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I’m in the mood for posting

Posted on: March 8, 2010

It seems I’ve gotten my blogging mojo back lately.

I could even do a things i love monday post – what is the world coming to??

Just seems like things have been going really well lately.. or maybe its just after being down in the dumps so long I’ve started to finally look around at all the positives.

Although I guess I’m just excited because we’ve started to formulate some weekend plans. Which does make the weekdays drag on… but thats ok. I am SO excited about the onsen this weekend and then hanami (YAY!) at the beginning of April. And then after that it will only be a week or so until we’ve moved. Its pretty crazy.

Its so funny… I don’t ever seem to blog about anything interesting at all. Its just all an ourpouring of me mood whether it be sad or happy.

I have to say I am REALLY looking forward to getting a bicycle for Sakura and I when we move. It’s going to be fun to take rides to the next station over to get supplies and I’m pretty sure she’s going to love it. She’s the least timid baby I’ve ever met… X_x


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Good good! And may I say, from experience, it’s best not to question why you feel good! Just enjoy 🙂 Looking forward is always good. And as for blogging, the “non-interesting” things are what life is made of.

Oh, and your snow and cold has made it down here today. Children thought it was so funny that I had snow in my hair 🙂

Hope they are enjoying the snow! This will probably be the last of it for the year 🙂

You are right – non-interesting things are what make day to day life!

It has been freezing in Tokyo/Chiba too! We had some nice weather Friday but then it went away and has been cold, cloudy and rainy since then- I am hanging out for warmer spring weather! Our top temps were 7/8 as well!!! No snow though!

Glad you are genki! I think making plans helps a lot.

Funny that you have your blogging mojo back when lately I have none- all I can really blog lately is Noah related and not sure how much people would like reading that?!? hehe. Picture after picture of him will get boring fast for most I am sure!

Onsen trip this weekend sounds awesome! I haven`t been to an onsen in a couple of years and I have NEVER gone somewhere to stay to have one- kind of jealous! Maybe Shun, Noah and I can take a trip in APril once his current project is over….mmmm…might need to start putting ideas in his head now. hehe!

I think a lot of people enjoying reading about kids and their milestones! I know I like hearing what Noah is up to since I am not there in person to see it… altho I guess that will change next month!

I’d def. recommend hinting to Shun for an onsen trip! Maybe you could go in celebration of your first wedding anniversary which is coming up pretty soon!!

Great idea about the wedding anniversary! Will start hinting tomorrow hehe! It will be SHun`s birthday in May too so we could go for two reasons!

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