, what exactly is a bi bim bap?!? I have never heard of it before…

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